Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

A bathroom mirror cabinet is not just for vanity or decoration but it is a lot more helpful than you think. Think of all the space it has behind the mirror which lets you store not just your toothbrushes, paste, shaving kits, but also first aid kits and much more. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the top and the best bathroom mirror cabinets available in India. We have picked these products based on 3 major factors:

1. Material it is built from: Plywood,Fibre plastic or stainless steel. Fibre Plastic is the default choice but steel or economic Wood is also fine if you are looking for something that is to be permanently fixed.

2. Space and Shelves: The internal width of the cabinet decides the area and this should be about 21 or 22 inches wide ideally. But this again changes depending on how wide or large your bathroom sink is.

3. Mirror: The mirror should entirely cover the cabinet or at least 80% of it. Ideally, go for mirrors from companies such as Saint Gobain or others. Almost all cabinet manufacturers these days tend to use high quality mirrors in them

Apart from these three factors, there are a lot more that one needs to consider while choosing a bathroom cabinet. We have covered all of those, and a few more in the Buying Guide section of this article; Be sure to check that out as well. Now let us jump into the list of the Best Bathroom cabinets in India.

Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets in India

Bathroom Mirror cabinetsMaterialShelvesWarrantyBuy Now
Parasnath Bathroom CabinetMicrofibre6 Shelves toothbrush holdersLifetime
Nilkamal Mirror CabinetPlastic6 Shelves toothbrush holders6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Paffy Bathroom Mirror CabinetMicrofiber6 Shelves toothbrush holdersN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Branco Bathroom CabinetPlastic6 Shelves toothbrush holdersLifetimeCHECK ON AMAZON
Planet Bathroom CabinetStainless Steel4 shelvesN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Ciplaplast Bathroom CabinetPlastic6 Shelves toothbrush holdersN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Klaxon Mirror CabinetStainless Steel4 shelvesN/ACHECK ON AMAZON

Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets in India: Reviews

1. Parasnath Strong and Heavy New Look Bathroom Cabinet

Parasnath Strong and Heavy New Look Bathroom Cabinet

Parasnath brings to you an excellent mirror cabinet with a large storage capacity to arrange all your bathroom essentials in a well-organized manner. With five spacious compartments inside, this White coloured cabinet offers ample space for you to store anything. 

Made with high-quality microfiber, the body is quite sturdy and durable. Equipped with a brush holder behind the door, this cabinet allows you to store all the products of your choice in a single place. The brand also offers a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects, making it easy for you to replace whenever there is an issue, despite the probability of that being quite low.

And that’s not all, the mirror on the cabinet is an exclusive saint gobain mirror that is known to be clear, bright and highly durable. This 54.6 cm long cabinet has a very attractive design and colour thus making it a visually appealing addition to your bathroom space.


  • 5 compartments that provide you with ample storage space
  • Attractive design and colour
  • Sturdy microfiber body providing high-durability and long life
  • Saint Gobain glass
  • A brush holder behind the door
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Has product reliability issues

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2. Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet with Mirror

Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet with Mirror

Nilkamal is a well-known Indian brand known for its collection of reliable furniture and household accessories. 

The Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet is a modern-looking decor suited for all kinds of bathrooms.

This 5 compartments cabinet is available in Black colour with a mirror attached to the front. Made with plastic, this cabinet provides versatile storage options for small miscellaneous items.

This 55.5 cm tall product, gives a completely modern feel and is not non-bulky despite its size. 

With options to hang it from the wall, this is one of the most sought out bathroom cabinets in the market. Despite the body being made of plastic, this cabinet provides a very durable body in this price range.

However, this product requires assembly. It comes with assembly instructions to help you understand the whole process easily. The brand also offers a 6 months spare part replacement warranty along with this product, thus making it easy to replace if any part causes an issue. 


  • 5 compartment plastic body with good capacity
  • Not bulky or heavy despite being a bit on the bigger size.
  • Easily fixable, has provisions of 2 screws.
  • Modern and appealing. Provides a clean look to the bathroom
  • Brush holder attached behind the door for easy storage
  • 6 months of warranty


  • Since the product comes unassembled, there may be a need for assembly.

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3. Paffy W-MF Microfiber Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Paffy W-MF Microfiber Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Considered as one of the most trendy models available in the market, the Paffy Microfiber Bathroom Cabinet has gained significant popularity recently. This new-look mirror cabinet is equipped with enough storage capacity to help in storing all required accessories. 

