Best Anti-theft Backpacks in India

Nowadays, as the cases of theft escalate, there is an urge to keep our belongings safe especially while travelling. Different types of Anti-theft bags have been touring the markets these days. But many people confuse it with having a GPS for tracking which is not the case.

Anti-theft bags offer design choices that can circumvent criminal efforts. They are designed in order to make it difficult for someone to access the backpack while you are wearing it. The design options include rear opening backpacks so as to limit access to our belongings. It should be made out of strong nylon material and must be water-resistant. Its lightweight and reliability for long term use are other qualities to look for.

With an increase in the RFID tags in ID, the privacy of an individual is always under an impending threat. This has lead to many backpacks offering an RFID Blocking system in the main compartment. In addition to these qualities, the zippers are placed in such a way that they are not visible. The last and the most important characteristic of these backpacks is they have a steel mesh in the backpack so they are cut resistant.

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, these bags also incorporate USB charging systems, multiple compartments to arrange your essentials and sometimes a locking system as well.

Best Anti-theft Backpacks in India

Product NameProduct Dimensions (cm)Capacity (lit)Warranty Buy Now
Deals Outlet Anti Theft Backpack29*5*303030 days CHECK ON AMAZON
Gods Ghost Anti Theft Backpack30*15*49221 year CHECK ON AMAZON
3Hoteon Anti Theft Backpack42*30*8101 month CHECK ON AMAZON
Fur Jaden Black Anti Theft Backpack30*12*42156 months CHECK ON AMAZON
MOCA Kaka Anti-Theft Backpack29.2*19.8*47large30 days CHECK ON AMAZON
Trajectory 3 in 1 Supercombo Anti-Theft BackPack30*12*42large30 days CHECK ON AMAZON
Gear Shell Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack49*41*16321 year CHECK ON AMAZON

Best Anti-theft Backpacks in India 2019

1.Deals Outlet Anti Theft Backpack

Deals-Outlet backpacks

The Deals Outlet Backpack has a sleek design with stylish looks. It is made for daily use and encompasses multiple compartments to organize your stuff. Along with the compartments, it has hidden zippers at the back and an inbuilt USB charging port with waterproof technology. Thus with all the convenience offered inside a short form factor, it has rightfully taken our first choice in this list

Its dimensions are 29*5*30 cm and come with 30 days money-back warranty. This anti-theft backpack is equipped with an exclusive space to carry a 15.6-inch laptop and separate compartments to keep tablets or iPads. It contains padded handles, shoulder straps and bottle holders as well. Additionally, there are compartments for mobile phones, pens, power banks, headphones and many other items.

Slight variations of 1 to 3 cm may appear due to different manufacturing branches. Colour shown in the images should only be taken as reference as slight variation may occur due to monitor brightness or external light conditions.

Notable Features 

  • It is made with polyester, nylon and canvas
  • It has an anti-theft design with the zipper of the main pocket hidden at the back.
  • 180 degree opening like a suitcase
  • Made with 300D fabric which water-proof, cut-proof and dust-proof.
  • It has metal zippers
  • It has multiple compartments
  • It comes with a 30 days money-back warranty


Deals Outlet is a trusted manufacturer and comes with a good seller rating. The cleverly designed hidden zipper placed at the back is implemented beautifully. Nobody can find it in an instant and that’s what is required from a potent anti-theft backpack. Overall, with multiple compartments and an inbuilt USB charging port, it encompasses everything you need at an affordable price making it a must-buy for any customer.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Secret pockets on shoulder straps and on the sides of the bag
  • Retro-reflective tape on the front of the bag
  • Easily affordable
  • It has an inbuilt USB charging port
  • It is shockproof


  • Dry clean only

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2. Gods Ghost Anti Theft Backpack

Gods-Ghost backpacks

Gods has been a new entry in the backpack industry but it has grown exponentially thanks to a stylish design coupled with convenience and utility. The Ghost has a revolutionary design whereby it can only be accessed from the back which serves as a protection from theft or pick-pocketing. It has the capability to maintain its shape when it is empty. It has wider straps for long-distance travels. The only thing why it is placed second on this list is the price. Being significantly higher priced than Deals Outlet backpack, it comes with similar features except USB charging.

It does not contain any front-accessible zippers but is equipped with a rear opening. It contains twin pockets on each side. It can easily fit a laptop with a 15.6 inch display.

“Ghost” is a legal word of RoadGods AutoGear Private Limited. If you come across any of the pirated or fake product, report it urgently to their team. The customer support is excellent!

Separate compartments for your documents, headphones and other necessary items.

It is made up of high tensile nylon fiber which is water-resistant and the dimensions are 30*15*49 cm. A 1-year warranty from the date of purchase is available with the product.

