Best Balance Bikes in india : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

With a balance bike, parents can sit back and relax while their kids learn how to balance which is not possible with a tricycle or any paddle bikes. 

A kid as young as 2 year can learn the basic skills of balancing without getting bruised. 

While selecting the best balance bike for your kid, you need to keep these things in mind: 

1. Frames- There are usually three types of frames-metal, plastic and wooden. 

  • Metal– it comes in either aluminium or steel. While aluminium is lightweight, steel is the heavier one. Choosing an aluminium one can help you in carrying it from one place to another without causing strain to your hands. 
  • Plastic– the most widely used material in a balance bike. Go for ABS or eco-friendly plastic for durability and sturdiness. 
  • Wooden– Expensive than both but provides the best training experience. 

2. Weight holding capacity- the balance bike should have a weight holding capacity of at least 20kgs as it will be used by kids of 2-6 years. Also, going for the one which comes with 30kgs of capacity would be of no harm. 

There are various other specifications such as backrest, leg rest, anti-skid and others. To know about these, you can always refer to our Buying Guide mentioned at the end. 

After thorough research, we have come up with the list of 5 best balance bikes for kids in India, 2020. Have a look: 

5 Best Balance Bikes in india

Balance BikesNumber of wheelsMinimum ageWarrantyBuy Now
Brilrider Balance Bike22 years6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
LBLA Baby Balance Bikes41.5 years3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Luvlap Wheelie Scooter31 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
Hlx-Nmc Battery Operated Fun Cruiser Bike 32 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride-on Bike 32 yearsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON

Review of Best Balance Bikes in india

1. Brilrider Balance Bike for 1-5-Year-Old Toddlers (Red)

Brilrider Balance Bike for 1-5-Year-Old ToddlersBril is a 50-year-old Indian company which deals with good quality products like Usha fan, balance bikes for kids and others. 

This balance bike from Brill comes with adjustable handle-bars so that the kid can easily sit and hold it while practicing. 

Kids who are 2-5 years old can feasibly use it. The bike comes with two tyres which will provide enough room for kids to learn balancing as there no paddles and it will give the feel of a complete cycle. 

The body comes with a sturdy construction to provide enough safety to the kids. Also it has an elastic polymer made tyres (equivalent to rubber tyres which are resistant to cracks and punctures). 

Many customers have said that even 8 years old kids were able to ride on it. But, we will suggest going with the age that is mentioned by the manufacturer would be fine. 

It is also very lightweight so you can carry it easily around the house. 

Warranty–  6 months, 1 free part replacement warranty is also given on unintentional damages. 


  • Ideal for 2-5 years old kids
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle-bars


  • Only 2 tyres
  • No footrest

Buy Now at Amazon

2. LBLA Baby Balance Bikes

LBLA Baby Balance BikesLBLA deals with cute baby toys such as sit to stand learning walkers, balance bikes, swimming pool turtle toys and others. 

This balance bike comes with two wheels both at front and back which provides high-safety to the kids from falling off. 

The wheels are built of eco-friendly EVA material which can save the cycle from any cracks. 

The structure of the body is built of carbon steel frame (ergonomic for providing support).  

You can carry it from one place to another (maybe to a picnic or during shifting) as it can get easily assembled. 

The suitable age group of the kid should be 18 months for experiencing the best balancing lessons by his/her own. 

Warranty3 years 


  • Four wheels built of EVA material
  • Ideal for 1.5-5 years old kids
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable handle-bars


  • None till now
  • No footrest

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3. Luvlap Wheelie Scooter Ride-On, Blue

Luvlap Wheelie Scooter Ride-On, BlueWe loved the cute design of it as it looks exactly the same as a mini scooter. 

Luvlap has focused on building great products for kids’ care right from baby care products to balance bikes and cars. 

This bike allows your kid to develop balancing skills with its 3 wheels same as a normal scooter (one at the front and two at rear). 

It comes with changing headlight colors so that your kid can enjoy balancing in dark areas as well. 

Also, to give the best bike experience to your cute kid, the bike comes with a horn and three musical tunes that the kid can play while riding. 

It also comes with a backrest so that the kid doesn’t fall back and be seated throughout the ride. The seat is wide and wavy for kids of 1-3 years which comes with a seat storage box (kids can store toys or helmets). 

It can hold around 27kgs of weight and is perfect for 1-3 years of kids. It is enough sturdy and durable as it is built of a high-quality plastic body. 

You can easily hold it in your hands and carry it from room to the kitchen or even for picnics due to its lightweight. 

Warranty  not given


  • 3 wheels
  • Ideal for 1-3 years old kids
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Headlight of different colors
  • Horn
  • seat storage box
  • Easy assembly
  • Three musical tunes


  • No warranty
  • No footrest

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4. Hlx-Nmc Battery Operated Fun Cruiser Bike – Red

Hlx-Nmc Battery Operated Fun CruiserThe best part of this bike is that it runs on battery. 

