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The 7 Best Baby Cereal In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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When it comes to our baby, we all look for the best from food to clothing. At any stage, we do not want to compromise with our child’s health and growth. But with the newborn, we have to be more careful because they are more sensitive, and every decision in the early stage counts at the later stage too. The only food for babies in the first six months after their birth is Mother’s milk and then starts a period of feeding on other things. Often parents get confused with the products they should choose as there are a plethora of products in the market.

The three things to consider while buying the baby cereal

  • Cereal: The cereal defines the nutritional value of the food. As a parent, you want to feed the best to your baby. There are some essential nutrients one has to provide, such as iron, vitamins A, B, and C.
  • Natural: The natural ingredients come in organic products. These are free from preservatives and additional colors, taste, and sugar in the food.
  •  Taste: The taste of the cereal depends on which cereal you are using. Usually, the baby cereal pack has wheat, sprouts, spinach, carrot, beetroot, or ragi. Test the taste that is suitable for your baby.

There are many baby kinds of cereal available in the market, so we have found seven for you. Here is the list of them to check on the nutritional value.

So here we are providing the best possible information for the cereals you should buy, what it should contain, and what are the things we should keep in mind before choosing anything particular in our Buying Guide below the products.

7 Best Baby Cereal In India

Baby CerealOrganicRecommended For AgeBuy Now
Nestlé Cerelac Baby CerealNoRecommended for kids up to 8 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Slurrp Farm Organic Baby CerealYesFor babies up to 6-months of ageCHECK ON AMAZON
Pristine Baby CerealYesOnly for infants who are above 6-months of ageCHECK ON AMAZON
Fil's Organic Baby Cereal Yes10 to 24 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Happa Organic Baby Food YesFor babies more than 1-year oldCHECK ON AMAZON
Manna Baby CerealYes6 to 12 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Early Foods Sprouted RagiYesFor babies more than 1-year oldCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Baby Cereal In India Reviews

1. Nestlé Cerelac Baby Cereal


Nestle is a Swiss International company that is the world’s largest food and beverage company that has around 2000 brands. It is at the top in food brands and winning the trust of the customers because of their authenticity. The popular food of them is Nestle Cerelac baby cereal that has become Amazon’s choice in the list because of the nutritional benefits for babies.

It is a vegetarian product with iron-fortified that is best for babies who are above 8-months. It provides 75 % of essential nutrients, such as Iron in 2 servings.

What nutrients does it contain?

It contains 18 vital nutrients that include vitamins and minerals such as Wheat Flour, Milk bases six, Apple juice concentrate, sugar, milk solids, soyabean oil, cereal corn mix, etc.

Which Vitamins?

It contains all vitamins such as A, C, D, Iron, and calcium in fruit and vegetable flavors.

Direction to make

  • Before you start making the baby cereal; wash your hand and clean the utensils
  • Take a small bowl of water and let it boil for 5-minutes; Let it cool
  • Take 75 ml lukewarm water and put into baby’s bowl
  • Take 3 level scoops of Cerelac
  • Mix it well, until the cereal becomes smooth
  • Feed this to the baby immediately with a spoon

Safety Information to keep in mind

Baby food has to be made with proper love and care. Maintain hygiene while preparing food. Use the number of scoops as mentioned on the label of the packing as the diluted feeding will lack in nutrition requirement. Also, it is said not to use more than advised scoops as it will not provide the right proportion of water in the body. As per the World Health Organization, breastfeeding shall continue for 6-months at the time of the birth of the infant.

How to Store the cerelac?

Get an empty and clean airtight container. You must tight the lid after each uses and store it in a cool and dry place. After you open, you can use the cerelac within 3-weeks or follow the expiry date.


  • It comes in good packaging
  • The flavor is tasty that let the kids enjoy their meal
  • Babies like it more over the home-made foods
  • Recommended for kids up to 8 months


  • The choice for the taste of the cerelac differs. So, some babies would love it, and some would not.

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2. Slurrp Farm Organic Baby Cereal

Slurrp Farm

The Slurrp Farm is the best organic food in India for babies and toddlers. It provides all the essential nutrients to their little tummy that can fit a limited amount of food. They have Slurrp Farm Organic Baby cereal with Strawberry flavor and content such as Ragi and Rice that adds high-nutritional value.

The Slurrp Baby cereal is organic with no added maida, no trans fats, and no preservatives that are rare to find. It assures 100 % natural real strawberry fruit with no added artificial colors or flavors.

It has Iron and organic content of ragi grain that has the calcium of wheat and rice in a 10x amount. It will help babies at their growing age in strengthening their bones.

The Finger Ragi has 3x more calcium than a glass of milk that is unbelievable!

Preparation Steps

  • You must wash your hands using soap; Clean all utensils that you are going to use, take a bowl of water and boil it for 5-mins.
  • Take a bowl, add 40 ml of lukewarm water in it.
  • Add 3-scoops of cereal.
  • Now, stir the food and feed your baby immediately. Consume the cereal within half an hour of preparation.

