Best Baby Play Gyms in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

The new-born baby will spend the first few months by sleeping and taking food but when they start growing and crawling (above 5 months) or when they become active or alert. Then to enhance their learning skill and to play with them, most of the parents prefer to use Baby Activity Play Gyms.

The baby play gym will offer activities to stimulate curiosity, visual, cognitive and sensory development. It encourages the crucial tummy time in which the baby will lie on their stomach to develop tummy muscles, neck and arm strength, neck lifting or head raising, etc. and thereby promote your baby to crawl or sit up.

The market is filled with a variety of brands and models of this baby activity gyms, if you want to grab a best one, you should keep these 3 main things in your mind. 

Size – The usage duration (how long you intend to make use of it) and space availability (how much floor space is needed) will decide the size of the activity gym.

Thickness – The safety and comfort of the baby (when learning, playing, crawling or standing) will depend on the thickness of the baby play gym.

Cleanliness – To keep your baby safe and healthy, you should clean the play gym and toys (hanged on it) regularly. Some models come with waterproof in which you can wipe it off easily while others are machine or hand washable. 

Every parent should have a complete idea about this baby play gyms. So, in this article, we are providing you the detailed information of baby play gyms in a Buying Guide, which helps you in saving your precious time on research and helps you in purchasing the best baby activity gyms for your loved little ones.

Best Baby Play Gyms in India

Baby Play GymsSize
MaterialSuggested Baby’s Age
WeightBuy Now
Dear Joy Baby Play Gym70 X 60 X 60 cmCotton0 months (New born babies)721 gCHECK ON AMAZON
Techhark Play Baby Gym83 X 51 X41 cm
ABS Plastic2 months1.18kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Cable World Play Baby Gym29.13 X 23.62 X 16.53 cmABS Plastic0 months (New born babies)830 gCHECK ON AMAZON
Fisher Kick and Play Gym68.6 X91.5X45.7 cm
Synthetic Fiber1 month
998 g
Homecrust Baby Bedding Play Gym60 X 60 X 60 cmGlace Cotton0 – 4 months522 gCHECK ON AMAZON
Tabu Toys World Play Baby Gym71.5 X 60 X 45 cm
ABS Plastic2 months481 g

6 Best Baby Play Gyms in India: Reviews

Have a look to know some of the best kids play gyms that are widely available in Indian online market in which different styles, sensory and auditory boosters, fun features, safety and educational values are all explained in detail to simply your buying process. 

1. Dear Joy Baby Kick & Play Gym

Dear Joy Baby Kick & Play Gym

The Dear Joy Baby Kick and Play Gym is useful for every new born baby between 0 to 6 months. It comes with colourful toys which are safe and soft to help your baby start identifying colors and objects. The hanging activity toys will encourage and engage your little one to reach, bat and play with them. 

This play gym has an option to reduce the height (lower) of hanging toys or move them to the soft mat to encourage baby to push up for tummy time fun. The overall usage of this activity gym will keep your baby occupied and thereby helps in developing an early response system. 

Mosquito Net & Baby Bedding Set – The mosquito net with zipper will protect your baby from insects, flies and mosquitoes. The bedding set comes with a 4 cm thick cotton bedding that create comfort and fun to your newborn baby on their tummy time. The bed with a soft pillow is provide your baby with neck and head support while they are sleeping.  

This play gym is constructed of sturdy, pre-tested material with good quality and the thickest base in its range. It is easy to fold, store, maintain and wash. The toys in this gym are BPA free teacher, toys of different shapes and colors along with detachable rings in which you can add your own toys or rattles in this play gym to engage your baby.

Product Information:

  • Size – 78 X 63 X 58 cm
  • Weight – 721 grams
  • Material – Cotton
  • Minimum Suggested Age – 0 months (day 1 of new born babies to 9 months)
  • Target Gender – Unisex


  • Non-toxic BPA free overhead teether
  • Easy to fold (twist and fold), store and wash (simply remove the rods and wash it)
  • Loaded with colourful toys, repositionable panel with tactile play
  • Made of sturdy material with good quality and the thickest base in its range.
  • Comes with a poly carry bag along with this play gym which help you to carry it anywhere you want to go (travel).


  • Some user’s say that the size of the mat is small, which makes it use for less than 7 months. 
  • The quality of the toys and bedding set is not up to the mark.

