Best Artificial Grass in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Artificial grass helps you in enjoying the greenery without any maintenance. Rather than spending your time on watering, fertilizing, or mowing the yard, you can simply sit and enjoy your free time with friends and families.

It looks great and is helpful in saving a lot of money. Along with this, it completely eliminates the need to water the lawn regularly.

Before buying the best artificial grass for your home, we would suggest you to consider these factors.


Check and measure the area properly where you are planning to place the artificial grass. You can then select the correct size accordingly.


The artificial or synthetic grass is available in different shades of green: lime green, dark green, olive green, etc. You can pick the color that shows different shades of green as it will give a natural look.

Turfs available at a cheaper price usually feature flat green shades. They might end up looking artificial.

Yarn Type:

There are 3 types of yarns: Nylon, Polypropylene (PP), and Polyethylene (PE). When compared, Polyethylene is the best as it is well-known for its natural and soft texture.

Backing, density, and quality are some other factors that you must also check before buying artificial grass for your yard or balcony. You can learn more about them in detail in the buying guide below.

Here is a list of best artificial grass available in the market to make it easier to shortlist the best one for your home. Let’s have a look!

Best Artificial Grass in India

Artificial GrassSizeNumber of colorsWarranty
Buy Now
Yellow Weaves High Density Artificial Grass5 X 10 Feet4 colorsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
Yazlyn Collection High Density Polyester Blend Artificial Grass6.5 X 3 feet4 colorsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
CHETANYA High Density Artificial Grass2X 31 feet4 colorsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
Best Manufacturers Artificial Grass6.5 X 6 feet4 colors4 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Pindia High-Density Artificial Grass4X 5 feet
4 colorsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
Cambik Natural Green Grass 2 X 5 feet
4 colorsn/aCHECK ON AMAZON
Kuber Industries High-Density Artificial Grass6.5 X 3 feet4 colors4 years on UV stabilityCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Artificial Grass in India: Reviews

1. Yellow Weaves High Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony

Yellow Weaves High Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony

Yellow weaves deals with various good quality products such as fridge top covers, sofa covers, artificial grass, and others. 

This artificial grass is perfect as it can be kept anywhere- either inside or outside the house that is in the garden, lawns or even in the playgrounds. 

It comes in the size of 5 x 10 Feet which is ideal to be kept in any medium or average sized lawn. 

For providing an effective and elegant natural authentic look to the artificial grass, the manufacturer has included 4 different colors. 

You can use it in any kind of weather condition without worrying about its wear or tear (rain or even during snow). 

You can easily sit back and relax as the blades are made up of sturdy and durable material which will not shed easily. Also, it can also sustain the heat easily which means you will not have to worry even when the sun is too hot and there is scorching heat on a sunny day. 

It is completely environment-friendly and looks exactly like a natural grass which you can even notice in the product image. 

You can normally pour water into it and clean everything within seconds as it requires zero maintenance. 

Warranty–  n/a 


  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • The size of the grass blades is small 

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2. Yazlyn Collection High Density Polyester Blend Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony

Yazlyn Collection High Density Polyester Blend Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony

Yazlyn collection delivers the best quality material such as doormats, bedsheets, and artificial grass. 

The best part about this artificial grass is that it comes in different sizes so that you can easily pick the one which will suit your lawn or area where you would want to store it. 

Also, another good part about this artificial grass is that it comes very handy and at a very affordable price. 

For a natural and elegant authentic look, the manufacturer has used 4 colors so that you can experience the best deal with fake or artificial grass. 

It can easily resist any kind of weather either cold or scorching heat as the quality has been designed in such a way that it resists almost everything.

You will experience very minimal shedding as it comes with sturdy and durable construction and very neat grass blades (also the layers are so intact that the grass will remain erect for as long as you want). 

It is an eco-friendly artificial grass which can be kept anywhere (outdoor or indoor) either inside the house where you can make it like a carpet or outside like using it for landscaping garden. 

There is almost zero cost which you will require to put in for its assembly as you will get the product in a pre-assembled state. 

Washing the artificial grass is also very easy as you can just pour water on it to clean. Also, please don’t add soapy water in it as it can destroy the quality of the artificial grass. 



  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • Not much soft as compared to natural grass 

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3. CHETANYA High Density Artificial Grass for Balcony

CHETANYA High Density Artificial Grass for Balcony

Chetanya deals with various good quality products such as curtains, artificial grass, and others. 