Through the WHO guidelines, it says 2 Serves of the cereal provide 60 % of the daily iron need for babies.

The recipe for babies comes from the kitchen of the grandmother.


  • Comes with great packaging
  • Easy to take while traveling
  • Organic ingredients
  • The flavor is addictive and nutritional for babies
  • Ragi with 10x calcium
  • Helps in development of bones
  • Contains no preservatives such as maida and artificial colors


  • Taste can differ for babies
  • Added crunchy black biscuits that are hard to chew, bite and swallow

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3. Pristine 1st Bites Stage 3 Organic Baby Cereal


The Pristine stores manufacture baby food with organic ingredients that are safe to consume and contain value-added nutrients. The Pristine 1st Bites Organic Cereal has become Amazon’s choice because of its highest rating.

The Baby food flavor is Wheat Spinach and carrot that is highly-nutritional for babies at growing age. This flavor is rare to find, which will foster Iron benefits to your infant. On the same price range, there are other flavors available as well.

The baby cereal contains organic ingredients, and there is no addition of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is pre-cooked food that makes it easy to digest.

It is only for infants who are above 6-months of age.

How to store?

Take a pack and get an airtight container that would save it from getting in contact with air. Cut the packet and store the cereal in it. Always tight the lid and follow the feeding instructions.


  • It comes under great packaging
  • The flavor is unique and tasty
  • Organic food that is safe for kids
  • Enhances the immunity of kids


  • The amount in the package seems less.

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4. Fil’s Organic Baby Cereal With Oatmeal Strawberry & Banana

Fil's Organic Baby Cereal

Fil’s is an Indian company that has been in the food industry for 2 decades and is well-known for manufacturing infant food with international standards. 

This baby cereal from the brand has occupied a spot on our list as it is the perfect blend of oatmeal and fruits that provide necessary nutrition to 10-months to 24-month-old babies. 

The oatmeal contains huge amounts of iron, zinc, magnesium, fibre and protein to make your baby stay energetic all day long. It also contains strawberries and bananas that aid your baby in development.

Directions to make:

  • Firstly, sterilize the bowl and spoon you will use to prepare the cereal.
  • Boil some purified drinking water for 5 minutes and allow it to cool for sometime.
  • Mix the cereal gradually into the boiled water till it is formed into a smooth blend.
  • Let your baby consume this cereal within 30 minutes of preparation.


  • Free from pesticides, artificial colours.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Contains whey protein concentrate, soya, malt extract, vitamins and minerals to ensure good health of your baby.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Has a good taste.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

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5. Happa Organic Baby Food Fruit, Veggie and Grain Puree


Happa Organic Food store that provides lots of yummy food for the little one. It promises with added nutritional value for each juice packets. It is a vegetarian product that is safe to consume.

The package contains 8-small packets for different stages as per your baby grows with a variety of flavors, colors, and textures. Organic food is healthy, hygienic, and helps your child to build strong immunity.

The juice is easy to feed packed in BPA-free packaging, which keeps the content safe. Your child can slurp, lick with tiny spoons. The 2-small packets are for stage 3, and the other 6 are for stage 2.

It is with the combination of both veggies and fruits. The flavors and ingredients are authentic with unsweetened and unsalted without any added preservative, artificial colors, or flavors.

The package comes in a unique choke free cap made from patented technology that keeps your baby safe when they are consuming it. The spout top gives an easy sipping option.

If you are traveling and you have to carry food for your baby then, you can take it in your purse as it comes in a travel-friendly packet and gives it to your babies anywhere with proper hygiene.


  • Comes in cute and safe packing
  • The pouches for different blends and stages for baby growth
  • Travel-friendly package
  • Amazing flavor
  • Safe choke free cap
  • Organic food that helps in building the immune system
  • Natural sweetness
  • 230-gram package


  • Depends on the babies taste buds if they like it or not

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6. Manna Baby Cereal Banana Rich (400g)

Manna Baby Cereal

Manna is an Indian brand, founded in 2000 that sells millet-based cereals, infant foods, and other nutritional, diabetic-friendly food for better health of everyone.

This baby cereal from the brand is a 100% vegan product that is made with rice, millets, green grams and bengal gram, which are both gluten-free and lactose-free. All these ingredients together provide most of the iron needed for your baby for a day within two serves. 

Best for 6 months to 12-month-old babies, this cereal also contains rice, which is the best source of carbohydrates to give the necessary energy for your baby to be active all day.

What nutrients does it contain?

Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin A, Folic acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Niacin.


  • As it contains sprouted grains, the cereal is easy to digest.
  • Contains more protein for better strength.
  • Has no flavours or preservatives.
  • Contains no sugar or salt.


  • Takes time to get used to the taste.

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7. Early Foods Sprouted Ragi Almond Date Porridge Mix

Early Foods

The Early Foods Store is the organic food store for kids, which is highly-nutritional for them at growing age. They have satisfied their customers and got the highest rating for it. It is a vegetarian product.

The Food is freshly prepared with homemade sprouts of ragi and porridge that includes almonds that help in brain development and dates that increases the blood level.

