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Swaddling is a way of wrapping to give the womb-like feeling to the baby. It can keep your baby warm and cosy for a long time without you having to look after the little tot. Swaddles consist of ultra-smooth fabrics that are lightweight and multifunctional. To help you find the best one, we bring you the list of best swaddles that are perfect for newborns.

1. MOM’S HOME Organic Muslin Swaddle

Tagline: A pack of 3 pure cotton 36-inch swaddles that get softer after every wash to ensure comfort.

Mom’s Home offers a pack of 3 baby swaddles that are ultra-soft, lightweight and comfortable. You can also use these as washcloths, burp cloths, playmats and stroller covers. The cotton material is free from harmful chemicals and soft against baby skin. Coming in two layers, the ends of the swaddle contain strong stitches to prevent tearing. This medium-size swaddle is ideal for newborns.

2. LuvLap 100% Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddles

Tagline: A pack of 3 anti-allergic swaddles with a high-absorbency rate helps in quick drying.

Luv Lap pure cotton swaddles contain the light weaving to naturally regulate the body temperature. This means the swaddles keep the baby cool in summer and warm in winter. As they are machine-washable, you need not put efforts to clean them regularly. Coming in an ideal 39-inch size, it allows the right number of wraps around the baby. You can also use them as changing sheets, burp cloths, stroller covers, blankets and feeding cloths. They are lightweight, breathable and anti-allergic making them best for sensitive skin.

3. Candy Mento Swaddle Wrap for New-Born

Tagline: The trendy designer cotton swaddles are a perfect gift for up to 1-year-old babies. 

Candy Mento 100% cotton muslin swaddle allows better airflow to prevent overheating. The trendy designs make it ideal for boys and girls. Being colour-fade resistant, you can use the swaddle for a long time. The non-shrinking and quick-drying features make the swaddle ideal for newborns. It’s machine-washable, saving you a lot of time. The soft fabric ensures your baby sleeps at the right temperature. 

4. Polka Tots Swaddle Baby WraBlanket

Tagline: A perfect swaddle that’s big enough to accommodate more rolls and soft enough to pamper sensitive skin.

This durable muslin swaddle from Polka Tots is safe for sensitive skin as the fabric is free from toxins. You can also use it as a car seat cover, baby blanket, wash towel and nursing cover. The trendy pattern and attractive colours make it an ideal gift option for new mothers. The comfortable 47 x47 inch swaddle is machine-washable and perfect for boys and girls. The muslin cloth gets softer after every wash. 

Things to consider before buying a swaddle:

1. Size

Consider a swaddle that you can use for the long term as the baby grows. You can also go for adjustable swaddles that are ideal for any age-group. An ideal swaddle must be of 47 X 47 inch as it goes well for a longer duration. 

2. Material

Pure cotton is the best fabric against the supple baby skin. If you find any other material, please do not go for it. Make sure that the swaddle is breathable and has temperature control.

3. Ease of use

The ease of use is nothing but the ease of wrapping the swaddle. Go for an easy-to-use swaddle blanket that is durable and easy to clean. Most of the swaddles are machine-washable.

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