5 Best Baby Safety Gate or Kids Barriers in India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

A baby safety gate is an ideal choice for parents to ensure that the kids are safe and away from harmful things or areas.

They can be installed on stairs, between two walls, as dividers or to a door. They are priced from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000.

To choose the best kids barrier, you will require to look into these considerations:

  • Type 

Baby safety gates are available in two types – pressure mounted and hardware mounted. Hardware mounted are strong and suitable for installing at the top of stairs. However, you have to drill them into the door or wall. Pressure mounted are suitable for areas where kids don’t fall over like at the bottom of the stairs and rooms. They are perfect for rented houses as they don’t have to drill them into the walls. They should not be used to install on places where there is a risk of baby falling down.

  • Height 

The height of the gate should be at least more or equal to the kids. So that they don’t climb over the safety gate. Usually, 22 inches of the gate could be just ideal for any house.

  • Material 

The baby safety gate is mostly made up of three materials- plastic, wood, and metal. A plastic material should be PVC or sturdy quality and chemical-free while wood should also be sturdy and free from any kind of termites or harmful things. Also, the metal should be either lightweight or heavier but of very sturdy quality.

There are other things such as spacing between the gates, types, automatic closing, and others which you should surely look into. You can refer to our “Buying Guide” for the same.

After finding, reviewing and analyzing various products, we have come up with a list of the 5 best baby safety gates in India, 2020.

Best Baby Safety Gate or Kids Barriers in India

Baby Safety GateExtension
Easy installation
Buy Now
Baybee Safety Gate for KidsYes up to 175 cmSteelYesYesCHECK ON AMAZON
Syga Baby Safety GateYes up to 76.2 cm
Safe-O-Kid – Safety GateYes up to 88.9Metal
Kurtzy Baby Safety GateNoIronYesYesCHECK ON AMAZON
Unknown Regalo Baby Safety GateYes up to 99 cm
SteelYesNot proper

Best Baby Safety Gate Reviews

1. Baybee Safety Gate for Kids

Baybee deals with amazing products for kids such as comfo sleeping cum carry bag, woolen booties, baby safety gate, and others. 

This kid barrier is the best deal for you if you are looking for an option where no drilling is required as you can simply fix it in the staircase, kitchen, and anywhere. 

It comes with a handle safety lock so that you can simply press the button and then pull up to open (this will ensure maximum safety as the kid won’t be able to pull it up). 

It comes with various size of extensions which can be extended up to 175 cm. 

It will get automatically get closed and you will not have to worry about whether you had left the door closed or not (Just make sure that you open the gate at less than 90 degrees so that it gets closed automatically). 

The material is high-quality steel which will never bend or cause any harm to the children. 

There are two locks for ensuring the maximum safety of the child which can get opened by an adult very easily (but by a child, it will take time). 

It is not much heavier so that you can easily move it from one place to another (from staircase to the kitchen when you are cooking something and don’t want your kid to come in contact). 

You can install it within 20 minutes, as per the reviews of the customers. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Portable
  • Auto-close
  • Lock
  • Extension up to 175 cm
  • Easy installation


  • Not ideal for high floors 

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2. Syga Baby Safety Gate Suitable for Door Bar

Syga deals with various superior-quality products such as plastic stool for toilet, wrist watches, kids safety gates, and others. 

This baby safety gate also doesn’t require any kind of drilling and can be installed in the gate (just make sure that you measure the dimensions before purchasing with your door’s dimension). 

Well, this door can be extended up to 76.2 cm so that even if you fit it in a wide door, it will suitably fix. 

Also, the installation is very easy which will hardly take up 20 minutes to complete. 

The material used in building the kids’ safety barrier is also very sturdy (steel). You can easily pull it and move it from one place to another as it very convenient and portable. 

It locks with the pressure so you will just have to close it or slide and it will get locked. 

The door doesn’t get closed automatically and you will be required to do it manually. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Portable
  • Lock
  • Extension up to 76.2 cm
  • Easy installation


  • No auto-close option
  • Not ideal for high floors

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3. Safe-O-Kid – Safety Gate for Kids

Safe-O-Kid delivers various safety products for kids’ safety like locks, doors, and others. 

