Top 5 Best Baby Walkers in India 2019

Your baby taking her first steps is definitely a big occasion to celebrate. But in her early months, providing her with a walking assistant to help her move around and explore better, could be a good idea. The best walking assistant for your baby is a baby walker.

A majority of the babies tend to learn how to balance themselves and walk by the time they are one year old; some may take longer too which is perfectly normal. In order to help a child take her first steps before she can actually walk, a baby walker is just the thing you need.

Most baby walkers come in bright colors with a number of musical toys and lights to capture your baby’s attention. They also usually have a toy tray which can be conveniently converted into a dining tray at mealtimes.

To help you choose the right baby walker for your little one, we have drawn up a list of the top 10 best baby walkers in India that you can buy online. Also, read on to know what factors you need to consider before buying a walker in our “Buying guide” given below.

Top 5 Baby Walkers in India 2019

Baby WalkersSuitable AgeRecommend Weight up toItem Weight (approx.)Buy Now
Mee Mee Baby Walker6 - 18 months12 Kg3.9 kgCheck the Price
Goyal's Monkey Baby Walker 6 - 48 months25 Kg3.4 kgCheck the Price
LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker 6 - 24 months15 Kg5.2 kgCheck the Price
BAYBEE 2 n 1 Sit to Stand Baby Walker10-18 months12 Kg1.8 kgCheck the Price
Panda Baby Walker8 - 24 months15 Kg3.5 kgCheck the Price

Here are the Best Baby Walkers of 2019 Reviews

1. Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar (Blue)

Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar

Mee Mee Baby Walker is the best baby walker in India because it is made of premium quality materials to ensure durability and safety. This wonderful baby walker is available in – blue, green, pink colors and sturdy design monitors the baby’s first steps.

Compared to other baby walker brands, it is made of a soft cushioned material to give extreme comfort to the babies. The padded seat is absolutely comfortable to use, detach and wash effortlessly.

As soon as the baby grows, you can adjust the height of baby walker in 4 different positions and 360° rotating wheels for easy mobility. To entertain the kids, it features removable electronic toys and synchronizes with the pleasant music.

When your child feels hungry, this walker serves snacks/meals by removing the tray using the feeding section. Long push handle gives access to parents to control the baby walkers in halls, dining or outdoors and a footrest is beneficial when the walker is in motion.

In a nutshell, this Mee Mee baby walker offers reliable performance and comfort to the babies. The age recommendation for using this walker is 6-18 months and a maximum of 3 years by supporting the 12 kg baby weight. The major downside of using this product is it does not feature safety wheel lock and switch-off button to stop the music.


  • Comes at reasonable prices.
  • 360° rotating wheels for easy mobility.
  • Available in blue, green, and pink colors.
  • Sturdy design removable entertaining toys.
  • Removable and washable seat for babysitting.
  • Suitable for 6-18 months baby with 12 kgs weight.
  • Soft and durable cushion material offers extreme comfort.
  • Comes with 4 height adjustment settings as per the baby growth.


  • A bit heavy to carry.
  • There is no switch off button for music.
  • No safety wheel lock to control the walker.

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2. Goyal’s Monkey Baby Walker With Adjustable Height (Red)

Goyals Monkey Baby Walker

While choosing the best walker for toddlers, you would have come across Goyals Monkey Baby Walker. It has come with flexible and comfortable seating options to make the baby walk freely in multiple directions.

Children may fall when they walk and bump into objects. But, with this baby walker, your kid will be safe and learns to walk quickly. This simple yet attractive walker will surely be a great choice for babies and is available in 3 different colors – green, orange, and red.

The seat pad is adjustable in height and is comfortably fitted with a cushioned backrest. It incorporates extra padding and is made up of premium quality fabric material. The wide frame at the bottom of walker protects the baby from falling down or causing injuries and thereby ensures child safety.

Like other popular brands, this walker is best used for baby’s aged 6 months to a maximum of 4 years (weighing 25 kg). If the baby weight exceeds the limit the walker may damage and cause injuries to the infants. You can also keep the baby active all the time by allowing them to play with toys, rattles, music, and lighting.

To play the soothing music or lighting, this wonderful device utilizes 2 AA batteries. Once the battery has reached the expiry date or loses the power, you need to replace with new one in order to enjoy the walker benefits.