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2. Techhark Kick and Play Baby Gym

Techhark Kick and Play Baby Gym

TechHark gym is 100% safe and non-toxic for the child and it is best suitable for baby of 6 – 36 months old. The kick and play piano baby gym will encourage the baby to lay and play by stretching and kicking the piano keys. The arch of this piano gym has colourful and friendly rattles which help to keep your little ones engage, busy and active all the time they spent on this piano gym.

The colourful piano made of ABS plastic and crafted to keep the baby occupied and entertained. The piano will play music each time when the baby stretches and kick the keys, this will develop the baby’s sense of touch and hearing. Also, the light turns on when the music is played on the piano to enhance the baby visual sight.

The activity gym is designed with vibrant animated prints and bright appealing colors will grab your little one’s attention and improves their sense of sight and along with promoting the self-awareness of distinguish between colors. It features 5 colourful movable rattles that attached to the arch which develops the baby’s hand – eye co-ordination as they tend to grasp those colourful toys. 

Product Information:

  • Size – L83 X W51 X H41 cm
  • Weight – 1.18 kg
  • Material – Non-toxic ABS High Grade plastic 
  • Minimum Suggested Age – 2 months


  • The soft cloth mat with cute cartoon pendant with multi colored piano that attracts baby’s attention, especially in 4 ways – lay and play, tummy time, sit and play and take along. 
  • Comes with 5 busy activity toys with a large mirror and 4 animal toys hangings included. 
  • Helps to stimulate the sensory touches like sight, touch and hear in your baby.
  • Soft and comfy mat will help your baby to stay and place in a safe and comfortable place.
  • It is easy to use, store and washables (wash mat and toys but not the music player).


  • Avoid leaving your baby unattended (in the play gym) why because the hanging toys on the arch may tend to fall down if baby is too active and hurt your little one. 
  • A bit pricey product and the size of the bed is very small. 

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3. Cable World Kick and Play Baby Gym

Cable World Kick and Play Baby Gym

Cable work kick and play multifunction piano baby gym and fitness rack that comes with movable musical piano keyboard that attach baby’s attention and have fun. It is made with 100% safe and non-toxic material, which is suitable for 6 – 36 months old baby. The soft cloth mat with cute cartoon pendant with a multi-coloured piano will attract the baby’s attention and make them to play and enjoy in 4 ways – tummy time, simply lay and play, sit and play and take – along. 

The gym has 5 busy activity toys with a large mirror and 4 animal toys hangings are included to stimulate the sensory touches like touch, hear and sight. You can install easily by using the manual provided along with this product. 

The cotton bedding core made of high quality PP cotton which provides soft, comfort and delicate to your little ones. The carpet is made with environmentally friendly material that make it not to fade after repeated washing. The cloth pad is cotton cloth which is breathable, skin – friendly but not the nonwoven. The ABS plastic used in this play gym are environmental protection material, safe to use, non-toxic and tasteless. 

Product Information:

  • Size: 29.13 X 23.62 X 16.53 inches
  • Weight – 830 grams
  • Material – ABS plastic
  • Minimum Suggested Age – from day 1 of your new born babies to 9 months babies 


  • The elastic glue sticks are made of nylon and provides good elastic power
  • The cute animal pendant hanging on the arch of this play gym will be loved by your little ones. 
  • It is an excellent option that comes with a soft cloth mat, cartoon design, mirror pendant and has a cute cartoon pendant, to buy for your baby.
  • Your baby can comfortable sit, lie, play and enjoy in this play gym mat. 


  • A bit pricey product
  • Some users complain that the product is very light weight and that will not withstand the single kick of the baby (above 3 months old).
  • Some customers say that the plastic is low quality (not sturdy material) and can be breakable easily. 

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4. Fisher Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym

The Fisher price deluxe play gym comes with five light up piano keys. As the baby start playing with this gym then they made new discoveries and key developmental skills will get stronger. The emitted lights, playing music and bright colors will definitely help to stimulate the baby’s senses. 

The movable toys on the overhead gym will encourage the baby to bat and grasp and also helps for their tummy time play and this play gym will come with a removable piano in which you can take this musical fun to wherever you and your baby go. This activity gym will help the baby to learn the connections between actions and reactions like hitting the piano (action) and playing music (reaction). 

It helps to develop skills like sensory skills (lots of bright colors, a variety of textures, exciting sounds or songs and phrases that stimulate and engage the baby), gross motor skills (with kicking, reaching and pushing up will make the little muscles get ready for big things) and curiosity or wonder skills (rewarding activities like pushing on the piano keys and hearing fun tunes or sounds will keep the baby come back to the gym again) along with early academics (the baby reinforce what they see, introducing them to colors, sounds, shapes, numbers and animals).

