Best Bedding Set for New Born Baby

 A bedding set is the safest mosquito-free sleeping solution for your baby. It is usually cushioned with a thick base to keep your baby comfortable. The bedding sets these days are lightweight, easy to carry and clean. They also come in attractive colours. In this article, we got you some of the best bedding sets that are not only comfortable for your baby but also have elegant features to ensure fun.

1. DearJoy Baby Bedding Set

Tagline: The baby set has colourful soft toys to help your baby identify colours and objects.

The Dear Joy bedding set is made of fine cotton and has the 4-centimetre base bedding to ensure comfort to babies of age zero to six months. The set is easy to fold, store and wash. Coming in a size of 70x60x60 centimetres, you can place the set in any corner of your room.

It is loaded with colourful soft toys which you can reposition to reach your baby. There are detachable rings to add toys of your choice. The soft pillow provides support to the neck and head while sleeping. The mosquito net with a zip protects your baby from the harsh insect bites. 

2. Fareto Combo of Baby Mattress with Net

Tagline: A fine cocoon-structured mattress made of breathable materials offers soothing comfort to the baby.

Fareto baby mattress has a soft cushioning with the high-quality cotton fabric on the outside. The fabric regulates temperature to provide warmth to your baby. The cocoon structure of the sleeping bag enables you to carry it anywhere.

It has a fine breathable net that safeguards your baby from mosquitoes and flies. You will get three pillows with the mattress, u-shape one for neck support and two for side support. This bed is specially designed for babies up to six months of age. 

3. Superminis Multicolor Bedding Set 

Tagline: A compact bedding set that has the thickest base to ensure baby’s comfort. 

Superminis bedding set has digitally printed colourful animal patterns that can be visually appealing to the baby. It is compact with the dimensions of 78x46x5 centimetres and foldable so it sits in your car easily. The mattress is firm and has a polyfill cushioning for extra softness.

The sleeping surface is made of cotton which is comfortable and durable. You get one colourful pillow with balloon design that provides head and neck support to the baby. It has a side zip closure and the chemical-free net allows fresh air to pass when the zip is closed. This bedding set is best for zero to 12 month-old babies. 

4. HOMECRUST Baby Bedding Set

Tagline: The most comfortable bedding set with attractive colours and prints creates a fun sleeping environment.

Homecrust brings you a lightweight and alluring bedding set that comes with one cotton head pillow. The cotton fabric of the mattress is soft against the skin and very comfortable. The bright colours attract the baby’s attention.

The breathable net covering protects your baby against insects and parasites. The set is useful for zero to four-month-old babies. The colourful soft toys allure your baby to get into the bedding set. 

5. Cutieco New Born Baby Bedding Set

Tagline: A travel-friendly bedding set with soothing colours lets your baby have a sound sleep. 

Cutieco offers soft and comfortable bedding set in a plush camel colour to ensure a soothing sleeping experience. Ideal for zero to three-month-old babies, the bedding set is very lightweight and portable. It is woven from delicate materials to keep your baby warm and safe.

The high-quality velvet fabric of the mattress is thick and soft which makes it beneficial for winter use. The odour-free and chemical-free net creates a shield against mosquitoes and insects. This lavish bedding set can also be a perfect gift option for new mothers. 

Things to consider before buying a bedding set

1. Accessories

Before buying a bedding set, look what comes inside along with the mattress. The set must include a set of pillows and a mosquito net. It is good if you get a blanket or some other soothing accessories.

2. Size

Bedding sets come in small, medium and large sizes. You can check for the age group mentioned on the product and select the one accordingly. 

3. Attractive

To help your baby stay longer in the bedding set, make sure you buy a colourful and attractive set with some soft toys inside.