Well, this safety gate comes in various sizes and you can buy the one according to the size of your door. 

It can be extended up to 88.9 cm (which ideally means that it can fit in any small or large doors). 

It comes with a pressure mount design which doesn’t damage the wall or the quality of the wall. 

Also, you will require to just fix it without drilling your wall and hence it can be moved from one room to another very easily. 

The door will close automatically on its own and you will not have to worry about the safety measures anywhere. 

The auto-close is 2 way which means you can either pull or push it but the door will get closed automatically. 

It is made up of superior quality metal which will remain in your house for years. The manufacturer has provided a video link for its easy installation that hardly takes up to 20 minutes. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Portable
  • Auto-close
  • Lock
  • Extension up to 88.9 cm
  • Easy installation


  • Not ideal for high floors 

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4. Kurtzy Baby Safety Gate

Kurtzy deals with different robust quality products such as folding earring holder, folding table, safety gate for kid, and others. 

Well, the best part of this kids’ barrier is that it comes with the wheels on the bottom of the gate for easy swinging. 

You can fit it in the length of 71.5 cm which is wide enough and a normal figure of any divider or door area. 

It is a pressure fit gate which is the best in the market and it will not provide any harm to the quality of its material. 

Also, there is a double locking system which can ensure best safety to your kids while he/she is playing. 

You can open the door in either directions and it will get closed automatically (so you will not have to get tensed about whether you closed it or not). 

The product takes very minimal time for installation (you can install it in 5-15 minutes times by following proper guidance). It is made up of sturdy quality iron material. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Portable
  • Auto-close
  • Lock
  • Easy installation
  • Wheels on the bottom


  • Can’t be extended
  • Not ideal for high floors

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5. Unknown Regalo Easy Step Baby Safety Gate

Regalo deals with amazing quality products such as bathroom sets, kids’ safety barriers, and others. 

Well, this product can be easily extended to 99 cm which is wide enough for the extension and installing it anywhere. 

It comes with a safety locking feature which can be opened and locked by only adults. 

Rust-free and baby proof steel material has been used in the building of this kids’ barrier so that the quality remains sturdy and kids can easily hold it and play even. 

The product doesn’t close automatically as some customers described that you will have to push it a little for closing it. 

Installing it is super easy and you can finish it within 10-20 minutes. 


  • Sturdy material
  • Portable
  • Lock
  • Extension up to 99 cm
  • Easy installation


  • No proper auto-close option
  • Not ideal for high floors

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Buying Guide of Baby Safety Gate

Buying a safety gate or barrier for so that babies don’t wander off without your notice. It is important to choose high quality safety gate for your baby. There are various products that come in robust quality and are very affordable and you just require to look into its important features to buy the best one.

Child safety gates are suitable for kids between 6 months to 2 years of age. Once the kid outgrows the height or learns to open the gate, you should not consider it as a safety device.                                      

Types of Safety Gate

It is very important to choose a safety gate based on the location you are going to place it. There are two types of safety gates – pressure mounted and hardware.

If you want to place safety gate at the top stairs, either indoors or outdoors, then gates have to be installed using hardware. For bottom stairs or between rooms, you can use pressure-mounted gates. A detail description of each safety gate is mentioned below.

a. Pressure-mounted

Also known as on-pressure baby gates, they perfectly fit into all types of staircases and doorways. They can be used for rentals and occasional uses, as you don’t have to drill nails into the walls. Though these gates are strong, you still have to fit them into a doorframe or banister that is strong enough to support the gate.

They are installed by applying pressure on the walls or door frame. The gate panels can either be removed or slided for you to walk through. They are usually made up of aluminum tubing, nylon mesh, enamel-coated plastic, wood, or wire.

These will fit tightly between the walls and doorways so that the kid doesn’t get to go out. Well, these are not preferred for more of the outdoor use and these shouldn’t be used strictly on top floors (as there is high risk involved). It is recommended to install these inside the house like a partition between rooms or kitchen.

