Best Baby Pillows

When the topic is baby products, parents always become extra serious even if it’s a pillow. Baby pillows take care of your baby’s comfort and allow them to enjoy their nap hours. Most parents suffer because of their infant’s odd sleeping schedules but a nice, soft, and comfortable pillow can change the scenario. 

1. The White Willow Memory Foam Infant Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Tagline: Designed with a smart curve this pillow prevents flat head syndrome

Featured with high-density memory foam, this baby pillow has the potential to give your newborn proper head positioning. The foam is ultra-soft so that it can give extreme comfort to your baby. As it helps to maintain the ideal posture of your infant’s neck and head, you can surely use this baby pillow in cots or prams. This easy to use pillow comes with a removable outer cover that is made of bamboo fabric to secure the softness. This is ideal for 0-12 months babies as the foam helps in pressure releasing, shaping your baby’s head. 

2. DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow

Tagline: Comes with a beautiful elephant design, this pillow is perfect for multi-purposes.

This baby elephant pillow ensures super softness and ultimate comfort to your baby. This pretty cute pillow doesn’t contain any toxic elements. The soft fabric of this pillow is ideal for your child’s peaceful sleep. The pillow can be an amazing gift for any kid as it looks more like a stuffed toy than a pillow. While playing or watching tv also your baby will love to feel the gentle touch of this pillow.

3. Kradyl Kroft Soft Applr Bio-Gen Foam Pillow

Tagline: Featured with bacteria resistance this pillow cover will be highly durable.

This pillow is made with premium quality certified sleep foam. This pillow will last longer as the foam is hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant. For a newborn, this is an ideal combination as it provides both softness and comfort. The outer non-detachable cotton cover will ensure your kid’s better to sleep. Not only during sleep but also in armchairs or car seats or play mat you can use this. 

4. AtoBaby Cotton Breathable Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

Tagline: Made with breathable foam this baby pillow will last long.

This baby pillow is perfect for 0-12 months old babies. It is made with high-quality memory foam that provides your baby with great comfort. For your infant’s perfect positioning and support, this pillow works amazingly. Whether in a carrycot for pram or crib you need not worry about your newborn’s head and neck as this baby pillow will take care of them, reducing the chances of the flat head syndrome.

Things to consider before buying baby pillows:

  • Pillow filling: The pillow filling defines how soft or comfortable the pillow will be. Memory foam is undoubtedly the best as it takes care of your kid’s head and neck shaping. Cotton provides comfort and is breathable. Whereas polyester is less supportive and not at all recommended for infants.
  • Pillow firmness: We get variant pillow firmness such as soft, medium soft, or hard. But baby pillows are supposed to be soft as it helps in the formation of the shape of their head. 
  • Easy to clean: Baby pillows come with variable designs. But it is necessary to check if they are easy to clean. Because baby products should be always well sanitized, clean, and well maintained. So if you go for a complex design that will not have any easy to clean features then you will get in trouble.