Best Baby Carriers To Buy Online In India: 2019 Reviews

Baby carriers have become a must-have baby gear item for every new parent. Because it lets you carry your baby close and still leave your hands free to complete other tasks.

While purchasing baby carrier, parents should consider the below factors…

  • Type of Carrier – Most of the baby carriers in India come in wrap, sling or soft-structured carrier model. Among these types, soft structured is the most popular one because it can be worn in different positions.
  • Weight Capacity – This factor determines how much maximum weight the baby carrier can hold. It usually ranges from 3Kg to 15Kgs.
  • Carrying Positions – Most of the baby carriers provide 4 to 5 different carrying positions which help you carry the child in the comfortable way possible.

Other important things to consider are padded leg holes, head support, neck support, and padded straps. For detail information about these factors, read our “Buying Guide“.

To make things even more easier, we have picked BEST BABY CARRIERS in INDIA after taking mother’s feedbacks and reviews into consideration.

Top 10 Baby Carriers in India

Baby CarriersWeight of ProductWeight it can carryBuy Now
Kiddle Cotton Baby Carrier Sling Bag 898 g3.5 to 15 kgsCheck the Price
U Grow Hip Seat Baby Carrier862 g3.6 to 15 kgsCheck the Price
LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier640 gUpto 15 kgCheck the Price
Infantino Zip Travel Baby Carrier 386 g5.1 to 18.1 kgCheck the Price
Mee Mee Breathable Baby Carrier531 gUpto 12 kgCheck the Price
Chinmay Kids 4 in 1 Adjustable sling Baby Carrier NAUpto 15 kgCheck the Price
Ineffable Sling Adjustable Baby Carrier NAUpto 15 kgCheck the Price

10 Best Baby Carriers Reviwes in India 2019

1. Kiddle Cotton Baby Carrier Sling Bag 

Kiddle Cotton Baby Carrier Sling Bag Carrying a baby in a sling becomes quite tedious as the baby grows, the added weight put extra pressure on arms, back and shoulder. But Kiddale 5 in 1 sling bag carrier is skillfully designed considering these aspects, a perfect combination of a sling and a back-carrier that can hold babies in 5 different positions. This is our first product in this list and it rightfully takes the place. It lets you to enjoy the comfort of a back-carrier while providing the coziness of a sling.

The advanced ergonomic design is capable of holding babies from 6 month old to 2 year toddler while providing optimum support on your spinal cord. The 5 in one carrying position is so versatile that you can carry your little one on your hip, on your chest and even on your back according to your convenience. Parents can go for shopping, picnic, walking and jogging and do all the household chores with their hands-free while your baby rests peacefully on your chest.

The wide webbing shoulder pads evenly distribute the weight across both the shoulders and an extra padded waist belt provides extra comfort to your back. Better yet the thing is detachable and made with soft mesh fabric that your child will feel like he or she is sitting on a sofa. Also, the fabric it uses is 100% cotton which is best for sensitive baby skin.

For an all-day comfortable baby-wearing, it is offered with 3D breathable shoulder pads and a foldable weather cover for your sweetie to protect them from sun and wind. Strong and sturdy multi-point safety harness with doubled buckled adjustable straps ensures full safety of the child.

The clever design offers 5 carrying options that are Front Inward, Front outward, hip-seat face out ward, hip-seat face inward and a backpack carry. It is one of the few sling baby carriers that offers you to carry the little one in the back. Front inward position holds the baby close to your chest making it a good choice for breastfeeding.

Notable Factors-

  • Suitable for kids with 3.5-15 kg weight
  • It is safe for min 3months to max 3 years old kid
  • Made of 100% pure cotton
  • Super light, weighs just 299g
  • Comes with two colour variants purple and black.


Overall the comfort and quality it serves are truly unmatched. It is one of the few carriers in the market which has size options to match all type of body. Multiple carrying options, weather-friendly, sturdy, comforting, adjustable, up to 20 kg carrying capacity, nursing friendly, you name it and Kiddale has it. If you can pay some for having all these stellar qualities we will always suggest you to go for it. With so much versatility, top notch quality, and excellent reviews, it rightfully takes the 1st position as the best carrier in our list.