Product Information:

  • Size – 68.6 X 91.5 X 45.7 cm
  • Weight – 998 grams
  • Material – Synthetic Fiber
  • Target Gender – Unisex
  • Batteries Required – 4 AA
  • Minimum Suggested Age – From 1 month onwards and up to 36 months.


  • It comes with 5 linkable toys, and light – up piano.
  • The play mat is thick and the cushion is soft that make your baby feel safe and comfortable to play.
  • This activity gym is machine washable and dried easily.
  • Your baby has an option to play in 4 ways – lie and play, tummy time, sit and play and take along. 
  • Easy to use, fold, store and carry around. 
  • Smart stage technology design with provided large keyboard for playing. 


  • This activity gym is bit pricey
  • It don’t have an ability to turn off the light while using this piano. Also, the music on the pillow will not be turn off immediately (or having low volume) and we have to wait for the provided time to elapse, it may cause some problem to you baby (depends).

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5. Homecrust Baby Bedding Play Mat Bed

Homecrust Baby Bedding Play Mat Bed

Homecrust bedding set is the most comfortable one for the child’s sleep why because the mat is made of 100% glace cotton that stuffed with soft pp cotton and the mat is designed with some beautiful print of cartoon and has thickness around 5 – 10 mm.

The bedding set is easy to carry and lightweight that has attractive colors and prints along with 1 cotton head pillow to play or sleep on. The net covering of the bed has zip closure that helps to prevent the attack of mosquitoes, parasites, or other insects on your baby and keep your little one safe and have an enjoyable play time. 

The bright colors and attractive design patterns will attract the attention of the babies and the hanging toys on the head top of the arch will keep the baby engaged in kicking or grasping. This bedding set can be easily washable and dried. You can easily fold and carry this play gym while travelling. 

Product Information:

  • Size – 60 X 60 X 60 cm
  • Weight – 522 grams
  • Material – Glace Cotton 
  • Target Gender – Unisex
  • Minimum Suggested Age – 0 to 4 months


  • The zip closure helps in easy accessibility without any hassle and thereby allows fresh air to pass through while the net is closed. 
  • The hanging toys can be removable and repositionable.
  • Free from toxins and easy to clean and wash this play mat.


  • It comes with unstable base and the music or light functionality is not working properly.
  • Some users complaint that the quality is not up to the mark and the mat is not so thick. 
  • The toy hanging on the rod are missing.

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6. Tabu Toys World Kick and Play Baby Gym

Tabu Toys World Kick and Play Baby Gym

Tabu toys world gym is 100% safe and non-toxic for your child and it is suitable for 6 – 36 months old baby. This play gym attracts your little one’s attention with its soft cloth mat that has cute cartoon pendant with a multi colored piano. 

This play gym will help you baby to play in 4 ways – lay and play, tummy time, sit and play and take along. When your baby kick and play multi-function piano baby gym and fitness rack piano keys then the music (sounds or tunes) or the lights will stimulate the visual sights. 

The five activity toys with a large mirror and 4 animal toys hangings in the gym helps to stimulate the sensory touches like hearing, touch and sight. The movable toys on the overhead gym will encourage the baby to bat and grasp. You can move the arch down for tummy time play and let your baby sit and entertain you with a piano (required 3 AA batteries)

This activity gym will provide certain skills like develop and grow (piano keys will strength the motor skills like baby stretches and kicks), colorful linking toys will enhance eye – hand co-ordination as baby grasps and bats, responds to baby’s touch musical rewards will help the baby to understand the cause & effect, dancing lights and mirror will stimulate the visual sense and promote self – awareness in your baby.

Product Information:

  • Size – 71.5 X 60 X 45 cm
  • Weight – 481 grams
  • Minimum Suggested Age – 3 months
  • Material – ABS High Grade Plastic


  • The soft cloth mat will make your baby play in a safe and comfortable place.
  • The multi colored cartoon and piano will make your baby to spend most of their playing time in this activity gym.
  • Made of 100% safe and non-toxic material to make use of this gym by your baby. 


  • A bit pricey product and the quality is not up to the mark.

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How to Choose a Baby Play Gyms – Buying Guide

The activity play gym is the best source of distraction for your baby to keep them engaged along with stimulating their mind and agility while you’re a little busy. Do you know that buying a baby play gym is not an easy thing? So, to help you in buying the best play gym for your little one, we are providing a guide will all the information essential about play gym.

What is a Baby Play Gym?

