Best Baby Mattress with Net

A reliable baby mattress must not only be soft against the baby skin but also prevent mosquitoes and flies from attacking your little one. Most of the baby mattresses these days come with a quality net attachment that is breathable and chemical-free. Before you head out to get the perfect bedding set for your baby, do check out our top picks of baby mattresses below.

1. Amardeep and Co Toddler Mattress

Tagline: The strong plastic wireframe helps the net to regain the shape after unfolding the mattress.

Amardeep toddler mattress enables a heavenly sleep for your baby as it has a ventilating mesh to ensure proper airflow. The mesh is knit in a way to prevent mosquitoes, insects or flies from reaching the baby. A high-quality plastic wireframe around the mattress makes it easy to fold and unfold the bed due to its high tensile strength. With the dimensions 44 x 33.1 x 8 centimetres, this pure cotton mattress best suits 0 to 3-month-old babies. The mattress in pink has a stylish polka dots design and comes with a soft head pillow.

2. Nagar International Baby Cotton Mattress

Tagline: The 50 cm boundary along the mattress ensures your baby never slips off and prevents the mesh from touching the skin.

This beautiful blue and white mattress from Nagar International is foldable to fit inside a backpack while you travel. The sturdy plastic frame around the mattress helps to regain its shape after unfolding. For maximum protection, there’s a thick skin-friendly mesh that’s breathable and prevents mosquitoes. The soft uniform foam inside the mattress provides ultimate comfort. There’s also a c-shape pillow for head support. Coming with the dimensions 90 x 55 x 50 centimetres, the product is large enough to accommodate up to 2-year-old babies. To make this mattress last long, make sure you only hand-wash it.

3. Fareto Baby Mattress with Net

Tagline: A perfect gifting set for a new mom that comes with a sleeping bag and a mattress with recron filling for more softness. 

Fareto baby mattress with a sleeping bag has a beautiful pink and white colour combination to suit both boys and girls. Ideal for 0 to 6-month-old babies, the soft sleeping mattress and the plush neck pillow let your baby sleep comfortably. Made of cotton, the mattress and sleeping bag are safe and durable. The breathable anti-mosquito net acts as a barrier and protects your baby from harsh insect bites. The prints and the colours do not fade even after frequent washing. 

4. RBC RIYA R Mattress with Mosquito Net

Tagline: Perfect for 0 to 6 months old babies, the mattress and the sleeping bag contain mild colours and soothing prints to attract the baby. 

RBC mattress and sleep bag are extremely soft due to the foam filling and cotton outer cover. With strong stitching and uniform foaming, your baby adores the sleeping experience on the mattress. The firm mosquito net with plastic wireframe creates a mosquito-free zone to keep your baby healthy. Both the sleeping bag and the mattress are lightweight, easy to carry and foldable. 

Things to consider before buying a baby mattress with net:

1. Fabric

Make sure you buy a mattress containing cotton as it’s highly safe and easy to wash. The foam inside the mattress must be uniform to ensure comfort to your baby. 

2. Size

The next factor to consider is the size of the mattress. Most of the brands mention the age group suitable for their product. However, make sure you check the dimensions of the bed before buying.

3. Net

The net of the mattress plays a major role in keeping your baby healthy. Check for the material with which the mosquito net is made. The net must be chemical-free and breathable.