Notable Features

  • It is made up with tensile nylon fibres
  • It can only be accessed from the back.
  • Three-layered tough construction
  • It is water-resistant
  • No front-accessible zippers
  • Tangle-free hangers for headphones, USB cables
  • 180-degree rear opening
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


This Anti Theft backpack is from a very renowned and trusted brand GODS with RoadGods as their manufacturer. Along with water and abrasive resistant nature, it has imported heavy duty YKK zippers and sliders. The company is granted patents in Europe, India and filed in the USA making it the most trustworthy and reliable brands.


  • Fully concealed and water-resistant bottle compartments
  • Travelcard pocket on shoulder
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Imported heavy-duty YKK zippers


  • Costs slightly higher
  • It does not have an in-built USB charging

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3. Hoteon Anti Theft Backpack

Hoteon backpacks

This Hoteon grey Anti Theft backpack comes with additional features like 1 combination lock, 1 built-in USB cable and 1 built-in audio line.  It is made up of water-resistant polyester. A theft-proof pocket on the back can hold all your valuable items and add to the safety. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a good anti-theft backpack, and thus it is our third product.

It can easily accommodate a laptop of screen 15.6 inches. The breathable and padded shoulder straps provide more comfort during long journeys. It has a dimension of 42*30*8 cm and is offered with a total capacity of 10 litres.

The overall user rating is good. The idea to incorporate a locking system in the bag seems to grab attention. Apart from few users who are concerned about the capacity of the bag, others seem very as per the usage reviews.

Notable Features

  • It is made up of polyester
  • It comes with a 1-month warranty
  • It is water-resistant
  • Contains two bottle compartments on the sides
  • A zipper open USB installation
  • No batteries are required


It is a simple and stylish bag better than the costly branded items. One of the few bags which is provided with a locking system to keep your valuable items safe! It has an in-built USB port which lets you charge your phone using a power bank kept inside. It is a must-buy for anyone looking for a bag with all necessities at an affordable price.


  • It is lightweight
  • It has an in-built USB system
  • It has a reflective strip to caution vehicles
  • It contains a lock system
  • Easily affordable price


  • No hidden pockets
  • No headphone slots

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4. Fur Jaden Black Anti Theft Backpack

Fur-Jaden backpacks

Fur Jaden is a brand aimed at providing the young generation with both function and aesthetics. It has seven compartments to organize all your items without their chance of being stolen. Weighing only about 700 grams, it provides comfort during long journeys without sacrificing capacity and safety.

It is able to encompass a 15.6-inch laptop with ease. It has easily accessible pockets on shoulder straps with a built-in charging system.

It has a dimension of 30*12*42 cm with a 15 litres capacity to incorporate all your valuable belongings easily. With a water-resistant polymer, it keeps your items safe.

Though the bag has a capacity of 15 liters, some customers complain about the size as some of the laptops don’t fit. Apart from this, the overall users are happy with the style and quality of the product.

Notable Features

  • Water-resistant technology
  • It has a single compartment with 7 small inner pockets
  • It comes with a warranty of 6 years


Fur Jaden is a brand that is adored by youngsters. It manages to make its products stylish and bold yet taking into consideration all the necessities of an individual. This Fur Jaden Anti Theft backpack is a combination of style and privacy. Any individual who does not want to compromise with the looks of the bag yet not keep his privacy at stake ought to buy this bag.


  • It is a stylish and lightweight bag
  • Available at an affordable price
  • In-built charging system
  • It has a 180-degree rear opening


  • Space to keep bottles is not present

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5. MOCA Kaka Anti-Theft Backpack

 MOCA backpack

MOCA is renowned for manufacturing a wide range of stylish adventure backpacks, camera bags, everyday bags, and travel accessories. This time they have come up with a top-quality water-resistant and anti-theft laptop backpack. Their backpack comes with an interior lining coated with water-resistant polyester to ensure your laptop and other belongings are dry inside.

This backpack is one of the most durable products in the market and comes with honeycomb mesh sponge, and padded shoulder straps for providing maximum support and air space.

The backpack has a multi-utility purpose because there is anti-theft technology inbuilt and has a USB charging pad. There is a code lock system and added compartments with more than one pocket for protection of your belongings. Not only that! But it also comes with smartly hidden zippers and invisible pockets at the back to ensure more security.

MOCA always retains the top position when people want to buy quality backpacks with smart and durable features. They provide the most economical backpacks present in the market. It is a highly rated backpack on online shopping platforms and provides one of the best value for money products.

Notable Features:

  • Large capacity with a multi-purpose design.
  • Equipped with a USB interface
  • Made of high quality Dacron which is durable and tear-resistant.