Made from microfiber this cabinet has a durable body hence making it heavy duty and robust. The mirror doubles up as a lid as well. The compartments inside are of different heights, while being quite similar in compartment number to all the cabinets in this list, the product has a comparatively larger space for each compartment, thus giving an advantage for the buyer. 

The inner side also has a toothbrush holder attached to it for your comfort. The one key feature about this 55 cm tall cabinet would be the extra compartment outside that can be used to store more articles. This gives an extra edge over all the other products as well. 

This cabinet gives your bathroom a complete and well-organized look. Despite being quite durable, the body is light-weighted and completely rust-resistant. The mirror cabinet is accompanied by a Modiguard/Saint Gobain mirror.


  • Huge compartment space inside the cabinet
  • A durable Modiguard/Saint Gobain mirror
  • A Microfiber body giving it a robust and resilient structure
  • Extra-compartment outside to store more articles


  • However, it has no warranty. Which can be the biggest con!

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4. Branco New Look Bathroom Cabinet

Branco New Look Bathroom Cabinet

Branco mirror cabinet comes with a large storage capacity that has been manufactured by Cipla Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The body of the cabinet is made from high quality polymers making it strong and resilient. It has one open shelf and rest is fully covered with a bigger door that has a mirror on the other side. It comes with the added security feature of a Magnetic lock as well which is new. 

The five compartments inside are of different heights, so as to help you store all your personal care products effectively. Like all cabinets, the inner side of the lid also has a toothbrush holder attached to it. 

This lightweight multi-utility product is perfect for your home as it provides an attractive design & elegant look. It comes as a wall-mounted unit that is well suitable for any wall.


  • Lightweight & durable cabinet made from PPCP.
  • Wall-mounted unit
  • A magnetic lock security feature
  • 5 cabinets with different heights for easy article accommodation.
  • Lifetime warranty on the product


  • Despite the good product quality, it often has a shaky mount or has few components missing while delivered.

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5. Planet Platinum 304 Grade Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

Planet Platinum 304 Grade Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

The Planet cabinet unlike the previous cabinets which were made of plastic, microfiber or polymer bodies, is made of stainless steel. The cabinet structure has no open shelf and is fully covered with a bigger door. 

With a 6 way processed Nickel Chrome body, the whole cabinet is very durable product with anti-rust and corrosion-resistant properties. This ensures the quality and longevity of the product. 

Ideal for use in both bedrooms & bathrooms, this cabinet contains 5 compartments inside of different heights. Equipped with a magnetic door with a pull-push operation knob makes the cabinet easy to handle. The final product comes with all fitting material required to mount it on a wall.

It comes in 3 variants, HO – 1420, O – 1421 and HO – 1501. The basic difference between them is the shape. It is known for its good mirror finish and satisfactory product quality in this price range. The product adheres to all industry norms and standards as it is 100 percent Made in India standard product.


  • Stainless steel body with processed Nickel chrome – sturdy and durable body.
  • Can be used both in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Quite spacious steel interior.
  • Comes in 3 variations


  • The product often faces issues such as stains and other marks which can hamper the overall quality. 
  • It also tends to rust quicker and is not covered by a warranty.

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6. Ciplaplast Look Plastic Multipurpose Cabinet


This Ciplaplast cabinet is manufactured with high-quality material adhering to all the Indian manufacturing standards. This attractive design comes with a perfectly matched interior that suits your bathrooms.

Made from plastic, the cabinet has one open shelf and rest is fully covered with a bigger door. It consists of five compartments inside of different heights. With a mirror fitted door that opens on the outside, the cabinet gives a very modern feel to space it is mounted in. 

This 60 cm long cabinet is completely suitable for bathroom, kitchen or offices. Despite being made from plastic, it contains an anti-microbial coating that makes the surface more hygenic. The cabinet is durable and can serve you for a longer duration of time.


  • Toothbrush holder behind the door
  • Anti Microbal coating inside it
  • 5 compartment space for holding your personal care objects
  • An organized unit that can be wall-mounted.


  • The product quality has always been less when it comes to the final product delivered. Take that into account when you purchase it.
  • No warranty assured for the product.