A baby gym comes in a plastic or wooden arch with some small toys suspended from it. This gym tend to have different textures, colors and sounds (some feature music and lights) to stimulate your little ones. It is one type of play mats that comes with features like colourful toys, objects, soft mirrors, touchy – feely textures, flaps, etc. which are attached to this play gym arch. They are perfectly used to entertain and educate your child while playing in this gym.

Uses of Baby Play Gyms:

Here are some uses that your baby can get while using this baby activity gym. Read on to know what those uses are. 

  • Enhance Hand and Eye Co-ordination

The toys attached to this gym will attract the child and make them to use their emerging and grasping skills to reach there to play with them, which leads to hand and eye co-ordination. To encourage crawling, you can also place these toys on the surface and help your little one to reach out there.

  • Tummy Time

The activity mat provides a safe space for your baby’s tummy time with its flat surface in which they can lie on his/her tummy. This tummy time will result in strengthening of the neck, abdominal and back muscles while the baby try to look up by lifting their neck. Proper usage of tummy time in an excellent baby play gym will enhance their ability to roll over, crawl and sit up. 

  • Visual Sight

The play gym is designed to enhance the visual perception of your baby in which they try to identify objects, colors, toys, etc. while they’re playing in the mat. Here the baby will focus on the toys nearest to them. Their visual sight develops and the colors become clear. At this stage, his focus gets sharp and thereby able to grab those objects or toys.

Things to Consider while Buying the Baby Play Gym:

Here is the list of features to look for in the baby activity gym when purchasing to grab the best one for your baby.

Size The usage duration (how long you intend to make use of it) and space availability (how much floor space is needed) will decide the size of the activity gym. Also, consider the shape of the gym (to utilize the available space) and growth rate of your kid to grab the best play gym.

Thickness The safety and comfort of the baby (when learning, playing, crawling or standing) will depend on the thickness of the baby play gym. So, choose a thick and soft cushion gym to protect your baby from getting small injuries. 

Cleanliness To keep your baby safe and healthy, you should clean the play gym and toys (hanged on it) regularly. Some models come with waterproof in which you can wipe it off easily while others are machine or hand washable. 

Safety & Comfort The most deciding factor when purchasing a play gym. Make sure that play gym comes with adequately cushioned mat to prevent bruises and also it is free from toxins and chemicals. Also, check the various parts of this activity gym, that it won’t hurt your little ones.

Accessories The accessories (like soft toys, baby teethers, soft mirrors, colourful clothes, music and lights) and toys will not only keep the baby engaged but also helps to develop their cognitive, visual and physical skills. Check whether the toys and other accessories will be disassembled or repositioned, washable or not to protect the baby from health hazards. 

Portability & Travel Friendly This play gym comes in flat or curved or in other sizes and you have to choose whether you use it indoors or outside. Also, if you are an on the go parent or want to take your baby on trips then choose the one that you can fold and carry it easily to anywhere you go in your car. 

Material Avoid buying a gym which is made of cheap quality PVC or foam why because they do more harm than good. Choose the models that have EN71 certified and also made with best quality material to ensure the durability and longevity of the product.

Toy Positioning Choose the activity gym that offers a wide range of positions to hang your baby’s toys (unlike placing all toys above the baby’s head) to promote their motion in a variety of directions. 

Visibility In general, the babies will stay active only if they like what they see. If you want your baby to spend their time in this gym either by playing, crawling, tummy time or eating food, then you have to choose a play gym that has bright and engaging color combinations (or) the one with varying shapes to make them spend happily in this gym.

Budget The more features the baby play gym have, the higher will be its price. So, look for the features which you want to keep your baby safe, educate and engage and purchase it.

Multiple Uses As the baby will grow eventually in age and height. So, choose the baby play gym that can serve even when the kid is getting older. Like the gym that have expandable play areas or removable toy arches or repositioned toys for creating space. 

Benefits of Baby Activity Gym:

There are numerous benefits you and your baby can grab by using these activity gym. It helps to develop both the physical and mental health of the baby by promoting an engaging, and stimulating environment for their development. 