This product has already made a big hit among potential buyers because of the material used in its manufacturing. They have used strong water-resistant oxford material which is long-lasting. Overall, this bag lets you unpack the headache of protecting your belongings. You can just chill out with your friends and family without stress due to loads of security features inside.


  • Enough space for your belongings: 1 main compartment, 2 front zipper pockets, 1 top zipper pocket, 1 anti-theft zipper pocket, 3 inner pockets, 1 laptop sleeve, separate space for laptop and books.
  • Anti-theft feature: hidden zippers, invisible pockets, code lock.
  • Suitable gift for security cautious people.


  • slow charging USB charging pad
  • Velcro strap won’t close if the laptop is having a size greater than 15.6 inches.

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6. Trajectory Anti-Theft BackPack

Trajectory backpacks

Have you ever heard about a backpack that opens from your back? Probably not! But this design is there on the backpack manufactured by Trajectory. They have introduced a black anti-theft backpack with a multipurpose facility. This backpack by Trajectory lets you unpack the headache of protecting your belongings. You can just chill out with your friends and family without stress due to loads of security features inside.

The trajectory is maintaining their legacy through the cutting edge design of this backpack which lets you carry your laptops, wallet, and other valuables safely.

This also comes with an external USB charging port to charge your phone on the go just by connecting your mobile with your power bank through this port. This bag has multiple pockets for wallet, cards, and other accessories. Shoulder straps have added pockets to store essential cards for easy access. This waterproof backpack comes with a separate laptop slot and has the premium 600D oxford fabric as the manufacturing material. The laptop sleeve is dust and scratch-free because of black neoprene present.

The Trajectory is a trademark name in markets across India. This product is labelled under Trajectory brand and is already on demand. Due to its smart anti-theft design of opening from the back, this product is making hits among college students and adventure loving people.

Notable Features:

  • Comes with USB port and charging cable.
  • Additional pocket right on the strap.
  • Comes with a laptop sleeve which can be used either way around.
  • Last but not least, the company provides free earphone case to keep your earphones and pen drive safely


As mentioned, this backpack doesn’t have a front opening and thus prevents theft. And this unique design cue makes it one of the most convenient backpacks out there which comes with an added benefit of being anti-theft. Besides, this product has a compact look and provides convenience in carrying essentials with full safety. Overall a worthy competitor to all the bags in this list!


  • Zippers are at backside unlike other normal bags
  • Best quality material used and shoulder strap has special pockets
  • Free laptop sleeves and earphone case and 1 main compartment for laptop.


  • Limited space for accessories other than laptops
  • Shoulder strap material is not so good.

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7. Gear Shell Anti-Theft Backpack

Gear-Shell backpacks

This anti-theft bag not only refrains thieves from stealing your stuff but also is elegant and sleek. This bag which seems minimalistic; actually has a lot more features apart from keeping your accessories secure! It is available in grey color and is waterproof. The shoulder straps are padded and can be easily adjusted. Moreover, they have anti-sweat fabric on their inner side.

The zip lines of the bag are concealed under flaps and therefore are invisible to thieves. The inner lining of the bag is made up of a fiber sheet which is unbreakable and makes penetration through the bag impossible, except for accessing the bag through the back compartment. The anti-theft pocket is a quick access pocket that enables you to access and retrieve important stuff without even opening the entire bag.  This laptop backpack also has a USB slot which enables you to charge devices while they are still in a bag.

With a capacity of 32 litres and weight a tad bit over 1.5 kgs, this backpack is not lightweight or sleek either. But the quality of material used is really good and comes with all the necessary features one can expect from an anti-theft backpack.

Notable Features

  • External bottle holder and a stow away pocket for holding bottles
  • The bag has quick access pockets for easy and fast retrieval.
  • 5 organizer pockets help you to organize stuff efficiently.
  • Main compartment has 7 pockets with wide access and padded laptop sleeve
  • Has USB slot so that you can charge gadgets while they are still inside the bag.


For the given price the bag is an amazing buy, as it not only stores but also protects your belongings, at the same time facilitating your comfort through quick access features and slots. Overall, with almost all the bells and whistles and coupled with a 1-year warranty, this backpack rightfully takes this last spot in our list.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Quality waterproof material
  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Quick-access pockets and USB slot


  • For people who need to open and close their bags multiple times, this may be a little time taking as zip lines are concealed.

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Best Anti-Theft Backpack Buying Guide

If you are buying an anti-theft backpack for the first time, you should understand the various properties and features of the backpack. These will ensure that you do not end up buying a cheap-quality backpack with lack of necessary features and functionalities. Therefore, we are providing a thorough buying guide containing factors for your consideration while going through the products so that the best possible anti-theft backpack.

Types Of Anti-Theft Backpacks

The anti-theft backpacks are categorized as per their purpose of usage.