Two types of pressure gates are available that include U-Pressure and barriers. U-pressure or also known as free standing gate are perfect for everyday use. Gate extensions are also available if you want to fit into wider spaces. Safety barriers usually have a walk through section. They are perfect for occasional use like while travelling. As they are expandable, you don’t have purchase any additional extensions.

Basic models have fittings between 26 to 38 inches. Some manufacturers provide wider options up to 62 inches. Narrower models have optional extension options which have to be purchased separately.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to transport
  • Doesn’t require screwing nails to banisters or walls
  • Cost-effective
  • Comes in several styles


  • If not installed properly, then they can slip and fall
  • Cannot hold a charging dog
  • Not appropriate for corresponding walls with height difference
  • Not recommend to mount between walls that sit at different angles
  • May leave rubber marks on walls

Verdict – Pressure-mounted gates can be used only at places where falling is not dangerous like at the bottom of stairs to prevent baby from climbing or between two rooms.

b. Hardware-mounted

These are the best baby safety gates as you will require screws and drilling to fit them. You can fit them anywhere in the house or outside or even on the top floor. The only thing that you will require to consider is its sturdiness and the wall’s thickness as the wall should be able to hold it tactfully.

They are recommended for placing at top of the stair cases and for long-term use. Some models also come with expandable panels, you don’t have to purchase them separately. They are usually made up of enamel-coated steel, wood, aluminum. For installation, brackets are installed into the door frame or walls. When purchasing, make sure the gate should be no less than 22 inches, the distance between bottom gate and floor should be less than 3 inches. These measurements are recommended to prevent even small torso to pass through. So, minimal risk of baby’s head or neck getting stuck.


  • Supports baby weight without falling
  • Suitable for larger dogs as well
  • Best option for implementing at the top of stairs
  • Can be mounted between angled walls as well
  • Can also be installed over trim molding or baseboard


  • Difficult to take down quickly
  • A bit complicated to install
  • Leaves holes on the walls and wood work when removed
  • Not suitable for rental homes

How to Choose a Baby Safety Gate?

As we have understood which type of gate suits your requirements, now we shall dive into factors you have to consider while purchasing a safety gate. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

1. Width of the door or between the walls

Not every door measures equal. So, first thing to consider before buying a safety gate is measurement between the walls or door frame where you will be placing the barrier. This is even more important if you are going to install it in a wider gap like kitchen/living room. In such situations, you may need an extra wide baby safety gate. If you are installing on staircase, measure between the two channels to get a perfect fit.

2. Height

To prevent your adventurous child from climbing over the gate, we recommend to purchase a safety gate with 2 times more height than your child. If you kid weighs more than 30 pounds and has 22 inches of height, then safety gate should not be considered for constraining.

As baby safety gates come in different height sizes, you can easily choose any one based on your requirement. Weight should also be considered as more they weight, stronger they are. If you kid is heavy for his/her age, we recommend going for wall mounted safety gate options. Pressure gates can also be strong as well if you combine it with hardware mounted gate.

3. Gate Opening/Closing Options

There are several options when it comes to opening or closing of baby safety gates. Some of them are mentioned below.

Opening Options

  • 3-action opening which suitable for most curious children
  • Gates that open in swing action in both directions – the gates will open and close towards and away from you.
  • Gates that can be opening using one hand – One hand release gates are perfect when you have to open the gate while carrying a baby.
  • Gates than be stayed open when children are not at the home
  • Expandable gates are useful to install when you have multiple doors with different sizes. Extension gates are also available when you have bigger doorways than usual.

