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Best Artificial Plants

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Artificial plants are the most decorative ideas to brighten up our interior setup without the worries of maintenance. Most of the time we see that despite our best efforts and regular watering we end up losing our favorite live plants. For that also these artificial plants are a smart and stylish escape. No worries of falling leaves or over watering, just keep them as they are and enjoy their beauty. We have brought some outstanding collections of artificial plants for you.

1. Pindia Green Leaf Artificial Indoor Plant

Tagline: An amazing artificial plant that has higher durability.

This miniature money plant is so realistic that anyone will fall for the illusion. The dual-tone shades of green and the yellow spots on the leaves look simply amazing. It looks very fresh and can be kept anywhere. The leaves are made of silk and the stems are made of plastic. 

2. DecoratingLives Artificial Plants

Tagline: Artificial green bonsai to give your interior some freshness.

This artificial bonsai can instantly change the look of your interior. The green and yellow combination of the leaves and the bushy shape looks so real. You can easily place it in your showcase, cabinet, wardrobe, or even on the coffee table. This is made of premium quality materials and will last long.

3. Ikea Artificial Plant with Plastic Pot

Tagline: Some realistic artificial cute succulents to create a cool vibe in your house.

IKEA is known for its awesome quality products. And when it comes to buying artificial plants you can blindly trust them. These artificial little plants are made of plastic. They are easy to clean. You can keep them wherever you want. These realistic succulents don’t require any sort of maintenance also. The shape, color, and finish of these plants are absolutely stunning.

4. Tumphu Panda Beautiful Artificial Plant

Tagline: A small cute artificial flower plant that is perfect for your home or office.

This flowering plant is 4x4x8 inches. It comes with a white plastic pot. Altogether the plant looks real enough to make you feel that you are quite close to nature. The bright flowers and the contrasting leaves are simply beautiful. It can draw anybody’s attention. You can easily place it anywhere you want as it is not too big in size. This is easy to clean even.

Things to consider before buying artificial plants:

  • Realistic look: The first most prioritized factor is the realistic look. We prefer these artificial plants because they look like real plants and we don’t have to worry about proper maintenance. But if they don’t provide that realistic look then it may look dull with your setup.
  • Maintenance: Mostly we prefer these artificial plants because they don’t require huge maintenance. But if the plant you are choosing is not easy to clean or to maintain, then there’s no point in buying it.
  • Size: They are available in various sizes and shapes. But it is always important to check the space first where you want to place the plant and then accordingly choose it.

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