Best Automatic Door Closers in India Reviews in 2021

In olden days, the door closers are served with the purpose of closing the door automatically but today, a commercial and residential establishments are equipped with hi-tech facilities in which the door closers is expected to have an integral part to serve the needs like privacy, safety & security, fire & smoke check and energy saving (ensures maximum cooling at minimum expenses).

Are you tired of hearing the door slamming or making noise? Then buy the right automatic door closer that perfectly suits your door. So, before buying any automatic door closer, you have to keep these 4 main factors to grab the best one.

Types of Automatic Door Closers – The automatic door closer is categorized into 4 types – Overhead door closers, surface mounted door closers, floor spring door closers, and concealed door closers. Choose the one that suits your requirement.

Door Width – The width of the door will decide the spring strength of the automatic door closer. So, measure the door width before buying the door closer.

Door Weight – The door weight will play a crucial role in selecting the automatic door closer. Choose the one which can handle your door weight.

Pull or Push Style – The automatic door closers are designed to suit different styles of doors like the door opens by pulling or pushing it.

Getting confusion on where to buy and what to see while buying and how to choose the best? Then simply go through the Buying Guide and the Best Automatic Door Closer which we provided in this article to relieve your confusion and purchase the best.

Best Automatic Door Closers in India

Automatic Door ClosersMaterialDoor WeightDoor WidthWarrantyBuy Now
Godrej Door CloserStainless Steel
60 Kg
1000 mm
TNL R – World Door CloserAluminium70 Kg
900 mm2 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Royal Hardware Door CloserAluminium60 to 80 Kg900 mm-------CHECK ON AMAZON
Kyoto Door CloserAluminium80 to 100 Kg700 – 800 mm-------CHECK ON AMAZON
Volo Automatic Door CloserAluminium30 to 70 Kg
600 – 1200 mm-------CHECK ON AMAZON
Ozone Door CloserAluminium45 Kg
850 mm1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Automatic Door Closers in India: Reviews

There are many versatile designs of automatic door closers available in the market. So, to help you in selecting the best door closers, we came up with some best automatic door closers that are widely purchased and used in the Indian market. Just go through these products and choose the one that suits for your home or office space. 

1. Godrej Locks C0712 Speed Hydraulic Door Closer

Godrej Locks C0712 Speed Hydraulic Door Closer

Godrej Locks is a part of Godrej Group, one of the India’s leading companies that has nurtured a century of growth and progress in India. This is suitable for both right hand and left hand opening doors with door panel or door frame mounting. It is a regular arm mounting overhead door closure. 

It is strong enough that the mechanism of door closer will not be damaged even if the door is kept open using door stopper for long time. It can be fitted either internal doors or external doors and also for any type of door material. 

Product Information:

  • Dimensions – 250 X 80 X 80 cm
  • Product Weight – 1.37 Kg
  • Door Weight – 60 kg
  • Door Panel Width – 1000 mm
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Door Opening Angle – 180 degree width
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Type – Lock
  • Maximum Closing Moment – 14 Nm

What we liked:

  • It is non – handed and can be used for both right and left swinging doors
  • The opening door range is 180 degrees and comes with regular arm overhead type of automatic door closers. 
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel and they are durable and come with anti-rust property. 

What we didn’t like:

  • You have to install this door closure with the user manual instructions provided with the product.
  • Some user’s complaint that the quality is not up to the mark (like can’t adjust the closer speed or screw’s position are not ergonomically designed).

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2. TNL R – World Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer

TNL R – World Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer

This TNL R – World Aluminium hydraulic door closer is suitable for right hand and left hand opening doors in which it is mounting on door frame or door panel. It comes with adjustable closing and latching speed. It is a type of regular arm overhead automatic door closer.

It has speed controlling valve in which you can control the speed. It fix perfectly on the wooden doors with wooden frame and aluminium door but works for all types of doors. 

Product Information:

  • Door Weight – 70 kg
  • Door Opening Angle – 180 degree width
  • Door Panel – 900 mm
  • Warranty – 2 years

What we liked:

  • It is made of premium quality with speed controlling valve.
  • There should be any hydraulic leakage even after using a couple of months. 
  • It comes with universal mounting and warranty of about 2 years. 

What we didn’t like:

  • Some user’s complaint that it is not suitable for doors with 70 kg weight
  • A little bit pricey when compared with other same quality products.
  • DIY installation in which the beginners are unable to assemble it by themselves.

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3. Royal Hardware Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer

Royal Hardware Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer

This Dorwer hydraulic door closer comes with right hand and left hand opening doors. The body of the door closer is manufactured from special aluminium expelled and made to give extreme accuracy. Pinion and rack are manufactured from steel alloy which is heavy duty machined and heat treated. 