Well, this artificial grass is also available in different sizes and you can use the one which can feasibly suit your area either house or a building or a garden. 

For a natural and elegant look, the manufacturer has used 4 colors so that you find it difficult to differentiate between the natural and artificial ones. 

It will not shed in any season or condition due to its robust quality material and you can certainly use it in any season such as rainy or summer. 

You can use it for both indoor and outdoor use such as a carpet for a house or a landscaping garden. 

This man-made grass or turf is very rough and tough and doesn’t require soapy water to wash away the dust. You can simply pour water either mineral or chlorine to clean the grass. 

Warranty n/a


  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • Size is lesser than what mentioned 

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4. Best Manufacturers Artificial Grass For Floor

Best Manufacturers Artificial Grass For Floor

Best manufacturers deals in robust quality products like a coffee mug, waffle-head masher, artificial grass, and others. 

This product comes at the size of 6.5 X 6 Feet and can suit as a dog potty training grass, back and front lawn, and others. 

It has been built using robust quality material which can easily resist any kind of climatic conditions whether rain or sunny day. You can feasibly keep it during any season or weather without worrying about its wear and tear. 

It comes with a mesh for longer usage and higher durability and you can easily drain the water or clean the surface by pouring water (the water draining will not consume much of your time which is the best thing). 

Warranty4 years


  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • Height of the grass is little small 

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5. Pindia High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Home Office Lawn Garden Balcony

Pindia High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Home Office Lawn Garden Balcony

The dimension of this product is 4 x 5 Feet which is a little smaller than other products mentioned here but this one is perfect for those who want to use it as a dog’s potty training, or as a measure to feel relaxed at home. 

For the natural and elegant feel, the manufacturer has used 4 different colors so that you can feel exactly the same. 

It is built up of 100% eco-friendly polyethylene material which can easily protect the artificial turf or grass from any kind of UV radiation. 

 You can use it during any weather conditions- may it be rainy or a sunny day, this artificial grass will always give you comfort. 

You will get zero cost on maintenance as it doesn’t require to be cut on a daily basis or even watered. You can also clean it very efficiently by just pouring water into it. 

You also don’t need to use any pesticides as it is artificial grass and it will give you the proper and authentic feel of grass (it will not help you feel cool as these artificial turfs are made up of man-made material). 



  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • Height of the grass is little small 

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6. Cambik Natural Green Grass 

Pindia High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Home Office Lawn Garden Balcony

Cambik delivers high-quality products such as a cotton doormat, mattress covers, and others. 

Well, if you want to purchase a soothing doormat that can give you the exact feel like a grass then this one is the best deal for you. 

You can also use it for outdoor use like garden, lawn, patio, landscape, backyard, deck, balcony, porch, and others. 

The size of this artificial grass is 2 X 5 feet but it comes in variable sizes and you can choose one of your own choices. 

The material is made up of 100% original and eco-friendly synthetic grass which is ideal and will not cause any harm to you or your pet. 

It comes with 4-tone colors so that you can get the natural and the best elegant feel ever. 

The back of it is made up of rubber which is anti-skid so that you can place it on any kind of surface either flat or uneven. 

You will require zero set up cause and maintenance as well and can easily keep it for as long as you want as it is very durable and sturdy. 

Also, you can just rinse the water after pouring it into or else wait for a certain period of time for the water to get rinsed easily. 

Warranty- n/a 


  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash


  • None for now 

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7. Kuber Industries High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat

Pindia High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Home Office Lawn Garden Balcony

Kuber industries deliver good quality products like a comforter, bath mat, artificial grass carpet mat, and others.  

Well, this product is the perfect deal for those who would like to keep it as a carpet mat made up of artificial turf or grass. 

You get the size of 6.5 X 3 feet but you can actually buy the size which you would want to have as it comes in various sizes. 

It is also made up of 4 different colors to provide you with a natural-looking grass (so that when your guests come in, they will be amazed). 

You can use it any season or under any weather condition may it be a snowfall, a rainy day or a scorching heat summer day. 

You can use it for any usage like indoor or outdoor as it can easily cater to all your needs. It is also protected from UV radiation and hence it is very eco-friendly plus chemical-free. 

Cleaning it is also very easy as you will not have to pour soapy water or clean it using hands. You will just require to pour water so that the dust washes away with the pour kept underneath it. 

