Best Badminton Shoes

Badminton is an extensive sport that not only demands precision but also agility. Proper badminton shoes make it less likely for you to develop injuries while taking swift movements. 

Badminton shoes usually contain a lightweight sole and upper material. Most of the shoes have the extra cushioning to increase the shock-absorbing capability. 

However, these shoes come in a wide range of collections for the novice, intermediate and professional players. It is also a tedious task to pick the right shoes in the market.

To help you get the perfect match, we came up with a list of best badminton shoes in the market for beginners to advanced players. Take a look.

1. Nivia Men’s Badminton Shoes

Award: Best in Comfort

Tagline: Has asymmetrical fit for stability

It comes with soft padding on the footbed and has reinforced heel collar for enhanced support.  The fabric ensures breathability and comfort. 

Nivia has come up with a pair of classic badminton shoes containing gum rubber for more flexibility while moving around. The midsole has double foam to ensure durability and shock absorption. The soft cushioning on the tongue and ankle helps prevent injuries while providing adequate support. The deep grooves and textured sole ensure necessary grip. The shoes come in the sizes of 5 to 11 UK suiting almost every foot size. It is best for intermediate-skilled players.

2. Yonex Unisex Badminton Shoes

Award: Value for money

Tagline: Non-marking outsole

The rubber sole material of these shoes ensures you don’t leave any scuff marks on your badminton court. It also offers better friction between the surface and the shoe.

Yonex offers a pair of unisex badminton shoes consisting of polyurethane material for maximum shock absorption. They have high resilience so that the insole retains its shape for long. The round outsole ensures smooth movements and transfer of maximum energy. The shoes are lightweight to provide additional comfort. The polyester mesh improves the breathability of the shoes. The toe-centric shape of these shoes offers the best support at the midfoot and heel. These shoes are best for beginners.

3. Vector X Warrior Badminton Shoes

Award: Budget pick

Tagline: Do not melt even at high temperatures

The shoes contain polyurethane material that does not let the shoes melt at high temperatures. This material also makes the shoes sturdy and durable. 

Vector X offers a pair of durable badminton shoes with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sole, best known for shock absorption. This material reduces the chances of accidents or injuries to the feet while playing on the field. It also gives a rubber-like softness to the sole and increases flexibility. The shoes have non-toxic synthetic leather which is environment-friendly. The lace closure gives proper upper grip and prevents entanglement. The outsole of the shoe does not leave any abrasions anywhere. These shoes suit beginners and experts alike. 

4. Li-Ning Saga Non-Marking Badminton Shoe

Award: Best for regular use

Tagline: Great entry-level shoes

The shoes have a non-marking rubber sole making them great for indoor badminton courts. The midsole has good shock absorption and prevents injuries during practice.

Li-Ning has come up with a pair of colourful, stylish and durable badminton shoes with a thermoplastic polyurethane material for additional support. The heel area has adequate protection to make your feet feel locked-in. The non-marking rubber on the outsole prevents shoe marks on the indoor badminton court. The shoes are bendable and retain their shape for long. 

Things to consider before buying badminton shoes:

1. Size

The size of your shoes is the foremost thing you should look for while buying them. If you tend to buy the next size than the original, it is not the best practice for badminton shoes. As your feet go through rigorous movements, only the apt shoe size can prevent you from injuries. 

2. Weight

Heavyweight shoes restrict your movement while playing. So, make sure you always go for the lightweight ones. A right pair of shoes must weigh only 2 to 2.5 pounds.

3. Sole

Badminton requires a specific sole type. A gum rubber sole is always the right fit as it provides control and traction. If you play on a cement court, the rubber sole will suffice.