Best Biodegradable Garbage Bags

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With plastic bags creating havoc to the environment, it is always good to use biodegradable garbage bags to save mother nature. Moreover, biodegradable garbage bags fit all types of trash cans, no matter how big or small. Most of these garbage bags come with a leak-proof feature that saves your place from stinking. In this article, we bring you some of the best garbage bags from which you can pick one right away!

1. Shalimar Premium OXO – Biodegradable Garbage Bags

Tagline: A multipurpose trash bag set that is star-sealed at the bottom to add extra strength and to prevent leakage. 

Shalimar’s garbage bags come as a set of 90 huge (76×94 centimetres) rolls which can be used for home, office, outdoors or even when you go for a picnic. Coming in black colour, the bags don’t come as see-through ones ensuring good hygiene. There’s a tie-tape to every bag which you can use to seal the bag after it’s full. The star-sealed bottom ensures the garbage doesn’t leak even when it’s fully dumped with garbage. Once you seal the bag, there’s no stinky smell and that’s for sure.

2. PRAKRUTIK Garbage Bags Biodegradable For Kitchen, Office

Tagline: The best wet waste bag that’s thick enough to carry 7 kgs of waste with ease. 

Coming as a pack of 90,120 or 180 medium-sized (56×48 centimetres) oxo-biodegradable bags, Prakrutik garbage bags have the right thickness to ensure there’s no leakage. These bags are compact and fit into your small dustbins at home. They have a higher tensile strength to carry even wet waste. There’s a tie-tape at the bottom of every bag to tie up the bag. All the bags come in green colour only.

3. G 1 Oxo Biodegradable Garbage Bags for Home Kitchen

Tagline: The best non-tearable bags that look thin but have a high tensile strength to carry the waste.

G 1 garbage bags are made of virgin materials that make your space smell-free when you open them. You get 90 medium size (19×21 inch) bags of black colour in one order. Though the bags look thin, they have the strength to carry all your waste that a normal plastic cover can’t. The bags have a bottom sealing that makes them leakproof. 

4. 0Ezee Bio-degradable Small Garbage Bags

Tagline: Thick and sturdy garbage bags that cease the smell effectively and are lightweight.

These government-certified garbage bags from Ezee are best for restaurants, salons, malls, shops and others. You get a set of 5 packs with 30 bags of medium size (17×19 inch) in each pack. These bags are made in India and are completely environment-friendly. There’s a thread that comes with each bag to tie it. Though the bags are lightweight, they are tearproof. 

Things to consider before buying a biodegradable garbage bag:

1. Size

The biodegradable bags mostly come as a pack with different sizes. Some of them suit large dustbins in the malls and some go well with even your in-house dustbins. So, carefully look for the size before you buy these bags. 

2. Leakproof

Some of the garbage bags have a thread attached to them that allows you to tie the bag once it’s full. The thread is usually very strong and can’t be torn with hands. This strongness ensures your place to be smell-free when the bags are tied. Make sure you go for the ones that have this thread at the bottom. 

3. Colour

Some brands manufacture biodegradable bags in different colours to suit a different purpose. They mention that the green colour bags are for wet waste and the black ones are for the dry waste. Make sure to check these colour codes before buying. 

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