Closing Options

  • Slam-shut gates
  • Automatic close gates
  • Manual close gates

4. Gate Type

Apart from mounting options, you have to consider the type of gate that suits your requirements. We have mentioned them below.

a. Regular

With so many options, it can difficult to define one option as standards. However, for general understanding purposes, standard baby safety gate is considered between 28 to 34 inches with a standard locking system resembling latch. These are the common types of gates people look for.

b. Wide

Sometimes, you may require a safety gate for wider doorway. Though there is no general guideline on what is considered as wide, it is usually assumed as above 45 inches. They are perfect for people who have wide to narrow doorways and may want to switch it as required.

c. Extra-Wide

These are perfect for people who want to divide an entire room. They are quite modular and have an optional hardware mounting option. They can be helpful to create an area for your kids to play.

d. Step-Over

They are an expandable fence then can be stepped over. They are made of mesh, easy to install and cost-effective as well. They are not suitable if your child has already started walking because they can be easily stepped over. It is better to avoid using them near stairs as they can be dangerous. They are perfect when your baby is small or cannot climb over anything. They don’t come with any gates to open or to look. So some parents may feel frustrated to step over every time you have to cross.

e. Top of Stairs

If you want to install gates at the top of stairs, you have to look out for – direction locking, height, baby-proof latch and strong hardware mounts. If these features are available, then you may end up hurting your baby. When you are installing safety gate at the top, you have to ensure it is extremely strong such that it is impossible for you baby to crawl over.

5. Gate Locking Mechanism

While purchasing a baby safety gate, you have to check out the locking mechanism as well. Baby safety gates come in two different locking mechanisms – easy and complete.

a. Easy Unlocking Mechanism

If you are installing a lot of safety gates in your home, then you may want to consider easily unlocking mechanism like one-hand unlocking.

b. Complete Partial Locking

If you are placing a gate in a less traffic area of your home, then complete locking where the gate open either in one direction or both. They are suitable to install in playroom where you don’t have to enter or leave constantly. So, adventurous toddlers also will not figure out how to use the latch. Partial locking is suitable when you open the outwards over stairs to have additional grip.

c. Walk Through

With this option, you can actually walk through the gate conveniently. It mostly has one-handed locking system.

d. Auto-Close

auto-close gates usually have spring loaded mechanism that will close behind automatically. It works almost 90% of time. So, be careful as when you walk through, you may leave it open and the child escapes.

6. Materials and finishes

The material should be the sturdiest and strongest so that the highest safety is ensured. Certainly, safety barriers are made up of either plastic, wood, or metal. If you are going for the plastic based material, then make sure it is made up of PVC and high-quality plastic (which doesn’t have any harmful chemical involved that can harm the kid). Also, if you are thinking of a wooden material then buying the superior quality one which doesn’t fall prey to termites and other things would be just perfect. For a metal based material, look for the one which can stay with you for as long as you want without causing any harm to the child.

7. Spacing between the gates

Spaces between the gates shouldn’t be more so that your kids’ hands or legs don’t get stuck. Usually, manufacturers prefer giving a distance of 2-2.5 inches in between the rods of the gates so that the kid can be safe even during standing or holding (only his/her finger will get stuck).  Make sure that you read the details of the product and check the slat distance before buying one.

8. Latches and Hardware

Latches come in different versions. Dual action latch has to be pushed to release. So, it can also be done using one hand. Some latches can be tough but some can be easy. Before purchasing, make sure read reviews of previous customers to know whether the latch is easy to open or not. Another option is pressure-release handle which can be lifted with one hand to open the gate.

9. Latch Indicators

Various baby safety gates or barriers come with an indicator which tells when the gate is not closed properly (same as it happens in the car). You might receive a yellow or red light or even a siren to notice that the gate hasn’t been closed. Well, this is a great feature that you can look for as it can add up much on the safe side.

10. Safety Standards

To make sure the baby safety gate is safe, check out for the JPMA certification seal. Models that meet the standard safety measures like material strength, latch, size of bar, slat opening and others, are provided with certification. Never rely on the brand name alone, check out the certification to be sure the model you choose is safe enough for your baby.

11. Installation Flexibility

Most of the safety gates can be installed to stair balusters, drywall or angled banisters where no wood framing is present. However, you may have to buy an installation kit in order to access these areas.