What we like

  • Super light weight
  • Two different size options
  • Suitable for breastfeeding
  • Foldable weather shield/cover
  • Can hold up to maximum 20 kg weight
  • Hip seat with extra cushion support
  • Weather shield for protection against sun and heat
  • 5 different holding positions
  • Good quality back support for both parent and child
  • Front pocket for carrying essentials

What we don’t like

  • It is expensive

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2. U Grow Hip Seat Baby Carrier

U Grow Hip Seat Baby CarrierNeedless to mention that Hip-Seat carriers are consistently being popular for the comfort they offer. So here we present you another hip-sit carrier that will serve the baby the comfort they deserve.

This soft structured carrier from U-Grow comes with a wide cushioned hip-seat to provide the baby a natural sitting position supporting their butt and thighs up to the knees. The adjustable seat can be placed in center, left or right position so that both you and your baby feel comfortable during the long-hauls journeys.

The versatile sitting positions allow you to carry your little one in two very easy and comfortable ways that are: front carry facing you and front carry facing outside. They are sturdy, durable and can carry children of 3 months to 24 months age. The non-toxic fabric material keeps rashes away while giving a smooth feel to your baby.

A breathable head cover protects your kid from inclement weather conditions without creating suffocation and sweating. Their conceptual structure design is made to support your kids back, neck and hip regions which are very prone to damage in the early months.

U-grow also cares for the wearer and gives them optimum back and shoulder support. The cross strap in the back and the wide waist belt lessens the burden of weight by distributing the pressure evenly off the shoulders into the hip areas.

To make your journeys easier for it offers multi-utility pockets and pouches. They are easily accessible, roomy compartments which let you put your essentials while you travel wearing your kid.

Notable factors:

  • Ideal for carrying up to 15 kg
  • Safe for 3-24 months old kid
  • Product weighs 2kg
  • Five color options to choose from
  • Made with polyester cotton


It’s quite as good as Keddale but the reason we placed it 2nd on the list is the lack of size options and carrying positions. Otherwise, this Europian brand is worthy of every single penny you will spend on it. The big hip seat supports the delicate butts, thighs and knees. Adjustable and well cushioned seat, straps and belts make it suitable for long time journey. A breathable head cover, multi-utility pockets is something that you will find only in premium quality carriers. You can go with U-grow any time if you don’t get bothered with two limited carrying options.

What we like

  • Sturdy build quality for durability
  • Adjustable seat
  • Well padded seat, belts, straps for added comfort
  • Spacious pockets for to carry essential
  • Breathable head cover
  • Wide waist belt support
  • Non-toxic fabric material

What we don’t like

  • Bib missing
  • No head support

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3. LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

LuvLap Elegant Baby CarrierLuvLap is a famous brand in the world of baby gear. They have it all from strollers, car seats, buggies and many other outdoor gears specialized for babies and their parents.

Just like its name, the baby feels the warmth of your lap while being carried away for shopping, travelling or performing daily household duties.

Meticulously designed using the latest marvels of technology, it doesn’t compromise with your child’s safety and comfort. Highly cushioned arm holes and leg holes protect your baby’s delicate skin against the rubbing while you walk. The baby’s fragile neck and head are also supported with a padded hard board which can be removed in case of any discomfort.

For the safety of the baby, it comes with a total of three belt supports. Two sturdy well-padded shoulder pads give no chance for the baby to fall out while keeping the strain off your shoulders. A wide, well-padded waist belt reduces any form of back pain or backache and holds the baby in its place while you perform daily errands.

The soft bib inside keeps the baby clean and dry. There is a side opening present in the carrier with adjustable buckle for safety measures.  Two wide shoulder straps are made with breathable mesh fabric lining which makes it comfortable to wear even in hot weather conditions.

