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Best Bathroom Air Fresheners

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Air fresheners fight with odors to ensure continuous freshness in your spaces. When it comes to the bathroom, they are more active in eradicating stinky smells. Air fresheners are available in the form of gels, sprays, and liquids. Add a decent scent to your restroom using the below-listed odor absorbing gels.

1. Airwick Everfresh Gel Bathroom Air Freshener 

Award: Best Citrus Fragrance

Tagline: A gel air freshener that eliminates stinky odor in restrooms.

Airwick Everfresh gel keeps your restroom fresh with a natural citrus fragrance. It ensures 24*7 continuous freshness in your bathroom. A single pack can last for up to 30 days easily. You can easily hang it to your washroom walls. Moreover, it is made of non-toxic natural ingredients. Thus, this air freshener is completely safe to use.

2. Odonil Bathroom Air Freshener 

Award: Best Pack

Tagline: It is made from naturally extracted ingredients to ensure a pleasant smell.  

Odonil is one of the star rating air freshener brands in the market. It uses lavender, citrus, jasmine, rose, and daffodil to keep your bathroom fragrant for all time. All gross smells will be instantly removed with these natural fragrances. You will get three packets of different fragrances in a single set. Each packet lasts over a month in your bathroom.

3. Godrej aer pocket, Bathroom Air Fragrance 

Award: Best Budget-friendly

Tagline: It powerfully eliminates odors and leaves a fascinating scent.

You will get a super pack of five fragrances at an attractive budget. Its powerful gel technology quickly sucks up a stinky smell in your bathroom. Thus, it spreads a unique fragrance all around your resting space. Each unit of fragrance leaves a pleasant scent and keeps the washroom fresh for at least four weeks. The usage is also very simple. All you need to do is just wrap the pouch and hang it with a hook given on top.

4. Odonil Bathroom Air Freshener Blocks

Award: Best odor bluster

Tagline: It makes your lavatory smell like mesmerizing jasmine.  

Odonil restroom air freshener neutralizes foul smell and bursts fragrances. The pack comes with four refreshing blocks. They keep your lavatory smell fresh and clean every time you step in. There are no toxic chemicals in gel blocks, making them safe to use in bathrooms. The pack is available in four different fragrances- jasmine, lavender, rose, and orchid. 

Things to consider before buying an air freshener for your restroom

1. Durability

Generally, a single gel unit can last for up to a minimum of 30 days. So, if you select a pack with a maximum number of blocks, that will be a great choice. A set of five sachets can easily ensure freshness for five months. 

2. Fragrance

It depends on you. Plenty of air fresheners are available with different fragrances. But, choosing a refreshing restroom freshener made of natural ingredients and plant-based oils is the best option. Such air fresheners are not harmful, absorbs odors, and instantly spreads fragrance to every corner.

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