Best Baby Toys

Babies love to play with toys such as rattles, musical toys, toy vehicles, and many more. They also let you grab infants’ attention with sounds and soothing music. These plastic-made toys are not expensive, but they become your little ones’ world in infant age. Here is the list of the best toy sets for both baby girls and baby boys. 

1. WISHKEY Colorful 7 Rattles and 1 Teether Toy Set

Award: Most attractive set

Tagline: Brings a sparkle in your kid’s eyes on shaking the rattle.

You will get seven baby rattles and one teether. that add charm to your little buddy chicks. Each toy has a unique design with a bright color that grabs the baby’s attention. Especially the rattles with a pleasant knocking sound delights your baby and engages her/him in more playtime. The toys are made from BPA-free plastic and have no sharp edges. Thus, the toys do not hurt the baby’s soft skin and are safe to use. Moreover, the size of the toys is comfortable for the baby to hold and play with them.

2. Techno Buzz Deal® Unbreakable Pull Back Vehicles

Award: Best kids-friendly set

Tagline: A set of seven toy vehicles for kids above two years.

Give a real-vehicle driving experience to your toddlers with these beautiful toy vehicles. The set comes with seven types of vehicles, including bus, truck, van, taxi, and many more. Each toy has thick wheels that crawl faster by dragging them close to the ground. Further, all toys are unbreakable and non-toxic. Thus, they are safe, kid-friendly, and ensure long-lasting fun for toddlers. 

3. FunBlast Unbreakable Pull Back Toy Vehicles

Award: Best in Quality

Tagline: Most attractive and colorful vehicle toys are made from durable and harmless materials!

It is another best vehicle toy set from FunBlast. Each toy has funny and smiley front parts that attract your babies. They are handy and come in attractive color combinations. Further, the wheels offer great movements in both forward/backward with just applying gentle pressure on them. The toys are break-resistant and ideal for kids above two years. You will get seven-vehicle toys.

4. Cable World® Attractive toy set 

Award:  Also Consider

Tagline: A unique set of baby riddles in multi-colors and soft grips.

Rattles are more popular than any other toy. Though infants at the age of 3-6 months cannot speak, they will respond to colors and sounds. With different sounds, it grabs kids’ eyes and attention. Cable world is offering eight baby rattles at an attractive price. Each rattle comes with a soft ring that helps the baby to hold comfortably. Along with ensuring fun, the toys develop motor skills of infants between 3-10 months. All toys are made from 100% eco-friendly materials to ensure the safety of your little dolls. 

Things to consider before buying baby toys


The size of the toys is one of the main factors to consider. Babies usually put toys and other stuff in their month. Toys should be in medium size to ensure kids’ safety. Also, toys of perfect size will fit in the cute hands of your baby and provide hours of fun to them.


Along with size, material quality should also be the main factor to take into consideration. BPA-free and eco-friendly materials made toys are safe for kids. Such toys will not harm your little ones even if they bite them.


Kids love bright colors. If you choose toys with attractive multi colors, they give the ultimate fun playing experience to them. You can also engage kids under 1-3 years in recognizing the names of the colors. So, choosing colorful toys is best for little teddies.