To ensure that you don’t get uncomfortable while you carry your child it gives you four different carrying options are baby facing the parent, baby facing out, piggy-back position and horizontal feeding position for hassle free breast feeding option. Furthermore, it has two separate pockets to carry your essentials like phone, keys, wallet, diaper etc.

Notable factors-

  • Can carry up to 15 kg weight
  • Idle for 4-18 months old kid
  • Comes with 6 versatile colour options
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • Product weighs 520 gm

The Verdict:

This famous baby gear manufacturing brand has made some of the best quality carriers and it is no exception but still, it comes 3rd on list because unlike Keddale and U-grow it doesn’t have a weather cover which can be a major missing if you travel with your kid quite a lot. Apart from this, all other drawbacks are negligible when compared to its comfort level and presence of unique features like a bib inside the carrier, two spacious easy to reach pockets and detachable hard board.

What we like

  • Hard board neck and head support
  • Sturdy waist belt for superior lumbar support
  • Wide adjustable belts
  • Presence of a soft bib
  • 2 separate pockets to carry essentials
  • Highly cushioned arm holes to support baby’s thighs
  • Very easy to use and clean

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t come with any instruction or user manual
  • Buckles and traps are sometimes confusing
  • Quality could be better

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4. Infantino Zip Travel Baby Carrier

Infantino Zip Travel Baby CarrierInfantino Zip Travel carrier is designed for the frequent travelling parents. The main and most interesting feature that makes it different from other carriers is the zipper waist pocket. When not in use you can tuck the whole thing inside the waist belt which is actually a pocket itself.

The stash and dash baby carrier is ready to use anytime. You can wear it as a fanny pack or a messenger bag or you can just pack it in your diaper bag. It is that easy!

The baby Carrier Cuddler is a full-featured carrier with well-padded shoulder pads and a wide sturdy waist belt for the utmost comfort of you and your newborn. Ergonomically designed wide seat supports the baby from the hips to the knees creating a warm bed for sleeping while you walk or work.

The naturally rounded back arch of the carrier takes a good care of the baby while they enjoy a safe and sound ride on your back or front. It is very light weight and can be worn throughout the day. A perfect choice for exploring family trips navigating through airport or visiting an amusement park.

It offers two positions to hold your child: facing-in position and back-pack position. It is strong enough to hold up to 18 kg weight and is recommended to use after 3 months as it doesn’t come with a head support.

Notable Factors-

  • Comes in black and jet black and doesn’t offer other colour variants
  • Can hold kids with less than 18 kg
  • Ideal for 4months-24 months old kid
  • Made with pure cotton
  • Product weighs 500 gm

The Verdict:

If you travel a lot, packing a baby carrier inside your suit case can be a huge pain for you. This carrier is the ideal choice for the new mom and dad who enjoy travelling with their newborn. Just pick the baby up and put him/her inside the carrier. The well padded straps and belts protect you from back pain and the natural rounded back cover keeps the baby safe and sound while you stay busy enjoying the view. The sturdy quality is good enough to carry weight up to 18 kg.

What we like:

  • Lightweight and easy portable
  • Waist belt pocket can tuck the whole carrier inside
  • Easy to wear any time
  • Wide waist belt support
  • Naturally round back supports the child
  • Suitable for breastfeeding

What we don’t like:

  • Lack of head support
  • Not suitable to wear for too long

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5. Mee Mee Breathable Baby Carrier

Mee Mee Breathable Baby CarrierThe brand is relatively new in the market and has been a huge relief to the parents who want a structured carrier which is lightweight and durable.

This Mee Mee baby carrier can easily hold a baby with 10-12 kg of weight and it grows with the baby means that you can adjust its height, seat and straps as your baby starts to develop with time. To make sure the baby doesn’t feel any discomfort in the legs, the leg holes are well cushioned and don’t restrict them to move. Soft and well padded headrest protects their delicate scalp and neck region which needs foremost support.

