Best Bath Toys

If your kids hate taking a bath every morning, you can add fun to their bathing by adding some bath toys. These toys are soft and squishy to make them enjoy playing with them while bathing. Here are some of our best picks of interactive bath toys that are colourful, soft and attractive.

1. wishkey chu chu colourful bathtoy

Award: Best in Size

Tagline: Set of 7 BPA-free soft toys that are easy to hold and play for any age group

Wishkey offers a set of 6 animal bath toys and one baby toy that are bright, colourful and make pleasant sounds. These toys attract kids and make them love their bath time. You can encourage your kids to learn about various animals and colours. The safe and small size with no sharp edges prevents your kids from getting hurt while playing. The sleek design of the toys lets you take them anywhere and fits your bag with ease. 

2. Storio Colorful Floating Baby Toys

Award: Best in Quality

Tagline: Attractive toys with LED inside that glows every time your baby squeezes them. 

Storio offers a set of 14 multifunctional bath toys to boost your baby’s cognitive reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. All the toys have a tricky water squirting exercise to make your baby have a thrilling experience. Your child can squeeze streams of water through these toys while bathing. The toys are made with superior quality materials that are safe for your toddlers. They can withstand banging and clanging your baby puts them through. The toys are lightweight, easy to hold, BPA-free and toxin-free.

3. Toyshine Pack of 12 Chu Chu Ducks

Award: Value for money

Tagline: The lightweight soft plastic toys in bright colours catches the children eyes.

Toyshine has come with a set of 12 chu chu ducks in bright yellow and red colour that fit into the little hands and entertain your kids. The toys ensure your kid never gets bored during the bath time with its soft squeezy texture. The dimensions of 3.5 x 3.5 x 3 centimetres of the toys fit well into their hands to squeeze with ease. 100% BPA-friendly and toxic-free materials are used so they don’t harm your kids when the toys are kept in the mouth. The outer surface of the toys has a polishing to ensure there are no soft edges.

4. SaleOn 12pc Bath Toys for Kids

Award: Best overall

Tagline: High-quality, colourful bath toys with BPA-free materials attract kids attention while bathing.

SaleOn offers a set of 12 all-animal bath toys in vivid colours and textures that attract children on the go. These fun toys float on the bathtub and create a fun experience for your kids with their pleasant sounds. With 5 to 8 centimetres in size, the toys provide necessary grip to a baby’s hand. Containing non-toxic materials, the toys are safe for kids. These toys are best for 6 months and up kids. 

Things to consider before buying bath toys:


Make sure the toys consist of ABS plastic and non-toxic materials which are safe for children. Also, check for any sharp edges that can harm your children.


The bath toys you choose must be 3 to 5 centimetres in length and width to provide a perfect grip for your kids. The perfect size helps your kids to hold and squeeze them as much as they want.


Some of the bath toys display an LED light whenever your kid squeezes the toys. This feature can be alluring to the kid’s eyes. Some of the toys are remote-controllable which means you can send the toys in any direction while they are floating in the bathtub.