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7. Klaxon Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet

Klaxon Stainless Steel Mirror Cabinet

This Klaxon Stainless Steel cabinet is one of the most unique varieties of bathroom cabinets that are commonly used to decorate your bathrooms.

With a brass fitting material that gives durability and shine, the overall cabinet is quite sturdy and strong. It is also rust-proof thus adding a long product life. This one-piece cabinet has 2 doors that can open up on either side. 

Due to the stainless steel, the cabinet retains a shiny exterior along with its mirror which adds more value to it. This two-door cabinet consists of 4 huge compartments to accommodate any personal or health care product of your choice. 

The 60 cm long cabinet provides an attractive design that makes your bathroom look more modern and spacy. 


  • A strong body to ensure high durability.
  • A two-door cabinet for a better & organized look.
  • 4 spacious compartments spread over 50 cm of width.


  • The edges seem to always have a problem when the product is delivered.
  • Since it is not covered by any warranty, the issues faced in future may not be harsh on your pockets.

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Bathroom Mirror Cabinets Buying Guide:

A bathroom cabinet does not just act as a base for your mirror but also helps you store important accessories or even double as a bathroom medicine cabinet as well. Before randomly picking any bathroom cabinet, make sure that you keep the following aspects in mind. They help you pick a good quality bathroom mirror cabinet .

1. Size of the mirror cabinet

80% of the time, you would prefer to place a mirror cabinet on top of your wash basin. So the size of the cabinet you will pick should be 

  • Equal to the width of your wash basin
  • Casually smaller than the width of your wash basin.

Usually, the width of a typical bathroom cabinet mirror has ranges as follows: 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”. Apart from these, there are other available sizes as well. 

Now the width of the cabinet is not the sole feature to look out for. The depth of this cabinet from front to back is the most important too. Only this will decide what all you can store and how much you can store in a cabinet. As a rule of thumb, the depth of a cabinet is about 20 or 21 inches but there are many compact cabinets with just 18 inches of depth as well.

2. Types of bathroom cabinets

Now that you have understood what size of bathroom cabinet you would want, you now need to decide what type of cabinet you need. Figuratively, there are a lot of models to choose from. You could go for the vanity kind where you get a mirror on top and the cabinet under the basin hood. Or you can go with the usual mirror on top and cabinet on behind.

Recessed Models vs surface mount:

1. Recessed Mode:
A recessed model of a bathroom cabinet refers to a cabinet that is carved right into the wall or under the sink floor. This will either give you a simple mirror look or the sink look on the out. This is usually preferred for new houses or for permanent structures in bathrooms.

2. Surface Mount: 

A surface mount on the other hand is what most people use and prefer. They are the type of cabinets that are mounted directly onto the surface.

For the sake of this article, we will be focussing on the various types of surface mount cabinets available. 

Based on these and many other factors, surface mount bathroom cabinets are classified into the following types. 

  • Freestanding

Most surface type cabinets either made out of types/stone or wood in are independent and can be placed almost anywhere in the bathroom are free standing. Mostly, they are preferred to be placed at the central wall towards its centre. These types of cabinets usually come along with their own washing basins or have a seperate hollow carving inside them to fix a wash basin. Perfect for bathrooms with no or poor quality washing basins.

  • Wall Mounted

As the name suggests, wall mounted cabinets are mounted onto a wall. Widely preferred and used in almost every apartment bathrooms and hotel bathrooms, wall mounted cabinets are made out of wood. They can be independently brought to the size of the washbasin you have in your room.

  • Corner cabinets

Again, as the name suggests, corner cabinets are those types of cabinets which are built specifically to be placed at the corners of bathrooms. These are perfect if your bathroom has a corner wash basin. They are small, compact and save up on a lot of space. Again, corner cabinets also come with either wall mounted style structures or bottom placeable cabinets. These cabinets too, come with dedicated hollow structures for washbasin placements

  • Console type

Not common in India except for the seafaring hotels, console type cabinets have a free space near the leg room for no particular reason other than adding a style statement to it. 

3. Build Material

Next important aspect that you need to look for while picking a bathroom cabinet is the material it is built upon. 

a. Wood Type cabinets

Generally, bathroom mirror cabinets are made out of wood. This is more of a rule of thumb but recently, people are also opting for plastic cabinets as well. Let us quickly look at the overview of the types of materials available for a bathroom cabinet.