Warranty- 4 years on UV stability


  • Looks exactly like a natural grass
  • Can sustain any weather condition
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor usage both
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Protects from UV radiation


  • Grass size (height) is smaller

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Best Artificial Grass – Things to Consider Before Buying

While choosing the best artificial grass for the lawn, there are multiple factors that you must check for. Going through these factors will ensure that you are investing in the right product.

1. Types of Yarns:

There are 3 types of synthetic yarns namely Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), and Nylon. Let’s check about each one of them in detail.

  • Polypropylene (PP):

Yarns made using Polypropylene are the least expensive ones. This is one of the reasons that you will find this type of artificial turf in most of the households. However, even though it is available at a cheaper price, it might not be the best one. The synthetic turf made using polypropylene usually has a lower melting point. The chances of wearing out are also easy and high when compared to the turf made using other materials.

  • Polyethylene (PE):

Polyethylene turfs are loved by many due to the soft texture that they offer. They look very natural, especially in a home landing installation. These turfs are majorly used on football or soccer fields and landscape designs. Good and high-quality polyethylene artificial grass suits perfectly in any yard. The look and feel of these turfs are no less than the natural and fresh grass.

  • Nylon:

Out of all the types, nylon turfs are the strongest. These artificial turfs can withstand heavy weight and high temperatures. It can retain its original shape easily.

Nylon turfs are best used for high end putting greens. They are usually not used for landscaping as they offer an unnatural feel and also have a rough texture.

2. Pile Height or Blade Length:

Pile height means the length of the grass blades from the tip till the backing. You must select a turf that features a taller pile height to give a natural appearance.

Longer glass blades might be a bit heavier though. Also, because of the gravitational pull, longer glass blades tend to bend over and this might make your lawn look flat after a while.

To maintain a natural-looking lawn, you should select a pile height of 30 – 37 mm. But if you are planning to place furniture on the grass, we would suggest you to go ahead with a shorter pile height as it will offer better sustainability.

Irrespective of the pile height that you choose, you must remember that it is important to brush the turf regularly to maintain the blades in an upright position.

3. Density or Face Weight:

The density of the turf is measured as the amount of yarn or fiber per square unit. Since a denser turf will have more amount of yarn, it will be expensive. Apart from the material of the yarn, backing, or quality, the density of the yarn plays a major role in determining the price of the turf.

  • 800 grams to 1.3 kg:

Most of the economical or entry-level artificial turfs feature a density of 800 grams to 1.3 kg. One pointer that you must remember is if the density of the turf is low, it will be less expensive and will be durable too.

These turfs are good to be used in low traffic areas and can improve the appearance of such areas. These artificial grasses require about 1 to 2 kg of quality infill, depending on the pile height.

  • 4 kg to 1.7 kg:

These turfs offer a medium density and are priced at mid-levels. They require around 0.7 kg to 1 kg of quality infill and can be used at both residential and commercial properties. Such artificial grass turfs look amazing. However, matting can occur due to overuse.

  • 8 kg to 2.3 kg:

These are high-end products that are not only expensive but also offer a natural look and feel. They feature high density along with a secondary thatch. This means that these turfs can be installed using only 0.6 kg to 0.9 kg of quality infill.

Infilling these products help in increasing their durability and hence, make them the perfect choice to be used in high traffic areas and pet solutions.


Turfs that are dense and have taller pile height are usually heavy in weight. If you are planning to install the turf in your backyard or garden, its weight should not be a big concern for you. However, if you intend to install the synthetic grass in the balcony or rooftop, you should consider the load limit of your balcony or roof.

4. Infill:

Artificial grass is infilled so that it looks natural and lush. Infill is also helpful in maintaining the springy nature of the turf.

Infill acts as a support system for the turf blades so that it remains vertical and increase its durability. Infill weighs down the turf to prevent system failures or repair cost that happens while movement or shifting.

Here are different types of infills that are used in synthetic grass:

  • ZeoFill:

ZeoFill is one of the most advanced infill systems that is commonly used for pet-use applications. When the zeoFill is used in artificial lawns as an infill, it works on neutralizing the ammonia present in the urine of the pet. It is also helpful in eliminating the odor.

It is suggested to use zeoFill as the infill on the top of the artificial grass when your pets (medium to large-sized) are going to urinate on it.

ZeoFill is capable of retaining water for a longer time when compared to other types of infills available. It can also keep the grass up to 20 degrees cool. Zeofill is 100% natural and is completely non-toxic.

  • EnviroFill:

EnviroFill is a coated silica sand. Since it is a coated sand, most of the silica dust particles are non-existent and thus, are safe to be used.