Hlx-Nmc deals with kids’ bikes, cars, and bicycles and have gained trust by delivering the best products. 

This balance bike is suitable for a kid of 2-3 years because it comes with a weight holding capacity of 30kgs and it runs on battery (less than 2 years kids won’t be able to maintain much balance while sitting on it). 

Kids can easily move from one place to another by just grabbing the handles properly because the bike comes with a speed of 2-3 kmph. 

This bike comes with a headlight and musical horn for easy operations (your kids can blow the horn to notify people that he’s in the room or garden). 

You will not have to worry about its build-up material as virgin PVC has been used in the construction (known for its sturdiness and durability). 

It can be easily assembled with the help of a guide that comes along with the package. It also has a footrest for your kids to sufficiently rest his feet on it. 

Warranty  n/a 


  • Runs on battery
  • Three wheels
  • Headlight and musical horns
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Footrest


  • n/a 

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5. Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride-on Bike for 2 to 4 Years Kids, Pink

Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride-on BikeThis balance bike also runs on battery but the best part of it is that you can monitor it with the help of remote control (hence you can rescue your kids from any kind of accidents). 

A kid can easily ride this bike with a speed of 2.5kmph. It also comes with a  same sound like an electric scooter (hence, your kid can easily enjoy the ride). 

You can also play music while your kid is enjoying the ride and change the battery within 3 months approximately (it depends on the usage as well). 

It can be used by the kids of 2-4 years easily as it comes with a weight holding capacity of 20kgs. 

Also, it is very lightweight which means you can carry it anywhere from one place to another (like from the kitchen to the bedroom or from house to road). 

ABS plastic is known for its sturdiness and durability which is used in the making of this balance bike. 

Warranty  n/a 


  • Runs on battery
  • Three wheels
  • Headlight and musical horns
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Footrest
  • Can be maneuvered by parents


  • no warranty 

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Balance Bikes Buying guide

While a balance bike can easily train your kids about how to make balance and give them a playful outlook, there are various things which you surely keep in mind before buying one. 

We have divided the types of balance bikes based on the analysis of frames: 

1. Metal frames-

There are usually two types of metal frames which are used for the construction of these bikes: 

  • Aluminium– these are lightweight frames and can be carried easily by kids. 
  • Steel– these are heavyweight frames and kids usually don’t feel much comfortable riding these but the quality of the material is very sturdy in it. 

2. Plastic frames-

These are the most widely used frames in the market because they come with the plastic body made up of eco-friendly, BPA -free ABS plastic (best for durability and sturdiness). Plastic frames are very attractive and widely used ones in balance bikes. 

3. Wooden frames-

Well, these are the frames that are made up of mostly plywood. Irrespective of being a little expensive, they provide the best biking experience and training to the kids. These are not widely used in India. 

The factors, you should take into consideration while buying: 

1. Dimension

It is very obvious that a balanced bike can’t be used by all age groups of kids (a 6 years old kid can’t sit on the one for 18 months). So, it becomes very important to know about the size and usually, an average size of 55 X 22 X 15 can fit 3-5 years of kids. 

2. Weight holding capacity

Approximately 30kgs of weight holding capacity can be precisely perfect because kids who are mostly less than 10 years would use it (PS-kids of 2-6 years only use it often). It is important to check whether the quality of the material is sturdy enough because that becomes very important to check the weight holding capacity as well. 

3. Wide area for sitting or wide seat

The balanced bike should have a wide seat where the kid can easily be seated. As the kids tend to move or lean forward, it is very important if the seat is perfectly designed. If the kid is 2 years old or 3 then going with the one which has 4 wheels could be fine (four wheels balance bike has wider area as compared to two wheels only) 

4. Handlebars

The handlebars should be made of foam or rubber material so that the child can have enough grip to hold on. 

5. Leg space or footrest

Certain balanced bikes come with a copy of the usual bikes. Well, the kid would require to keep his/her leg on the scooter or on the ground without any chances of falling down. So, check for a  footrest in the balanced bike for better safety. 

6. Anti-skid

The surface and handlebar should be anti-skid so that the kid doesn’t fall off while he is playing with the balance bike. Most kids tend to fall down because of a certain amount of water on the floor or on the surface of the bike. 

7. Tyre

There are three types of tyres- rubber, air and foam. While an air tyre can provide more traction and cushion but it gives chances of getting punctured, a foam tyre doesn’t provide much traction. A rubber tyre is found ideal because it doesn’t get punctured and provide enough traction and cushion. 

The number of tyres: 

Well, as you all know that the balance bike is used for kids, the number of tyres should be more and hence, it is always good if you go with 4 tyres’ one. 

8. Turning radius

Turning radius is nothing but the radius which allows the bike to turn (the kid can learn more balancing with this). But, there are various bikes with certain limiters that don’t allow the turning to get close to the frame. Well, this is important as it provides maximum safety to the child. 