  • Wood:

Most of the olden styled bathroom cabinets are made out of solid wood. The wood used could be ranged from maple, oak, mahogany to even teak and mango wood as well. Wood based cabinets are very strong and durable. They stay with you for as long as you use the bathroom and even longer withstanding a lot of moisture build up or other factors as well. The only problem with these is their cost. 

  • Plywood

One of the most common and preferred material type, plywood is the defacto and go to material used for making a bathroom cabinet. Primarily just a bunch of engineered wood layers, plywood can sometimes be unreasonably resilient and perfect. Furthermore, they are very economic in nature. 

A Plywood cannot be judged on its quality on any other parameter apart from its manufacturing process. Thus the quality of any plywood is as good as its manufacturer and the company you buy it from. Good quality plywood will save you thousands of rupees compared to low quality plywood which will end up being feeding and breeding grounds for termites. 

b. Readymade cabinets

If you are buying a readymade cabinet, then look at the kind of plywood they are using. As a rule of thumb, go for greenply plywood, as they are the best in the country.

  • Plastic

More of a modern phenomenon, plastic cabinets are very cheap, easy to build and maintain as well. They do not possess the termite scare and also, if used effectively, they come a long way. The only issue with plastic cabinets is their fragile or sometimes, inability to load on more weight. 

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bathroom mirror cabinets are very strong in nature. While they may cost you considerably higher than that of plywood cabinet, they offer superior strength and can hold a lot of weight. But make sure that the cabinet is coated well and has a warranty to cover it as most steel products end up getting affected by rust and getting damaged.

4. Space

Space is one of the most crucial and important aspects that you need to look for before buying a bathroom cabinet. This is essentially dictates how much of the stuff you can store in the cabinet. The space in a cabinet mirror is decided by two factors,.

  • Width of the cabinet

As mentioned previously, the width of a cabinet should be about 21 or 22 inches. There are also cabinets with about 18 inches of width but it is recommended that the wider the more space to store more stuff.

  • Shelves 

Shelves are the compartmental division of the cabinet. More shelves does not equate to more space but more shelves may give you more options on as to what you can store. But then again, do not go for more shelves which are small and clumsy. 

You need an equal ratio of large shelf portions with small portions. This will let you segregate and place all the stuff you need into equal and designated areas without confusion.

5. Mirrors

Usually, cabinets come with mirrors fixed onto them. But there are many cabinets that come without mirrors too. Ideally, if you have plans of installing the cabinet under the hood of the wash basin or aside of the basin, then mirrors do not matter. But if you are looking to buy a cabinet that would go on top, usually wall mounted, then mirrors come into account. 

Mirror Type:

Most mirror cabinets come with a default mirror. While the quality of mirrors cannot be decided isolated, it can be sensed by the pricing and the other quality aspects of the cabinet. For instance, a good quality cabinet will for sure have a good quality mirror.

Mirror Shape:

Also, the shape of is not that important of a factor to consider but it does form an aesthetic factor. Depending on the shape or style of your basin, this changes from being a simple rectangle or to that of an ostentatious oval or other shapes.

6. Warranty

The next important feature one needs to look for in a bathroom mirror cabinet is a warranty. Please be cautious of the fact that warranty is a brand based aspect and not all brands provide warranty. There are various brands who provide even lifetime warranty due to their trust on their product. There are many brands which provide at least 6 months to 1 year of warranty. There are also most brands which provide no warranty as well.

As common sense dictates, it is important to have warranty on your products and thus try to choose a product with at least 6 months of warranty.

7. Additional Features

Apart from the basic features mentioned above, there are many other features that add on to the quality and decision to buy a bathroom cabinet. These include having a backlit mirrors or on the mirror lights, additional shelf space below the cabinet or double mirror etc., While these do not decide the quality of the cabinet but simply add on as additional features you can enjoy for the same price.


With 5 spacious compartments, ample storage space, microfiber build body with attractive design and long lasting durable life, the Parasnath Strong bathroom cabinet is easily the best pick of all the products in our list. Additionally, it also comes with high quality Saint Gobain glass and a lifetime warranty too. 

While those were our picks, we are more interested in your opinions as well. Did we miss out on anything? Or any product? Do you wish to add anything or do you have queries regarding bathroom mirror cabinets? If so, feel free to write to us in the comments section below and our product expert team will get back to you ASAP.