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Best Baby Strollers

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Baby strollers help in carrying your toddler safely with you when you are outside. They also come with wheels and other features to provide comfort and ease for you and your child. The modern baby strollers deliver the best features such as mosquito nets, leg space, cup holders, and more to provide your child with a convenient and comfortable space. They also come with increased capacity to support as the child grows. Keeping in mind the innumerous features and limitless options available, we have put together the best baby strollers to make your search easier.

1. LuvLap Sunshine Stroller

Award- Best Pick

Tagline- Sturdy, durable with a safety harness

A 15 kgs capacity baby stroller with a 5 point harness for the baby’s safety.

The LuvLap baby stroller can be adjusted in 3 positions for the comfort of your baby. It can carry a weight of up to 15 kgs. It makes it a perfect choice for babies until they reach year 3. It includes a reversible handlebar that allows the baby to face the parent while strolling. It also has a 5 point harness which ensures safety and secures your child in the stroller. The baby stroller also comes with a back pocket and a storage basket. It allows storing the baby’s needs while strolling.

2. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride – The Designer Baby Stroller

Award- Best in Features

Tagline- Detachable tray and cup holder

A baby stroller with features like a line break system and removable tray & cup holder.

R for Rabbit baby stroller comes with an easy to fold mechanism where the push of a button can fold it. It makes it easy to carry and transport. It can hold up to 20 kgs of weight. It also has a front-wheel brake which ensures a safe ride. It also has a line break system that allows you to lock and make the stroller stop with the click of your feet. The baby stroller comes with a removable front tray and cup holder. It helps you during feeding time or to place small toys on it.

3. Little Pumpkin – Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller

Award- Editor’s Choice

Taglines- Reverse handle mechanism and leg rest space

It allows strolling in both the forward and reverse directions. The stroller has ample space for the baby to rest its legs.

The Little Pumpkin baby stroller comes with a reversible handle mechanism. It allows the parent to stroll from both sides (front and back). It can hold up to 20 kgs, making it perfect for babies until they reach three years. The three-position recline feature lets the baby sit conveniently in any desired position. It also has a leg rest which allows your baby to sit more comfortably.

4. Chicco Echo Stroller

Award- Best in Safety

Tagline- Has a reclining backrest

You can adjust the backrest position at four different angles to suit the comfort of the baby. Your child can sit up or even lay back to take a nap.

Chicco Echo stroller comes with a metal frame that is durable and long-lasting. Due to its sturdy construction, the stroller can bear up to 22 kgs of weight and is best for kids of 0-4 years of age. It has fabric padding all over the headrest, seat and shoulder pads to keep the baby cosy during the strolling. Also, the safety belt on the seat adds extra security by preventing your baby from falling off. The wheels of this stroller have a smooth mechanism to offer a bump-free ride. There is also an extendable canopy on top that you can adjust to shield your kid from dust, dirt, UV rays or rain.

Additionally, this stroller has a padded bumper bar that your kid can hold onto while strolling. This bar comes in saliva tested fabric, so your kid can use it for teething. And you can fold this into a compact umbrella shape to store it away safely.

Things to Consider While Buying a Baby Stroller

1. Sturdy Frame:

Foldable strollers let you save space while you are not using them. However, the buggy frame has to be sturdy and should have a good locking system so that it does not collapse easily.

2. Brakes for Safety:

A good braking system is one of the prime safety features of a stroller. Brakes should lock the wheels as soon as they are engaged. Most strollers provide brakes that lock both the back wheels at once. However, you can also search for products that lock each wheel individually.

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