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Best Bathroom Bucket

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A bucket is an integral part of every household. It comes in various materials like iron, plastic, aluminium and brass. However, plastic buckets are quite popular in India as they are lightweight and can hold hot or cold water. Moreover, they come in various colours and designs. Most of the buckets are transparent that lets you see the level of water with ease. Here are some of the best bathroom buckets that are trendy and durable.

1. MILTON Plastic Duplex Bucket With Mug

Tagline: A long lasting bucket from MILTON comes with a comfortable handle for easy grip.

MILTON’s plastic bucket is known for its quality and durability. It can withstand even extreme hot and cold water. The bucket comes in two sizes, 18 and 25 litres and also comes with a mug. It is a round black and white bucket with a double-mould design. The colour combination of the bucket matches with any interior. 

2. Nayasa 2 Piece Plastic Bathroom Bucket and Mug Set

Tagline: This is a stylish-looking bucket that can be reused and also recycled.

Nayasa’s plastic bucket comes in brown colour with a capacity of 25 litres. The package contains one bucket along with a mug. It is lightweight and made of PP plastic which you can reuse for a lifetime. Moreover, the bucket is recyclable that makes it environment-friendly. The beautiful design of the bucket makes it suitable for modern bathroom decors. 

3. Cello Plastic Frosty Bucket Delux

Tagline: The 18-litre sturdy bucket from Cello is easy to clean and has a comfortable handle.

The hard propylene material of this Cello bucket makes it stay intact for long. It comes with a comfortable handle for ease in carrying. You can choose from the two colour options, blue and pink. The capacity of this bucket is 18-litres which is sufficient for everyday use. The base of the bucket is thick to sustain hot water. 

4. Kuber Unbreakable Strong Plastic Bathroom Bucket

Tagline: Set of 3 stylish buckets that are unbreakable and can lift loads of water without bending. 

Kuber Industries set of three buckets are made of durable plastic and come in three colours – white, blue and pink. The capacity of these buckets is 16 litres of water and have a thick body. The buckets have a plastic grip that does not cause pain while lifting a heavy load. These are unbreakable and last for a lifetime.

Things to consider before buying a bathroom bucket

1. Quality

The quality of the bucket is the most important thing to look for while buying a bucket. You have to choose a well-built bucket that matches any modern bathroom interior. Go for the bucket with high quality plastic to make sure it lasts long.

2. Design

The design of the bucket you choose must go hand-in-hand with the decor of your bathroom. Analyze the style of your room before you purchase a bucket. This way, you’ll get a brief idea about the look of your bucket. 

3. Size and Shape

The size and shape of a bucket are as imperative as the design of your bucket. You need to choose the right size of a bucket depending on your usage. A bucket with a circular bottom is the best choice as it sits intact the way you placed it. 

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