The special ingredients are watermelon seeds, lotus seeds, and cardamon for excellent aroma and taste enhancement.

In terms of other products, it is highly-nutritional with grain and nuts additions. It is a stage 2 food. It does not contain any preservatives, artificial color, or flavors and no added sugar or milk powder.

For preparation time, it requires less than 5-minutes and has a 4-months shelf life after the manufacturing date.


  • Easy to prepare as it takes 5-mins
  • Sprouted flavor with healthy ingredients
  • Comes with good packaging which is travel-friendly
  • Almond, date, and sand lotus seed flavor
  • Vegan product
  • Best for 4-months as per the date of manufacturing
  • No addition of artificial colors and preservatives


  • Not good for babies of less than 1-year age

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide For Baby Cereal

Let us see the Buying Guide for the Baby Cereal to decide the best and nutritional food. This article will cover all the necessary points that will help you to make the right decision for you.

What Is The Need?

At each stage, our requirements change according to what is required at that point- be it food or lifestyle. The same is applied to the food of our baby. The things required at the initial stages are not what is needed for the later stage. So we should acknowledge the need and then make the right choice. So here are some points to keep in mind the nutritional requirements before going for a certain product-

  • It has been found that during the breastfeeding period after the birth of the infant. They need 9-times as much iron and 4-times as much zinc as the adult male in their daily diet.
  • The two main components that a baby requires for their growth are Iron and Zinc. So the food we decide should provide an adequate amount of iron for their body growth. So always look up for iron-rich food sources.
  • The other point that has to be noticed is whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. As parents often get confused with meat products to be more nutritious. But it does not follow that aspect. There are plenty of products in the market completely vegetarian and providing adequate nutrition.
  • Opting natural sources is one of the best ways to go with it. We should always prefer a fresh one. The nutritional requirements will never be enough for the baby’s health.

Categorizing Before Choosing

We think that’s the most basic thing we should do before making any choice. Before choosing anything in general just make a list for what context you want it-

1. Snack Or Meal

Choosing a snack and meal are completely different things we should always keep in mind. So before going out for any product define the purpose.

If you are choosing the product for the meal, then ensure it should satisfy the nutritional values, and the baby should also feel contented. But, do not let these meals replace their daily food habits. Just check the list of ingredients before opting for any meals whether it contains what you need, and the most important, it must be easy to cook.

If you are choosing a snack, then it should always be light, easy to eat, and the prior on the list should be healthy. Once babies start teething, it is the right time to get ready with the list of snacks as they will be wanting to eat something except meals. Things to keep in mind for selecting a snack is just it should be light and easy to eat. But choosing the right snack follows the same criteria as selecting a meal does. Check the ingredients and then go for the one you need.

2. Ready-To-Cook Or Need-To-Be-Cooked

The other important point to be kept in mind is to look at whether the food is ready to cook or need to be cooked before feeding. The ready to cook food is best suitable for the travel times but if you are choosing for just home. Go for the food which can be cooked.

3. Check The Age

Choose the food according to the age prescribed on the product. Sometimes it can be easily found on the product description but often a bit difficult.

What To Look For Buying Baby Food

1. Nutritional Value

The most significant aspect of baby food is its nutritional value. Apart from being delicious and filling, it should add nutritional value and contain vital vitamins.

2. Organic Versus Regular Baby Food

The other question over the debate is to choose organic or regular baby food. And the organic is holding the upper hand considering exposure to zero pesticides/chemicals, high nutritional value, and environmentally friendly methods.

3. Safety

Babies’ biological makeup is more delicate, so we have to keep in concern the safety aspects of any products.

4. Allergy Free

Baby should be introduced gradually to these products as we need to observe how their body reacts to certain products.

5. Presence Of Additives/Preservatives

Though not all additives or preservatives are harmful a proper provision should be as pure as possible.


  • Helps in providing proper nutrition
  • Provide adequate content of growth supporters
  • Provide a variety of flavors
  • Easy to carry for travel

Keep In Mind

You must choose the ready to make food with precautions. It should suit your baby health-wise

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Should we serve meat or not?

There is nothing mandatory to serve meat, as followed by certain perceptions that they are iron-rich. But it doesn’t need to be the first one to touch your baby’s lips.

2.What time of the day should we serve food to the baby?

There’s no time like perfect for giving food to the baby. Whenever you feel like your child wants something you can give food.

3.Are puree pouches OK?

Using pouches occasionally is fine but being completely dependent upon them is not good. Most of the time we should prefer the veggies and juices rather than going for pouches.

4.Should we avoid rice cereals completely?

Once in a while, it is relevant but, frequently using in routine may affect the health of your baby.


You must have read all the points to consider for buying the best baby cereal for you. After our understanding, we recommend you to go with Nestlé Cerelac Baby Cereal as it is highly-nutritive with Vitamin A, C, D, Iron, and Calcium.

The other organic products are highly-nutritional. SO, choose any of the baby cereal that is suitable for your little munchkin.

We hope this article helped you with any help or query you can right back to us.

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