The single and double regulating valve in this door closer will independently adjusts and controls the latching and closing speed of the door. This Dorwer automatic door closer is small and compactable. 

Product Information:

  • Door Weight – 60 to 100 kg
  • Product size – 28 X 10 X 6 cm
  • Product Weight – 1.19 kg
  • Door Opening Angle – 180 degrees
  • Color – Silver
  • Durability Test – 500000 cycles
  • Arm – Easy Adjustable Arm
  • Material – Aluminium & Steel Alloy

What we liked:

  • It is easy to install and use it.
  • Made with sturdy material and prevents any leak up on regular usage.
  • It is an economical product with best price. 

What we didn’t liked:

  • Some user’s complaint that they are getting some sound while closing the door and also the finishing has to be improved.
  • It may not be suitable for the heavy main doors.

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4. Kyoto Aluminium Overhead Door Closer

Kyoto Aluminium Overhead Door Closer

This Kyoto overhead door closer is made with the finest grade raw material and sophisticated technology. It is designed with high precision to meet the international quality standards. It comes with two separate valves that used for adjusting the latching speed and closing speed. 

It is highly appreciated by the users for its excellent features like easy to use mechanism, fine finish with rustproof and dimensional accuracy.

Product Information:

  • Door Weight – 80 to 100 kg
  • Type – Overhead 
  • Color – Silver
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Closer Type – Hydraulic
  • Door Opening Angle – 180 degrees 

What we liked:

  • Easy installation and easy to use.
  • Made with finest grade raw material like aluminium extrusion and sophisticated technology
  • Comes with two separate valves for controlling and adjusting latching & closing speed.

What we didn’t like:

  • Not suitable for both right and left door opening. Suitable for only right hand door opening.  

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5. Volo Automatic Hydraulic Door Closer

Volo Automatic Hydraulic Door Closer

This Volo automatic hydraulic door closer has universal opening in which it is suitable for both left and right hand opening doors. It is a door mounted door closer that has double speed – adjustable closing speed and latching speed for better controlling and performance. 

It is made of premium heavy duty aluminium that perfectly used for residential and commercial purposes with fitting set. It has features like easy to install, compactable and fine finish and best performance. 

Product Information:

  • Door Weight – 30 to 70 kg
  • Door Width – 600 to 1200 mm
  • Hole Distance – 162 X 19 mm
  • Product Dimensions – 17.8 X 4 X 6.5 cm
  • Product Weight – 1.3 kg
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Color – Silver

What we liked:

  • Has universal door opening along with adjustable latching speed and closing speed.
  • Made of sturdy material and durable
  • Give better control and best performance
  • This hydraulic double speed aluminium door closer premium heavy duty is used for residential and commercial purpose with fitting set.

What we didn’t like:

  • Some customer’s complaint that the latch speed is not adjustable properly.
  • Not suitable for heavy weight doors.

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6. Ozone NSK – 580 – E Std. Silver Door Closer

Ozone NSK – 580 – E Std. Silver Door Closer

Ozone door closer are made of premium quality that offers integrated access solutions. The door closers will come with tested and certified for its performance, functionality, quality and safety norm. The Ozone door closers are for interior and exterior applications. 

It comes with fully hydraulically controlled closing speed in two independent ranges (15⁰ – 0⁰ & 120⁰ – 15⁰). It is a standard arm type of door closer and has non handed design. 

Product Information:

  • Door Weight – 45 kg
  • Door Width – 850 mm
  • Maximum Angle of Door Opening – 120 degrees
  • Cycles Tested – 1 lac cycles
  • Color Finish – Silver
  • Material – Aluminium with rust free feature 
  • Warranty – 1 year 

What we liked:

  • Useful for both left hand and right hand door openings. 
  • Door closer with patch fitting and sleek construction
  • Comes with 1 year company warranty
  • Easy to fix, look elegant and works smoothly 

What we didn’t like:

  • This door closer is not suitable to use for sliding doors or heavy weight doors.
  • Some customer’s complaint that the screws quality is not up to the mark, as they getting stripped while drilling. 

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We all have a goal of buying the best automatic door closer in which the door has to open and close with a reasonable amount to force and thereby controls the high flow of traffic without causing inconvenience to the people entering into the room.

Although, all the above mentioned automatic door closers will work best but the Godrej Locks C0712 Speed Hydraulic Door Closer is most preferred why because it has universal door openings with either inside or outside door fitting and also fits for any door type or material. Also, it comes from the Godrej, a branded and well reputed company in which most of the Indians like their products. 

Do you think anything we missed about automatic door closer in this article? Or want to share your experience with us, then feel free to share it through comment section. We are happy to hear from you.