Best Basketball

Basketballs come in three different sizes – 5,6 and 7. Additionally, there are three types of basketballs – recreational, match and training. You cannot just go ahead and purchase any basketball available in the market. A lot depends on your playing style and requirements. In this article, we bring you some of the best basketballs that are close to anyone’s playing style and comfort.

1. Spalding Rebound Rubber Basketball

Award: Best Grip and Feel

Tagline: A waterproof basketball containing synthetic rubber perfect for training or match.

Spalding offers an NBA-certified waterproof basketball with exclusive tinting and colour-infused technology for better grip. There are ribs on the ball to help you shoot better and to provide a good feel. It comes with an inflating needle with a threaded screw on the top that suits any air pump. With its water resistance feature, you can play with this ball on any basketball court. The brick colour gives a sporty look to the ball. This size- 7 basketball lasts longer due to its weight distribution. 

2. Nivia Engraver Basketball

Award: Best bounce

Tagline: Suits outdoor cement court, hard surfaces, wooden floors, and synthetic indoor surfaces. 

Nivia basketball is best for cement courts as it bounces well on hard surfaces. Ideal for training or match, the basketball contains high-quality latex for durable and reliable performance. You have two size options to select, 6 and 7, while 7 being the standard size. The ball weighs around 600 grams and provides sufficient grip while playing. It has black grooves to provide grip while shooting or dribbling. With superior build quality, the air inside the ball remains intact for a long time. 

3. Cosco Hi-Grip Basket Balls

Award: Best for Beginners

Tagline: The contour loop shape provides the player more control over the ball while playing. 

Cosco Hi-Grip basketball has a deep channel design to provide excellent grip. The contour shape of the ball fits your hand with ease. These features make the ball best for beginners or kids. It comes in size- 6 and weighs around 600 grams making it ideal for tournament matches. The butyl bladder and the nylon winding make this ball water-resistant and durable. This basketball is best for the match. You get an inflator along with the ball to fill the air with ease. 

4. TOY-STATION Zoom – Basketball

Award: Best for Training

Tagline: The butyl bladder ensures the basketball doesn’t deflate under normal conditions. 

Toy Station contains 100% rubber to provide an optimum response and feel. The butyl bladder of the ball ensures the ball doesn’t deflate regularly. Its sturdy body endures regular wear and tear and resists rough floors. You get three sizes to choose from, 3, 5, and 7, while 3 being the official size. The orange colour gives a sporty look to the ball. You can use it indoors or on hard cement floors, and tournament grounds. The black curves around the ball ensure a better grip.

Things to consider before buying a basketball:


Size 5 is the smallest among the basketballs and best for kids below age 11. The size is also perfect for smaller hands. Whereas, the size 6 is more suitable for teenagers. For a professional team of players above 16 years, size 7 is what you should look for. 


Butyl bladder is the highest quality material that binds the ball to help maintain the shape and quality. The nylon binding is also durable. The outer cover must generally contain high-quality rubber for that additional bounce on cement grounds. 


Not all basketballs are the same. They vary depending on the type of game you play. Check the description of the brand before you buy a basketball. Generally, manufacturers mention whether the ball suits match training or recreation purposes.