The coated sand granules are generally sealed and thus, are non-porous. They are safe to be used in backyards or playgrounds.

EnviroFill is mostly round in shape. This makes the turf less abrasive. Another benefit of using coated sand as the infill is it is green in color. Hence, it hides properly in the thatch and reflects lesser heat. Turfs made using EnviroFill are about 20% cooler than turfs that are made using other types of infills.

  • Sand:

Sand is the most commonly used infill. It is a less expensive option when compared to other types. Sand infill generally features a lighter tan. This helps in enhancing the tan thatch in a more natural way. Whenever sand is used for infilling, it is very important that the manufacturer uses the right type of sand.

Most types of sand that are available in the market feature a coarse texture. This can damage the turf fibers which can lead to wearing off the turf. Hence, make sure that you buy a turf that uses good quality and industry-approved rounded sand (16/30 mesh is considered the best).


The sand infill is generally not recommended for pet applications as you might need extra chemical treatments to get rid of the odor.

  • Crumb Rubber:

Crumb rubber is generally used for sports applications as it has a softer feel. It also allows natural ball roll too. The crumb rubber is made using recycled tires. Thus, it does not compact to a hard base and this prevents drainage too. Crumb rubber can retain heat. It can reach a temperature of about 165 degrees in the summer season.

5. Backing:

Artificial grass backing refers to the stabilizing fabric that is used to secure the fiber tufts. It provides dimensional stability to the entire system of the turf. The backing includes primary and secondary materials that help in filtering water through the turf.

Primary Backing:

Primary backing materials usually have a woven or non-woven fabric in either one or multiple layers that are made using high strength polypropylene or polyester.

The primary backing helps the artificial turf fibers to be tufted in the material in rows. It facilitates proper seaming in between the artificial turf panels.

Secondary Backing:

Secondary backing is used to bind the tuft permanently. This adds stability to the entire turf system.

There are two types of backing that are used generally: Perforated or non-perforated.

  • Perforated:

Most of the secondary backings used in synthetic grass are generally made using urethane. It features perforations or punched holes at a distance of few inches. This helps in facilitating drainage.

The perforated drainage systems are usually rated at 20 inches per hour. This type of perforated backing is standard in most of the products, except pet turfs.

Another material that is used in perforated backing is latex. However, it is a bit cheap and degrades at a faster rate when compared to urethane in the presence of moisture. This makes it easier for the turf blades to become loose.

  • Non-Perforated:

Non-perforated is very different from the perforated backing as rather than flowing through various spots of the turf, this type of backing allows the water to drain uniformly through the turf.

The flow-through backing is very important during dog turf installations. Whenever your pet urinates on the turf, the urine drains straight via the backing to the base rock. Due to this, the bacteria present in the turf does not remain on the turf. Hence, it prevents any odor or damage.

As the turf uses flow-through technology, these products are a bit expensive. However, they are appropriate for most types of installations.

6. Color:

Synthetic grass is available in different shades of green such as lime green, olive green, dark green, and many more. Cheaper turfs are usually available in a single flat green shade. The aesthetics of these turfs is unlike that of the natural grass.

You must avoid buying turf that looks perfectly green. Instead, check for the imperfect ones and buy a turf that features multiple shades of green including brown flecks.  This adds a lush and natural look to the grass.


While buying artificial turf, select the color, and take its sample outside. Check how it looks near a wall, concrete, or any area that looks similar to the installation area at your home.

7. Tuft Lock Strength:

Turf lock is a very important part of the entire system. There is a simple way to check if the tuft lock is good enough or not. To test it, try to pull out a few fibers from both top and the backside. If you are able to pull out the fibers easily, you might have to reconsider your decision and look for a better product. A poor tuft lock strength along with a low-quality product might end up to an entire system failure.

8. Size:

The size of the turf depends on the location where you want to install the artificial grass. If you want to keep it in your garden, you might want to buy the grass in a larger size. But, if you want to keep the turf beneath your sofa or a corner of your house, you should buy a smaller turf. You can decide the size after measuring the size of the place where you want to install it.

9. Traffic:

One of the factors that you should consider before buying artificial grass is the amount of traffic where you are planning to install artificial grass. If there are kids or pets at your place who play in the outdoor area, you should buy a turf that is very durable.

If you are installing a less durable turf in a heavy traffic area, the turf might wear out very quickly. Hence, you must buy a turf that will work well in the traffic in that particular area.