To recapitulate, the performance of Goyal’s monkey baby walker is excellent. It can easily be folded and stored in any location you want – halls, dining, bedrooms etc. The lightweight and compact design make the product good value for money. The only disadvantage of using this baby walker is the inefficient cushion quality may cause discomfort or skin irritations and has the poor stitching which is not acceptable.


  • Wide frame for child safety.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries to operate toys.
  • Features rattles, music buttons, and lighting to entertain the kids.
  • Comfortable cushioned seat with backrest gives a strong support.
  • Foldable and 3 height adjustment features for the baby comfort.
  • Recommended age is 6 months to 4 years i.e. up to 25 kgs baby weight.
  • Detachable and washable padded seat for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Disappointed with the cushion quality and poor stitching at corners.

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3. LuvLap Comfy Baby Walker with Adjustable Height & Rocker (Pink)

Luvlap Comfy Baby Walker with Adjustable HeightLuvlap Comfy Baby Walker with Adjustable Rocker

Luvlap baby walker is best to use for baby girls as it comes in pink color and cares about children’s safety using certain special features like locking options etc.

This is the only device in the list that converts baby walker into a rocker and supports the baby aged from 6 months to a maximum of 2 years, weighing up to 12 kg. It is available in blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and red colors to choose the desired walker for babies.

How to Convert Baby Walker to Rocker?

Given below are the simple steps that help the parents to convert this amazing walker into baby rocker as per the requirement and convenience of a toddler. It is actually done to keep the baby relax, reduce stress and pain on legs. Check it out!

  • Firstly, you need to unlock the knob on both sides – front and rear of the baby walker.
  • Now separate the rocker base blocks and rotate to 90° by pulling 2 knobs of the walker.
  • Repeat the process and check whether it is rocking properly or not.

It comes with 3 position height adjustments for baby comfort and safety lock for extra security. An additional foot mat at the bottom of walker makes comfortable for infants while moving and can be removed easily.

The attractive toy tray is equipped with music, horns, and lights to stimulate senses and keeps the baby engaged. The convenient push handle behind the seat is useful for pushing the baby around. You can fold and store the walker in a compact manner when not in use. The cushioned washable padded seat gives comfort to the babies and is easy to clean.

To conclude, the performance of Luvlap baby walker is good and suitable for kids aged 6 months. It is the most preferred choice by the parents to look after their kids and comes at reasonable prices.

What made us so disappointed is the device is made of cheap quality plastic material and the music system produces a loud sound which is not good for baby’s health (hearing). Some customers have a complaint about the missing of spare parts like screws, toys, tray when purchased online.

You can also go with another popular model from the same brand Luvlap Grand Baby Walker+Rocker . It features detachable toy tray, foot mat, and washable padded seat to offer comfort for babies and make them enjoy walking without getting hurt or falling down.   


  • Convertible to the baby rocker.
  • Easy to clean and maintain as well.
  • Available in 6 different colour combinations.
  • Stopper function stops the walker from moving.
  • Removable push handle to move walker effortlessly.
  • Highly recommended for 6 months to 2 years babies, weighing up to 12 kg.
  • Comes with 3 height adjustment settings to set the walker height.
  • Detachable foot mat and cushioned seat for toddler comfort and safety.


  • Made of low-quality plastic material.
  • Missing of spare parts – screws, toys.
  • Music system produces a loud sound.

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4. BAYBEE 2 n 1 Sit to Stand Push and Pull Baby Walker (Yellow)

BAYBEE 2 in 1 Sit-to-Stand Learning Push and Pull Walker

If you are looking for a baby walker that is full of gaming toys, and a safety locking system then you should grab BAYBEE Walker.  This baby walker is best to use for kids aged 12-18 months, EN71 certified and maintains the safety standards to protect the baby from falling or getting hurt.

Encourage your baby to walk in this baby walker for developing motor and cognitive skills. Toddlers and young children start learning and improve their memorizing skills using the turning gears, squeaker mobile phone, and shape sorter.

The push and pull type baby walker brings hand, eye coordination, and brain development in children. The specially designed locking mechanism controls the speed of baby walker and makes the learning process more fun and interesting.