Made with premium quality fabric the carrier weighs just 400g. The fabric feels very smooth and safe for your baby’s delicate skin. Moreover, it is breathable which keeps you and the baby dry and fresh in the hot summer days.

It is super duper durable with wide straps in the shoulder. The cross belts in the back distributes the weight across your shoulder so you barely feel any pressure on your back. It takes seconds to wear and very easy to walk with. So whether you are busy doing household chores, going for shopping or meeting friends you can take your love with you without keeping him or her awake.

The ergonomic design allows you to hold your child in 4 different ways such as the common front and back carry along front or back facing kangaroo baby position.

Notable factors:

  • Can carry weight less than 15 kg
  • Best suited for 4 months to 2 years old kids
  • Comes in 5 colour options
  • Made with cotton
  • Product weighs 400 gm

The Verdict:

The unit is sturdy, lightweight, super durable, supports your back and shoulder and offers 4 different carrying options. One cannot deny that under this price segment, it is truly one of the best carriers available in the market right now. This will be a wise decision for the parents who have a strict budget and want to balance quality, comfort and safety.

What we like

  • Light weight
  • Breathable fabric
  • Grows with the baby
  • Well padded headrest support
  • 4 holding positions
  • Cross belt back support
  • Durability

What we don’t like

  • Lack of proper back support to the wearer
  • No head cover.

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6. Chinmay Kids 4 in 1 Adjustable sling Baby Carrier

Chinmay Kids 4 in 1 Adjustable sling Baby Carrier Chinmay baby carrier surely is one of the comfortable yet affordable baby carriers in the list. Using its ergonomic design, 4 carrying options and exceptionally lower price range it, has made its place in our top baby carrier list.

The ergonomic design gives freedom to your hands for activities while hugging the baby in a very close and cozy way. It comes with easy adjustable buckles and straps that let you put the carrier on before picking the baby up.

Made with high quality cotton fabric and materials, it is safe, durable and feels very smooth when touched. It is resistant that means it grows as your baby grows while being transported in the carrier. It safely holds babies weight up to 10kg-an average 2 years old child. A cushioned headrest protects the baby’s head from any injury.

Four carrying positions lets you hold the baby in 4 different styles, they are Chest way to hold the baby in the early months facing towards you, Kangaroo style to hold the child facing outwards, Cross arm carry to carry like a sling carrier ideal for breast feeding and the back-carry for a grown up child who like to enjoy the view travelling on mummy’s back.

Wide adjustable pads and straps fit comfortably to both mommy and daddy and all other body types. It is weather friendly and maintains a cool and soothing body temperature of both the baby and the carrier with 3D ventilating pads.

Notable Factors-

  • Can carry up to 15 kg weight
  • Ideal for min 4 months and max 24 months old child
  • Made with Polycotton
  • One colour option, Navy blue
  • Product weighs 349 gm

The Verdict

There are only a few baby carriers in the market which can provide you with both comfort and quality and Chinmay baby carrier is one of them. From 4 carrying options, weather friendly pads to a head support for the kid, only Chinmay baby carrier can give you this much under this price range. Ideal pick if you are on a budget!

What we like:

  • Super affordable
  • 4 carrying positions
  • Double protection buckles for added safety
  • Ventilating pad support
  • Cushioned head supporter
  • High quality smooth fabric

What we don’t like:

  • Small waist size
  • Quality of stitches could be better
  • A bottom padding would made it more comfortable

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7. Ineffable Sling Adjustable Baby Carrier

Ineffable Sling Adjustable Baby Carrier With the last entry in this list, we present you the most reasonable carrier of our list. Ineffable adjustable baby carrier is another great option for if you have budget issues and still want a quality carrier for the long run.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to use and can be worn for hours without having any back issues. The straps and belts are well padded and secured with double buckled protection for your baby’s safety. Straps are also adjustable and will support your child as he or she grows with age.

Weighing at just 300 grams, you can easily carry a baby of 10-12 kg. It boasts a total of 4 baby carrying positions that are: chest way, kangaroo style, back carry and cross arm carry. Overall, it gives you and your baby all the available positioning options without compromising on comfort and safety.