  • The soft mat with hanging decorative toys (rattles, baby mirrors and teethers) of the activity gym will provide a suitable play area for your little ones. It keep the baby get engaged, entertained and educated while playing on the mat.
  • The contrasting colored toys, soft mirrors and fully textured fabrics of the play gym will stimulate your baby’s visual, sensory and tactile stimulation. 
  • It helps to promote self – discovery (self – awareness) with the toys, small baby proof mirror that comes with the baby gym like they respond to the image on the mirror by smiling or talking.
  • It enhances gross motor skills by developing your little one’s muscles (arm, back and neck muscles) and tummy time. Also, help them to learn how to roll over, crawl, stand, sit and walk.
  • When the baby is growing, the space in the gym area will not be sufficient for them. Then the parents simply remove the arches and turn it into a regular play mat. So, this gym has the ability to grow with your little ones (up to certain extent).
  • It is a safe and comfortable place for your baby to play, learn and relax. It comes with a padded cushion soft mattress and the spot for the baby to sit on the ground. Some models come with tummy time pillows in which the baby can lie on it.
  • Most play gyms are easy to clean, use and maintain. They require a little storage space and can be portable to carry around while travelling.

Best Features to Look for in Baby Activity Gym:

Here are some key features which you have to look for in baby activity gym before buying it. Read on to know what your baby can get when they are using this play gym.

1.Tummy Time Incentives

When you place your place on his/her stomach to play is called as tummy time (baby should awake). This will help babies to develop the muscles essential to lift their head. So, tummy to play and back to sleep, for building core strength and stability in your baby. So, look for a play gym with toys to play when the baby is on their stomach and a pillow prop to provide a better vantage point. 

2. Interactive Toys

The activity gym with hanging toys, colourful textures, stuffed animal toys, music and lights are placed not only to have fun for your baby but also help to develop their understanding of cause and effect (for example, hitting the music button or toys cause noise or sound). 

3. Removable Toys

Also, your baby will begin to bat, swipe and grasp the objects in the gym. So, choose the gym with removable or repositionable toys, means the flexibility to change the target to keep things interesting to your little ones. 

4. Bright Colors

Babies will have the curiosity to study their surroundings (world) around them. This activity gym will comes with high contract colors, pictures, baby safe mirrors, varying textures or toys will keep the baby’s attention and help them to learn things.

5. Happy Playing

The baby play gym will provide some space for you and your baby to play and enjoy with each other. You can side aside the baby and explain them everything like how the toys rattle, touch or feel, how the elements make noise, etc. So, you can play and educate them by promoting their curiosity.

6. Care and Maintenance

If you take proper care and maintenance on your play gym then it will take care of your baby. Simply saying, you have to give the padding a regular clean. So, choose an activity gym that is waterproof or machine washable and the toy elements are easily sanitized to protect your baby.

7. Modified

Many activity gym loses their appeal when your baby grows but some gyms can be modified to provide fun, educate and play.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will this baby play gym help for baby’s development?

The activity gym will definitely help your baby to discover and explore their new abilities. When your baby is placed on the gym then they focus on the colourful toys that are close to them and try to hold or touch those objects or toys. This will encourage their hand and eye co-ordination, visual sight and their senses along with learning about colors, alphabets and identifying noise and music. 

2. How to choose baby play gym toys?

Hanging balls, water sound press, butterflies, stuffed animals and other toys in the play gym will engage your little one to spend most of their time. Besides fun time, these toys will aid in giving teething relief, aid in cognitive development and enhance grass motor skills. So, you should take proper care on choosing the toys. Here are a few tips that help you in choosing best.
*Prefer to use only BPA – free toys (like hanging balls or teether ring) and avoid using regular plastic toys.
*Always choose soft and cushy toys rather than hard or rough ones, which won’t strain or hurt the baby while playing with them.
*Avoid buying or hanging too many small toys why because there may accidently swallow them.
*Get soother, snuggle toys and teether which are in bright colors to attract and enhance their visual growth.
*All the toys that handled in this activity gym should be washable (either machine or hand) and maintained clean and dry.

3. When do you need a Baby Play Gym?

You can safely use these play gyms for your baby from day one onwards but babies prefer to use or love it when they are 3 – 6 months old. The reason is that the babies will develop hand – eye coordination, grasp the dangling toys, crawls to reach the toys. 
The journey will go till your baby will get 18 months of age why because the play gyms is an excellent way to help your baby to make the most of that imperative learning period. 


In this baby play gym, your little one will be entertained and educated by engaging with their surroundings and uses their senses properly. So, choosing the best play gym will help your baby to stimulate their physical and mental health by developing visuals, sensory and cognitive ability. 

From the above long list of products in online market, here are our best picks – Techhark Kick and Play Multi-function Piano Baby Gym (made of non-toxic BPA free material and attracts the baby with its appealing design and colorful rattles – Used as multi-function) (OR) Tabu Toys World Kick & Play Baby Gym (good quality, easy to assemble and colorful making will attract the baby).