12. Easy Access

Most of the hardware mounted gates can be open in a swing but pressure mounted one cannot be. If you have to move the gates many times in a day, then you may have to ditch the pressure mounted ones.

13. Ease of operation

The swinging should be done easily (which means the kids and parents should not feel a problem in swinging the gate, they should be able to do it properly). There are some products that come with a wheel on the edge or bottom so that the gates can promote easy swinging.

14. Price

You can get a good and ideal product under the range of 2,500- 4,500 INR. It is very important to look into a sturdy based product rather than just concentrating on the price as there are amazing products at a very affordable rate.

Important Safety Notes to Consider While Using Safety Gates

  • Never use pressure-mounted gates at the top of stairs as – because if more force is applied, they can open up. So, use only hard-ware mounted gates only.
  • Avoid using old-fashioned accordion-style gates which usually open to form large-diamond shaped gaps. Usually, child’s head can get stuck in between these spaces which can be very deadly. Most of the modern baby safety gates come in with horizontal rail or filler bar.
  • It is better to avoid gates that can be used as foothold that can be used by children to climb over.
  • Some brands have recalled their products recently. So, check out the Indian Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure the model you are purchasing is not from those brands.
  • Though it seems easy, never climb over a gate because there is a high chance of falling or getting foot stuck in the gate slat. Remember that babies watch every move of their parents. So, if you climb over, they may try it too.
  • Make sure to keep the safety barrier always closed. They are specially designed to keep your bay safe from any harm. If you leave the gate open, then it can increase the risk of your baby reaching to dangerous things or items. To reduce any risk, you can purchase a baby safety gate that close automatically after every use.
  • Make sure to assemble the safety gate properly by reading the instructions mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual. Not every baby gate is designed to be same. If it comes with mounting equipment like brackets or tools for setup. Apart from that, also know where to install and where you shouldn’t.
  • For stairways, we recommend you to use two baby safety gates – one at the top and another at the bottom. At the top, hardware mounted safety gate is secure. Pressure mounted ones have to be installed at the bottom.

Frequently asked questions 

1. How do you install a gate?

Pressure mounted gates are perfect if you live in a rented house so you can easily reinstall them. And moreover, it doesn’t need any hardware to install. However, hardware safety gate is installed using screws in order to safe guard a stair or gateway. However, never use a pressure mount safety gate on top of the stairs.

2. Can I use a kid safety gate for my dogs and cats? 

Yes, you can use it easily but go for a more sturdy and durable one as the dogs and cats tend to jump more often. Try the one with more height so that they don’t get the chance of jumping. Also, buy the one with a strong and dual locking system so that they can’t open it easily. 

3. Where should be a safety gate is installed – high or low traffic area?

For high traffic areas like where people who move a lot, we recommend going for a swinging door gate or also known as pass through gate. Because you can easily slip in and out whenever required. For areas with low traffic like where you will not frequently enter or exit, we recommend going for a barrier gate which helps to keep your baby safe.

4. Which material of gate is suitable?

Baby safety gates are available in different materials like plastic, wood, metal, or fabric. It provides the option of choosing the right one your baby, home and yourself.

5. Which safety gate design matches your home décor?

Usually, mothers have aesthetically pleasing or expensive items in a home. Mismatched baby safety gate can be very detracting for an overall design scheme. Once you choose a gate that is helpful, you should concentrate on gate color or pattern fits that fit into the home décor.


Well, a sturdy quality and durable safety gate would be the best choice and that is why we recommend you Baybee Safety Baby Gate as it comes with maximum extension, can easily fit inside any area of door, and most importantly, comes with a strong lock which will keep your kids safe and inside the house. 

Also, if you are looking for something which can initiate smooth swinging then we suggest you buy Kurtzy Baby Safety Gate as it provides the proper safety with various locks and sturdy quality material. 

Meanwhile, if you have any queries or suggestions for us then please do write us down in the comment section.  We will ensure replying to you within 5 working days (it depends on the flow of the comments and we can reply you within minutes even). Till then, we wish you a very happy and safe shopping 🙂