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Baby blankets are made of ultra-soft fabric to ensure warmth and safety. Apart from giving a good night’s sleep, these blankets are also perfect for swaddling, burping, as stroller covers, seat canopy and bath towels. In this article, we got you a comprehensive list of the best baby blankets that are safe, stylish and comfortable. 

1. Daily Home EssentialsBaby Blanket

Tagline: An easy-to-fold blanket that brings a perfect sleeping temperature to ensure a comfortable slumber during all seasons. 

A plush baby blanket from Daily Home Essentials measures 70 x 95 centimetres, an ideal size for newborn babies. It has polyester fabric on the outside and fur inside for ultimate sleeping comfort. You can also use it as a burp cloth, pram cover and a car seat canopy. The fabric material is thermal, breathable and contains no chemicals. Apart from being safe, the blanket is easy to care and is machine-washable. The soft pink colour and the elegant design make it suitable for both boys and girls.

2. Mee Mee Reversible Soft Baby Blanket

Tagline: A feathery soft blanket with the velvet on the outside and fleece inside keeps your baby at ease all the time. 

The reversible plush and soft blanket from Mee Mee is made of the finest materials to keep your baby warm and safe. To give the softest touch to your baby’s skin, it comes with two layers from velvet and fleece. Being multifunctional, you can use this blanket as a stroller cover, infant receiving blanket and a nursing cover. With the dimensions of 30.5 x 7.1 x 35.6 centimetres, the blanket comes to use till your baby reaches two years. 

3. BRANDONN Newborn 3 in 1Baby Blanket

Tagline: A travel-friendly wrapper cum blanket cum baby towel for 0 to 6-month-old babies. 

This 30 X 30-inch unisex baby blanket from Brandonn is known for its best quality fleece fabric. Its speciality is to provide warmth and ultimate comfort to your baby. Being a 3-in-1 blanket, it fulfils all the needs of your baby with ease. Along with the blanket, there’s a cap attached which comes to use while using it as a bath towel. The unique design and the pink and white colour combo makes it perfect a perfect unisex blanket.

4. MOM’S HOME Baby’sElephant Quilt Blanket

Tagline: A pure cotton lightweight quilt to keep your baby comfortable and warm during winters.

Mom’s Home reversible and breathable pure cotton quilt is skin-safe and free from harmful dyes. Ideal for 0 to 3-year-old babies, it can serve as a blanket, bedspread, wrap and a play mat. The eco-friendly colours prevent skin irritation and rashes on your baby’s supple skin. The beautiful hand block prints are pleasant to look at making the quilt best for gifting purposes.

Things to consider before buying a baby blanket:

1. Material

Baby blankets must be of materials that are safe on the sensitive skin. Make sure the blankets are breathable to give a comforting sleep to your baby. To check the breathability, hold the blanket next to a fan. You can say it as breathable if you can feel the breeze through it.

2. Comfort

Choose a blanket that is not too harsh or too soft for your baby. Refrain from buying a blanket full of fur as it can get into your baby’s mouth. Make sure it provides sufficient comfort and warmth to the skin. A good quality blanket brings the perfect sleeping temperature for your little tot.

3. Size

Often the manufacturers mention the age group while selling their blankets. You can either purchase a blanket going by the age group or can go for a slightly bigger size to wrap your baby well at night. 

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