10. Quality:

A good quality artificial turf is soft to touch. Along with this, quality turf is backed evenly and has well-stitched tufts. It also features a consistent color.

These turfs are more expensive. However, since it is a long-term investment, it should be okay to spend more on a quality product. You can check for manufacturers that produce good quality products and buy accordingly.

11. Weather-Resistant:

You must buy a turf that will not melt when you are exposing it to high temperatures. It should also be able to retain its original shape. The color of the turf should also not fade easily when constant exposure to the sun. You can even buy artificial grass that offers UV protection.

12. Maintenance:

When compared to natural grass, artificial grass requires very little maintenance. However, if maintained properly, you can increase its longevity and use it for years.

All the turfs require the same type of maintenance. While some types require frequent maintenance, others don’t.

You can buy a turf depending on the amount of time you want to use it. You should also consider the weather conditions in your area. If the chances of debris falling from the tree or other sources are high in the area where you are installing the turf, it might require more maintenance.

You should also consider the maintenance cost. If you are buying a cheaper turf that requires frequent maintenance, you might end up spending almost the same amount of money that you will spend on the good quality turf.

13. Price:

Artificial grass is not that expensive. Hence, people don’t mind spending on this grass as both the price and the maintenance cost is low. You can get artificial grass within a price range of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 easily.

14. Warranty:

The warranty period of most synthetic turfs is pro-rated on day 1 post-purchase. Thus, if the turf that you are buying has a warranty of 10 years. If you are claiming the warranty on the 8th year, you might recover 20% of the entire turf value. You should check for a warranty with a slow proration period.

Tips for Good Quality Artificial Grass:

Here are some tips that can be helpful while buying good quality artificial grass:

  • If you live in an area with freezing temperatures in winter, you must avoid using nails, However, this is completely fine if areas with warmer climates. In a colder climate, you should prefer using perimeter anchor boards and then wrap or staple the turf.
  • If you are placing the turf in an area that is exposed to direct rays of the sun, the turf can start melting soon. If you are installing it near a window through which direct sunlight enters, you can use a window film to reduce the reflection. You must also check the direction of the turf blades along with the roll orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Will these artificial grass cause rashes? 

Mostly, no but it depends on the type or quality of artificial grass you might have bought. So, if you have purchased the one that comes with not an eco-friendly option or pet-friendly option then you might fall prey to itching or rashes may whatever you say. 
It is always recommended to go for a product which comes with eco-friendly, protection from UV radiation, and free from chemical so that you can stop anything that can cause harm to your or your body. 

2. Can I use artificial grass for my cat? 

Yes, you can. Also, you can use it as a tool for training the cat for potty. Many people use it for dogs and many feel that using it as a potty training tool can cause a lot of dust in the house but in actual sense, you can just wash away the dust by pouring water into it. You will not face any consequences at all if you regularly clean it with high-pressure water so to ensure that the dust is washed away and the quality is also retained. 

3. Artificial grass will be hot or cool? 

You can’t expect the same cooling from artificial grass as you get from the original one. Since the artificial grass is man-made so it will not give the cooling effect as natural grass does (because artificial grass is just the replica of the natural grass). So, cooling just depends upon the location where you will store it. In case, you are storing it in a hot room then the artificial grass will become hot. 

4. How do I install fake grass?

Installing fake grass is very easy as you will just require to roll on and keep it on a flat surface. You will have to spend almost zero rupees for installation. 


Buying artificial grass may seem easy but it is a tough task as you will have to decide between various options and make sure that the one you buy looks exactly the replica of real grass. To make your purchase an easy one, we come up with articles after proper analysis and research and hence we recommend you Yellow Weaves High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat for Balcony, Lawn, Door (5 X 10 Feet) as it can give you the exact feel of a real grass, is eco-friendly, and most importantly very easy to clean and durable. 

Also, if you are looking for an option which can protect the UV radiation so that when your pets are playing on it, you will not have to worry then buy Kuber Industries High-Density Artificial Grass Carpet Mat (6.5 x 3 ft, Green, GrassCT33) as it can serve as the best deal for you because it comes in different sizes so that you can easily choose the one depending on your area, is eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any chemical so that your pets can be safe, and most importantly, is very durable and sturdy which can stay for many years without any issues. 

Meanwhile, if you have any queries or suggestions for us then you can just comment down below and we will ensure to reply to you within 5 working days (the reply depends on the flow of comments and you can get a reply within minutes even). Till then, we wish you a very happy and safe purchase 🙂