Overall, it’s a great gift for babies on birthdays, special occasions and other festive seasons. It is very comfortable and convenient to use and comes at moderate prices so that anyone can buy walker without having a second thought. What we did not like in this product is there is no height adjustment option and the wheels, handle are not durable.


  • Very economical to buy.
  • Highly safe and easy to use.
  • EN71 Certified baby walker.
  • Suitable for kid’s aged 12-18 months.
  • Improves motor and cognitive skills in children.
  • Special locking mechanism to control the walker speed.
  • Comes with turning gears, squeaker mobile phone, and shape sorter.


  • No height adjustment option.
  • Inefficient wheels and loose handles.

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5. Panda Baby Walker with Music

Panda Baby Walker Music

This Panda Baby Walker in India has very good reviews and ratings online. It’s a sign that parents are showing interest in buying baby care products online and to boost baby growth. Though it comes at inexpensive rates, offers consistent performance throughout its usage. Hence, we’ve considered as the best budget baby walker. 

This amazing baby walker keeps the baby’s movements safe as he/she tries to move around on his own. You can also adjust the size of baby walker depending on baby’s height. It is recommended to use for babies aged 8 months or above with 15kgs of maximum weight. Additionally, you will get a number of removable toys, musical rattles and electronic buttons on the walker to make the baby play and feel happy or cheerful.

The walker is made of plastic and the seat cover is made of soft cushioned type material to offer comfort to the toddlers. As it comes with foldable options, occupies less space in your living area.

The 360° rotating castor wheels move in different directions, operates smoothly and safety lock keeps the walker sturdy and in place at each height level. Assembling the panda baby walker is bit difficult and a time-taking process. To make it easy for you, an instruction manual is provided in the kit which guides to assemble the baby walker.

To summarize, Panda baby walker is good for babies to use at homes and other places. It just weighs 3.51 kg which makes easy for the parents to carry on holiday vacations, trips, etc. The only thing we did not like in Panda baby walker is made of poor quality plastic material and does not have stopper function to control the baby walker speed. Other than that, it’s totally worth the money you are paying for.


  • Comes at cheap rates.
  • Suitable for kids aged 8 months.
  • 3 height adjustment settings with safety lock feature.
  • 360° smooth rotating wheels to move walker in multiple directions.
  • Removable toys, musical rattles & electronic buttons to keep the baby cherish.
  • Detachable & washable cushion seat for comfortable babysitting and easy cleaning.


  • Poor quality plastic material.
  • Doesn’t have stopper function.
  • Too many rough edges that may cause inconvenience for kids.

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Baby Walker Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Walker for Kids

Baby walkers have become an amazing device at home to keep the baby entertained, develop muscles and bring coordination while walking on their own. Though it seems to be good, parents do always need to care for their little ones by not allowing him/her to the restricted areas – kitchen, sharp edges, slippery zone etc. While buying the baby walker online, one must be familiar with the few important factors like baby walker types, wheels, and braking system, cushioned seat, adjustable height option, playing toys, baby walker weight and finally the price. Read on to know how these factors boost the baby growth and improve its lifespan.

Why You Need to Buy a Baby Walker</strong

Maintaining Balance: During the first few months, babies need to develop coordination and learn how to maintain balance on their two little feet, to keep themselves upright. While they can also do this by holding on to other objects, a walker helps keep them secure and provides assistance without them having to hold on to anything while trying to stand up and balance themselves. A bonus is the development of leg muscles by the support provided by the walker.

The Entertainment Factor: It is no simple task to keep your baby happily occupied and playing while you go about doing the chores of your house. A baby walker comes fitted with a number of entertaining toys, musical rattles, colorful electronic light buttons and animal pop-ups that can keep your baby happy and busy for a while. Also, mealtimes become a lot easier as most walkers have a dining tray that can also be used as a toy tray.

Moving About Independently: Since your baby has still not learned to move around the house on her own, a walker with smoothly rolling castor wheels can help her do exactly that and learn about new objects as she moves around from place to place. It is not always possible to have your baby in your lap while moving around, so a good idea would be to let the baby walker give your baby the independence to explore around on her own as she discovers new things.

What are the Types of Baby Walkers?