The product comes with as many as 15 different colour options and weighs pretty light on your shoulders due to the good use of padded straps and soft fabrics.

The back pads are breathable with 3D ventilation allowing you to happily tote your kid in hot warm weather condition. Adjustable straps make it ideal for both the parents regarding their waist and hip size.

Notable factors-

  • Can carry kids with maximum 10-12 kg
  • Best choice for kids between 4 to 24 months
  • Made of polyester and cotton
  • Product weighs 300 gm
  • Comes with 15 colour options

The Verdict:

With fifteen colour options, four carrying styles, and breathable pads, the baby carrier becomes a total value for the money product! One cannot deny that the features it offers and the price it demands are unmatched. Apart from its durability, it’s a good choice for you and your kid and will run the job for 6-12 months easily depending on how much you use it.

What we like:

  • Low price range
  • 4 carrying positions
  • Adjustable straps to fit in size
  • Double buckle protection
  • 15 colour options
  • Ventilated pads

What we don’t like:

  • Poor quality stitching
  • Doesn’t have any user manual
  • Durability can be an issue in the long run.

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Baby Carrier Buying Guide

Some parents prefer to use a baby carrier in the early months then find it difficult after the baby reaches 10-12 kg. Other parents freely tot their child long past this stage. The newest carriers in the market are designed for toddlers and can handle weight up to 20-25kg.

There are so many types of carriers with so many different carrying and wearing options to choose from.

We understand that your needs and budget vary so much that you seek for a proper guidance to find something perfect for your little one. To make it a bit easy for you we have a detailed buying guide including everything that you need to know before coming to a conclusion.

1. Types of Baby Carriers

Baby carriers can broadly be classified into five main types based on the different baby carrying positions.

  • Wrap: A long piece of wide and strong fabric that is worn around the body over both shoulders. It wraps around you and your baby and can be worn in a number of different ways. While it makes it easy for breastfeeding moms to feed their babies, this type of baby carrier takes time to wear and uncomfortable for slightly older babies due to lack of adequate cushioning and support.
  • Sling: A single piece of wide fabric worn over one shoulder across the torso. This eventually forms a pouch on your hip or front, making the loose fitting comfortable to breastfeed. You will have to pull the loose end of the fabric through the rings to fit into it. A downside is that it may not be comfortable for heavier babies, exerting more stress on one shoulder and has no additional padding.
  • Backpack: Meant for slightly older babies and toddlers, this is a convenient option that consists of a metal frame with cushioning to be worn on the back. It gives both mother and baby more freedom to move around but is not suitable for young infants who do not have full control over their head and neck movements.
  • Soft-structured front carrier (SSC): Quite similar to a backpack, with additional buckles and padded straps attached to the main body of the carrier. It is worn close to the chest with the baby facing inwards or outwards. A slight disadvantage is that these may be bulkier and are not very comfortable while breastfeeding.
  • Mei-Tai/ Meh-Dai: A mix between a wrap and a soft-structured carrier, this uses knots instead of buckles. This has four straps attached to the main body of the carrier and these can be tied up in a number of ways to carry around your baby. A newborn will love to keep his legs snuggled inside the Mei-Tai where a toddler will enjoy having his legs spread outside. The only disadvantage is that it takes some time to master the knots.

2. Carry Position And Holds:

Versatility in carrying option is an important factor to consider because the most suitable way to carry a child changes as the baby grows. Carriers are of different types and styles but most of the carriers offer several types of holding position and carrying position.

They support both front and back carrying options with head faced inward or outward. The slightly higher end ones also offer to grow with the baby flexibly allowing you to use the same carrier and vary its adjustments from your baby’s infancy to his or her toddler years. These are pretty cost-effective and useful.

The most popular 2 ways of holding are front carry and back carry. Another very common option is side carry though it restricts the use of the hand depending on the person and the carrier. While using a carrier makes sure the baby’s chin is off your chest but close enough to kiss your baby’s forehead.

