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Best Antique Showpieces

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An antique showpiece with a bright vintage touch is what we all want for our bookcases or showcases. A showpiece always adds some extra sophisticated look to our interior setup and the best thing is the antique showpieces suit every wall colour and curtain sets or cabinet shades. Herein, we have pointed out four best antique showpieces that will brighten up your entire arrangements.

1. Kissing Duck Showpiece

Tagline: An antique duck showpiece that looks extremely classic.

This pair of ducks have a very stylish glossy finish that makes it super eye catchy as a showpiece. It is of 15.2×5.1×33 cms dimensions and weighs around 0.93 pounds. This showpiece is made of aluminium and the appearance of the dual-tone of gold and silver in this showpiece makes it look more classic. And the best thing about this showpiece is it will go well with any wall colour and any setup.

2. Forest Lion Decorative Showpiece

Tagline: The vintage flavour of the lion showpiece is perfect for any corner shelf.

If you are a vintage lover, then this lion showpiece is the best fit for your interior decor. The bronze colour and the shine of this showpiece makes it a showstopper for any corner. It is made of polyresin measuring 13x9x23 cms of dimensions. It is so artistic that you can even keep it in your bookcases too. In fact, it will add some unique flavour to your bedroom if you keep it on your side or corner table.

3. Brass Deer Statue

Tagline: A dhokra brass decor that will enhance the beauty of your TV cabinet.

This hand-painted paired deer showpiece can be a perfect gift for anniversary parties or birthday parties. Because it will help them add some extra splashes of colours to their cabinets. On the top of the cabinet if you keep these two antique deer showpieces along with some money plants then it will change the entire look of your living room. It weighs around 400 gms and is of 10.2×3.8×16.5 cms. It is made of dhokra brass and has a very smooth finishing.

4. Love Birds on Tree Brass Showpiece

Tagline: A love bird showpiece as a perfect gift for any occasion.

This cute little love bird showpiece is made of brass and is of 8x3x9 inches. It is a very lightweight showpiece that would be a perfect gift idea for the newlywed couples as this lovely small showpiece can look amazing in any corner of a house. It has a very antique touch and the golden shade makes it look more bright. The additional tree and its branches make the showpiece more realistic.

Things to consider before buying an antique showpiece:

Antique items are on high demand these days. So, in order to maintain the recent trending styles, it often happens that we forget to check some most important things before buying any antique item. Herein, we have listed out some of the important factors that one should consider:

  • Price: Generally these antique showpieces affect our pocket a little. So if you get an amazing antique showpiece for your home decor at a very pocket-friendly price then just go for it.
  • Size: If you are planning to buy an antique showpiece for your bookcase or coffee table or corner table then you should buy a smaller one and if you are buying for your cabinets or gardens then you should pick a bigger one. Hence, check out which size will be the perfect one for your set-up.
  • Quality: if you are looking for an antique item, it means you want some royal and ethnic touch for your decor. So, it’s very important to check if your selected showpiece can complete that vacuum or not. The gold and silver-tone of antique items are supposed to give a very lavish look to your interior. Therefore, before buying you must check the quality of the showpiece.

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