Baby walkers can be classified into different types, depending upon their mode of functioning. Here are the broad categories of baby walkers available in the market today:

  • Seated Walker: Meant for younger babies, this portable walker consists mainly of a broad seat for the baby to sit on along with a dining tray/toy tray. A slight downside is that seated walkers may not work well on carpeted floors.
  • Standing/Sit-to-Stand Walker: Meant for slightly older babies, this walker is portable too and is meant more for helping a baby practice standing and moving around on her own. This type of walker generally has a braking system for extra safety.
  • Push Walker: This can be a good option since it has both functionalities – baby can move around on her own as well as the parent can push the baby around using a push bar/handle.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baby Walker

1. Wheels and Braking System:

Safety comes first and foremost when choosing a walker for your baby. Always opt for a walker with broad, solid and smooth-rolling castor wheels that are sturdy. Depending on what type of flooring is there at your place (carpeted or non-carpeted or wooden), ensure that the wheels do not skid or get stuck on the floors. The walker should also have brake pads in place at the base to keep the baby safe near, say, a staircase or a height.

2. Cushioned and Washable Seat:

Both these factors are equally important. A broad and well-cushioned seat (backrest is an added bonus) that is easily washable can be very convenient, especially because babies tend to drop food at feeding times all around them.

3. Adjustable Height of Seat:

If you’re looking for a baby walker for your growing baby and have plans to use it for a longer duration, it is recommended to opt for a walker which has 2-3 different levels of height adjustments.

4. Toys on Toy Tray/Dining Tray:

It is always an added advantage to have different types of music and lighting toys on the toy tray of the walker to keep your baby happily busy and occupied. Just ensure none of the toys have small parts that could be dangerous for your baby.

5. Foldability & Compactness:

A baby walker that can be easily folded into a compact shape is very handy to store as well as carry around while traveling.

6. A weight of the Walker:

Too heavy would mean the walker is not easy to move around, whereas too light would mean the walker could topple over easily while your baby is in it. It is therefore important to make sure the walker is just the right weight, sturdy and safe.

7. Safety Features:

Belts and buckles to hold your baby in place while seated in the walker go a long way in keeping her safe, even if she has a fall while moving around on her own.

8. Build Quality Material

Every parent while purchasing must check for the walkers that are made of fine quality materials. Some of the basic models do not follow the standards and lacks the design quality. Also, the walkers have come with a finite number of toys attached to it for entertaining the kids. There should be no sharp edges as it may hurt the baby and no possibility for the toddler to break the toys.

9. Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is another important factor that everyone must look into while purchasing the baby walker or any product. A well-known brand builds a trust in customers by providing high-quality products and services. If you do not prefer the branded baby walker then there are more chances that you dwell into the fraud models and also poor customer support services.

10. Price and Warranty Details

Finally, we end up the buying guide with the price and warranty information. Most of the customers stick to the budget and choose the baby walkers accordingly. It’s actually a good idea while purchasing home and kitchen appliances, clothes, groceries, etc. But you should never look at the price as you are purchasing for your baby and make sure it is comfortable to use.

A limited budget baby walkers benefit to some extent, but cannot match with the high standards set by the doctors or health care physicians. And for such high-end walker models, you need to invest more. Surprisingly, you will be overwhelmed with the performance, comfort, design quality, lifespan, and usage capabilities.

Furthermore, you should also look after the warranty information-1, 2, 5 years given by the manufacturer to minimize the repairing costs.

Important Tips and Precautions to be taken while buying and using a baby walker

  • Make sure that you are always by the side of your baby when he/she is using the walker. If not, make sure that you have someone supervising them while they playing with the walker.
  • Walkers are made for babies between the ages of 4 months and 15-16 months. Never try to make a 3-month babysit in a walker. And once the kid reaches the age of 1 year, try making them walk without the help of a walker. This will improve their muscles and their natural ability to walk
  • You can also let the kid walk with the help of a convertible walker that will give them the hands support while the push and walk around in that. This will also help improve their hand strength too.
  • Keep the surroundings and the place where the kid walks an obstacle-free zone. Remove anything that is sharp or has the potential to topple and make the kid fall down
  • Make sure that the chew toys or any toys that come with the walker are baby safe and do not have any sharp edges or something the baby may swallow.
  • Never let the baby use a walker upstairs or near the stairs.
  • Oil the wheels of the walker every once in a while to make sure that they rotate smoothly and perfectly.
  • Maybe pick those types of walkers which come with a buzzer or a bell so you always know where the baby is whenever you are not looking.