3. Structure Of The Carriers:

There are different structured baby carriers from wraps, soft structure carriers to hard structure carriers. Wraps and slings are just long stretchable fabrics that are lightweight and let you hold your newborn in the most intimate way.

The soft structured carriers are designed for older babies though you can use an infant insert before carrying a newborn. They have soft pads on the shoulders and hip areas. You can carry your child in an upright sitting position and light enough to carry everywhere.

The hard frame structures or the back-packs are designed for a toddler weight up to 15 kg or more. These are heavier, bonier with more padding and metal frames and ideal for treks and road trips.

4. Size And Fit To The Wearer:

Most of the carriers have long straps to fit you regardless of your size. But if you feel like you can have an issue with the fittings there are carriers that come with different sizes. Some of them even come with extra small or extra large options.

It is important to decide who will wear the carrier first as men can find the wrapper strap a bit narrow similarly for a mom wrap or slings are comfortable, looks cute while hard frame structures or a back-packs may feel quite heavier.

Keep in mind if you want to use the same carrier for both the mom and you may need to invest in different carriers especially if you are too short and he is too tall or the opposite. Also, a wrap can be too much of fabric if you are petite.

5. Baby Carrier Age Suitability

Determining how long you desire to carry your child will save your money, time and patience level in the long run. We understand that it to be quite difficult for some parents to decide before the baby arrives but others have limitations in desire or physical strength that don’t permit or suit them to carry after the child reaches a certain age.

A warp is a great option if you have decided not to use it after the baby can sit on its back. The stretchy material and lack of structure make it difficult to carry after 12-15 months.

For toddlers especially the older ones with more than 10kg weight become uncomfortable to carry close to the chest. Opt for a backpack or soft structured carriers during this time. They are suitable to carry children between 6 months to 3 years old.

6. Safety And Comfort For The Baby:

All types of carriers are provided with head and neck support. If you are wearing a wrap or sling make sure the baby’s head rests on your chest. If your child hasn’t developed a proper neck control consider a structured carrier that comes with a flap to support the neck and head.

Before using structured carries make sure that the seat, buckles and strap will keep the baby in place.

While a newborn likes the snugly feeling inside a carrier facing towards you a toddler enjoys a front good view with his hands and legs free for movement. For front carriers search for padded leg holes that are soft and doesn’t constrict the infant’s thigh.

7. Comfort For You:

Most parents prefer the Soft Structured Carriers when they are out and about and some swears by the comfort of a wrap while some others feel uncomfortable wearing a wrap as they often get too hot to wear.

Some like the sling carrier as give a snugly cuddly feeling to the baby and the mother but it can restrict the use of one hand and it is worn on one shoulder so it can feel too much pressure in one side.

If you are prone to backaches or shoulder pain, look for carriers with wide and well-padded straps or choose a sturdy fabric to put the weight off the shoulders into the hip areas.

8. Purpose And Duration Of Use:

Do you want a carrier to keep your hand free while shopping, doing household works or while travelling? How you want to use and for how long you want to use the carrier has a lot to decide with which one to go for.

A wrap or a sling is ideal to hold the baby close while nursing, shopping and running a daily chore.

Soft structure carriers are useful while short trips, daily walking or working while a hard framed structure is ideal for taking or hiking and most adventures journeys.

Structured carriers can be worn for a long time but if you wear a wrap or a sling for too long they can strain your shoulders.

9. Easy To Wear And Clean:

With all kinds of straps, ropes, pouches, rings, zipper, and buckles some of these products can really be difficult to use.

Wrappers are more difficult to wear; it takes more time but they are budget-friendly and easy to clean.

The soft structure carries has more buckles and straps, but their increased adjustability ensures more comfort and most of them are designed to unbuckle easily so you can put it on before you pick up the baby.

10. Nursing-Friendly:

Decide whether you will breastfeed your child while wearing him. A wrap or sling are the best options for breastfeeding as they keep you and the baby wrapped and give you privacy for nursing.