9. Easily step up

The kids should not fall off. Parents should check whether the step off provided in the cycle is easy or not. There are certain bikes that come below the height of the kids and most parents consider it to be the best one. 

10. Age group

It is very important for you to read the instructions of the age-group. The manufacturer gives certain age-group limits such as 18 months to 3 years and if your kid falls under that category then only buy the product. Otherwise, buying the one which comes with a lesser age group would be just a waste of money. 

11. Price

Your kids are in the growing stage and they require the best products without any compromise. There are better products at an affordable price as well and you can find those at 3500-7000 INR easily. 

Benefits of using a Balanced bike

  • Children get indulged in outdoor activities

As most of the parents worry about even a toddler’s mobile addiction, a balance bike makes them get involved in outdoor activities. They can easily paddle it and move from one place to another by maintaining proper balance on it. 

  • Confidence building

Kids paddle it by themselves which gives them a sense of responsibility from a very early age. They can learn to be confident from the tiniest things they do which can benefit them in the longer run. 

  • Safety

Children are less prone to injuries when they ride bikes because they won’t be introduced to the traditional ways of cycling. They can easily keep their legs on the ground and on the footrest. 

  • Family bonding

When kids play, parents watch them out so that they don’t fall off or face any kind of injury. Same as balance bikes need to be monitored by an adult either mother, father, sister or brother which can increase the family bonding between them like never before. 

How to teach kids to ride a balance bike? 

It is very simple to train the kids, you just require to monitor them with their steps and paddle they take. 

We have divided it in certain age-groups depending on the training: 

  • 2-3 years

Ask them to just stand and walk by holding over the brakes. Usually, the bikes for 2-4 years of kids wouldn’t come with brakes as they will just try to learn and enjoy the ride. 

  • 3-4 years

Ask them to just sit and walk. The reason behind this is completing training them how they can sit and walk altogether. 

  • 4-6 years

They can try little gliding with the help of holding brakes. Always ensure that they hold brakes first before having them seated on the seat (this will save them from any kind of accidents). Also, eventually, they will learn to paddle in the later stage but in this stage, they just require to glide through with the help of support wheels at the rear. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)How do you measure a balance bike for your kid?

Measuring the balance bike isn’t that tough. You just have to see whether your child’s feet can reach the ground in case of a balance bike which doesn’t run on battery. The one which runs on the battery doesn’t require to be measured in terms of height. 

2) How to teach my kid to ride a balance bike?

It is very easy to train kids over a balance bike as they will just have to pull them or walk while sitting on it. You can just ask them to imitate you which could be through a cycle or even using a normal chair. 

3) For a parent wanting to teach their kid how to ride a bicycle, would you recommend a balance bike or a traditional bicycle with training wheels?  

Well, it depends on the age as well because if your kid falls under the age group of 2-6 then going for a balance bike would be a nice option. Also, if your kid is above 7 years then going for a normal paddle bicycle would be perfect (you can monitor them while riding it). 

4) What Is The Recommended Age For A Balance Bike? 

Usually, the recommended age for a balance bike is 2-6 years but if the kid wants to use it till he’s 8 years old, he can. Well, it also varies from bike to bike as the manufacturer mentions the minimum and maximum age-group. 

5) Are balance bicycles safe?

Yes, balance bikes are considered safer than tricycles and coaching wheels. The reason behind this is the number of wheels and the extra support like backrest which is given in these balance bikes. 

6) Can I take the balance bike for a picnic inside my car? 

Mostly, the balance bikes come with a short height (which becomes very easy to transport) but it depends on the type of balance bike your kid has. If the balance bike is very easy to assemble and not the replica of real bikes (because it will have many wheels and extra parts in it) then you can easily purchase it. 


Well, a balanced bike is purchased with a lot of emotions which brings out a lot of fun for parents and kids as well. Buying the perfect balance bike which can not only provide enjoyment but give enormous safety is a tedious task and that’s why we recommend you Brilrider Balance Bike for 1-5-Year-Old Toddlers (Red) for your kids (after thorough research) as it can suit toddlers from 1-5 years, comes with a 6 months warranty, changeable handle and seat bars, provides safety by measuring the perfect height and most importantly, is constructed using sturdy and best material. 

Meanwhile, if your kid is fond of bikes and dreamt of having one when he grows up then what about fulfilling his desire by gifting him Hlx-Nmc Battery Operated Fun Cruiser Bike – Red as this bike runs on battery and can cover 2-3 kmph, an exact replica of the real bikes on the road and most importantly, it has been constructed with high-quality material by keeping the safety measures in mind. 

Also, please write to us about any of your suggestions or queries if you have in the comment section below. We would ensure replying within 5 working days or less (which depends on the flow of comments). Till then, we wish you a very happy and safe shopping 🙂 

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