Most Frequent Questions?

1) What age do most babies start using a walker?

Most babies take first steps in-between 9 and 12 months and do the walking perfectly when they attain 15-18 months. If your children are not responding properly then use baby walkers that encourage them to walk more comfortably.

2) What should I keep in mind while purchasing a baby walker?

Choosing the branded baby walker for your child is difficult unless you do a bit of research work on the particular product. They provide a strong support so that the baby does not fall while trying to walk and gives them rest in a comfortable upright position.

Some of the baby walkers have come with toys which are a source of entertainment while the parent is busy with household activities like cleaning, washing, cooking etc.

* Baby walker types
* Entertainment toys
* Size and weight
* Comfortable seat and padding
* Wheels and braking system
* Brand Reputation
* Price and warranty

3) What steps to be taken when your children use a baby walker?

It’s not that easy to make your children get into the baby walker. Being a parent, you must be able to know which Walker is the best, its usage and check whether the walker is comfortable for the toddler or not. Here are a few things that every parent must look into while purchasing/using the walker for babies…

* Firstly, determine whether the infant is ready to walk or not.
* Teach your baby about how to move the walker.
* Make sure the home you live in is absolutely a walker-friendly.
* Keep an eye on your kid when he/she is in the walker.
* Encourage your little ones to walk freely in the room i.e. in all directions.
* Walk along with the baby to make him/her feel comfortable when on the walker.
* You can also keep a small soft cushion at the back of the baby seat for extra comfort.
* Allow him/her to move at least 15-30 minutes a day as using it on a long run may impose negative results.

4) What are the major benefits of using a baby walker at home?

Given below are some of the possible benefits of using walkers for the baby. Have a look!

* Develops better eye-hand coordination.
* Produces fun and entertainment for little ones.
* Gives soothing and extreme comfort while walking.
* Develops confidence and encourages the baby to walk.
* Parents can spend more time on other household activities.
* Boosts the imagination level and sometimes as an educator.
* Helps to improve focus on children while playing with toys or moving in walkers.

5) How often should I clean a baby walker?

Many people treat baby walker as a normal device and lack of cleaning. Listen, you are using a walker for kids to give them an extra support while walking. Babies put hands on toys while playing, and also rest their head while sleeping.

So you must properly maintain the walker by cleaning it from time to time. To make it clean and hygiene, pour few drops of antiseptic liquid in a bowl of warm water and then dip a cotton cloth. Take out the cloth, squeeze and wipe on handles, toys, sides, footrest, etc. to deter germs, bacteria and other dust particles present on the device.

6) Do baby walkers affect development?

Long term usage of walkers may indeed affect a child’s ability to learn to walk. Walkers need to be used as an initial source of movement and general movement for infants.
Walkers have been proven to delay the child’s ability to learn to walk because the child does not have full contact of both feet with the ground. Thus the kid may get comfortable with this type of walking than actual walking which will slowly put additional strain on the hips and spine.
Never use a walker for more than 20-30 minutes a day or an hour at max.

7) Which type of walker is best for a carpet?

Almost any type of walker is best for a carpet if it has smooth wheels and can move about easily. But walkers with grooves in their wheels may have some friction while they are being rolled on a carpet.
Moreover, unless the carpet is very large and broad for the baby to be able to move about freely, we recommend to let the baby use the floor to walk and not the carpet.


Now the time has changed where you keep the baby on laps and play for a long time. It may not be possible for parents as they’re busy with office or other household chores.Choosing the best baby walker is the only way that makes the baby enjoy the moments and take the steps actively without any fear. Of all the popular baby walker brands, we’ve chosen Mee Mee Baby Walker as the best baby walker in India because it is made of premium quality materials to ensure durability and safety. Padded seat made of the cushioned material is absolutely comfortable to use, detach and wash effortlessly. To entertain kids, it features removable electronic toys and synchronizes with the pleasant music. Long push handle helps to control the baby moments and a footrest gives support.Which brand baby walker you like the most? Are you using any of the branded models? Share your doubts and thoughts with us in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as soon as possible… 🙂

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