Structured carrier with a lot of buckles straps makes it quite difficult to nurse the baby.

11. Weather-Appropriate:

Some carriers can be too hot to wear during hot summer days. Darker colors easily heat up. If you plan to use the carrier in hot weather make sure it is made of lighter fabric.

Slings are preferable in summers but if you are outdoors in cold weather structured carriers are good. The soft padding keeps the baby warm.

12. Budget:

Baby carriers widely vary in the price section too. The cheapest ones are the wrappers and slings starting from 700-800 bucks while structured carriers and backpacks are on the pricy side with heavy padding and caissons support.

A cheaper may not be very comfortable also the expensive ones may not always be the correct choice for you if they don’t serve your purpose.

Special Points 

You can simply refer to some good reference points for knowing that your baby is properly positioned inside a baby carrier. And for this, you need a checklist and the easiest one is K.I.S.S.E.S.

It stands for:

K–  Kissable: You baby should be close enough so that you can kiss him/her whenever you want. Your baby’s head should be close to your chin.

I-  In View: Your baby’s position inside a carrier should be such that he/she is always in view. You can glance down and see your baby; no fabric should cover his/her face.

S– Supported Back: Your baby should be close to your body with their tummy and chest touch against you and the back is in a natural position.

S– Supported Hips: A baby carrier should provide support to your baby’s thighs and hips. That is the main part and your baby’s legs should be in an “M” position. No curling whatsoever!

E– Easy and Breathable: Always keep your baby’s mouth out of their chest so that their airway is properly open. Keep a two finger gap between you and your baby. Curling can force their mouth into their upper chest and cause breathing problems.

S–  Snug: No matter which type of baby carrier you are using, always keep in mind that the carrier should hold the baby really snug. Not overly tight, that can cut off air circulation, but no slack which can cause curling or slumping and can cause many problems like strain, breathing restriction etc.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the best baby carrier for a newborn?

Generally baby slings will be an ideal choice if you want to carry a newborn. Very young babies don’t have a strong spine, so, upright carriers can be uncomfortable for them. A ring sling can be the right choice.

2. Is my baby carrier safe? How do I know?

Well, a baby’s needs are ever-changing and they also need a lot of support. Baby carriers are primarily designed with this only thing in mind, and they’re indeed safe to use as long as you use it correctly and follow manufacturer instructions carefully.

3. Should I get a sling or a proper baby carrier if my baby is heavy?

Baby slings are ideal if you have a very young baby or a newborn. But if you have a baby who is 5 months or older, it is advised to go for a baby carrier. This is because as your baby grows older, he or she will get heavier and you will need something which will evenly distribute the weight across the shoulders and hips. It is much more comfortable and proficient that way.

4. Does carrying a baby in baby carriers cause hip problems?

Hip joint misalignment is a common concern for any parent who uses baby carriers. Modern carriers are carefully designed so that you can hold the baby naturally and position them according to your own convenience.

5. Which baby carrier is good to go for if I have lower back pain?

If you have any type of lower back pain, go for a carrier which is snug and offers a wide lumbar support strap. But it is always a good thing to see your doctor and then go for it. Just to be safe!

6. Are there baby carriers for different weather conditions? Which one do I go for in summer season in India?

Yes! You should choose a baby carrier according to the weather or season. For a typical summer in India, you should go for something like a sling that is light in color and not dark. Also, go for a lighter fabric material which is comfortable to carry.

7. Which carrier is good for breastfeeding?

Practically, all baby slings are good for breastfeeding. Ring slings can be ideal for this as it won’t expose you. With practice and a perfect fit, you can breastfeed on the go without anybody ever knowing.


The Kiddle Cotton Baby Carrier is our top pick from this list of best baby carriers because of its 5 different carrying options, including both front and back carrying. Its grow-with-baby flexibility feature supports a baby from infancy to toddler years, having the capacity to bear weight upto almost 20 kg. With adjustable padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for additional support, this baby carrier is also light in weight and easily portable.

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