1. Travel Anti-Theft Backpack

These backpacks come with the special travel-friendly construction. Most of the cases, the material of the bags is very much durable and offers protection against wear and tear. However, some of them come with higher and lower temperature-resistant function. These bags are also generally resistant to cut.

Apart from that, these backpacks come with several compartments with different sizes to accommodate every valuable item for traveling of a single person. Even, some of the bags mandatorily have a zip-locker system to protect against stealing.

2. Laptop Anti-Theft Backpack

This kind of backpacks is solely for accommodating several electronic devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones. To protect against accidental drops and damages to the electronic devices, these bags come with proper foaming. The separate compartments of these bags are designed tactfully to hold the laptops tightly and securely to prevent abrasions. Even, these bags have multiple hidden compartments to store your valuable belongings, such as passport, external hard drive, pen drive, and so on. To protect your gadgets from moisture or water, many of them come with waterproof coating.

3. Multi-Functional Anti-Theft Backpack

This type of backpacks is, however, the combination of the laptop and travel anti-theft backpacks. These bags are extremely suitable and helpful for the people who have travel a lot for business purposes. Somewhat, these backpacks come with the features and functions of both laptop and travel bags. There are several hidden compartments in the bags that people cannot be able to find them very often. Just like the travel backpacks, this type of backpacks comes with zipper locking mechanism.

4. Water-Resistant Anti-Theft Backpack

Generally, this kind of backpacks comes with the most water resilience amongst the other backpacks. The manufacturers of these bags can assure you that your belongings will not get wet even in the heavy rain. Even, if you drop your backpack accidentally in the water, it will protect your belongings for a limited time.

Factors to check while buying an anti-theft backpack

  • Security is the main concern

The main reason for buying an anti-theft backpack is security. Therefore, you have to cross-check the security features the backpack is offering. First of all, there must be RFID protection so that smart thieves should not be able to steal your personal data electronically. Not just that, it should protect the debit and credit card details which are always susceptible to theft. It is needless to mention that no person should be able to see the zipper heads and along with that, there must be a zipper locking facility for complete protection.

  • Choose a good Material for better durability

There are different types of materials used for the construction of an anti-theft backpack. For security reasons, the backpack should be cut resistant for which the material needs to be thick and protective from all aspects. There are water-resistant and waterproof backpacks available. It is always better to opt for a waterproof anti-theft backpack if your budget permits. It is needless to mention that the fabric needs to be of high-quality to be highly durable.

  • Consider Ergonomic Designs 

The most important factor to notice in the design apart from the overall look is the compartments available. First of all, you should buy the right type of anti-theft backpack so that there is enough number of compartments to carry all objects in an organized way. Some come with steel cables to wrap all objects firmly. The strap must be thick and comfortable so that the shoulders do not start to pain due to unequal distribution of weight.

  • Hidden Pockets for added capacity and safety

Apart from hidden zippers, there must be some hidden pockets so that you can keep your cards, cash, and other such valuables safely. They should be placed in such a way that for any unknown person, it must be very difficult to locate the pocket easily.

  • Consider Weight for better portability

When you are buying a backpack, you cannot ignore its weight. It needs to be as light as possible because the items you will be carrying it in will already make it bulky. Not just that, you should check the description and construction to make sure that the weight distribution is on your shoulder and not on your back. When there is balanced weight distribution, even a heavy backpack won’t feel too heavy or painful to carry.

  • Consider Foam Protection for added comfort while carrying

If you are buying an anti-theft backpack for electronic devices such as laptops or tablets, there must be foam protection inside. It will protect your device from sudden strikes and impacts. Besides, the foam protectors prevent sharp edges from piercing through the backpack.

  • Miscellaneous 

If you are going to carry mobiles, tablets, or laptops, buying a backpack with USB compatibility is going to be beneficial. You can charge your devices on the go. The zippers need to be of high-quality as the low-quality ones get broken easily with regular usage. Some compartments can be open, and some may have zippers with lock system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does an anti-theft backpack work?

An anti-theft backpack is marketed as a theft-proof bag. An ideal anti-theft backpack has hidden pockets that are difficult to locate for anyone other than the user. The straps have metal mesh-lined so that it is difficult to slash or cut and take away the backpack on the go.
Not just that, the hidden pockets may have RFID protection due to which your credit cards and passports cannot be scanned, and personal data cannot be hacked. The material can also be waterproof and scratch proof. Some of them have multiple layers so that thefts cannot cut through easily.

2. What is anti-theft RFID backpacks?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it refers to the microchips present in credit cards and various such personal items containing sensitive information. There are smart thieves in the world who can scan your bag and hack personal information. Besides, you have to let your backpack scanned in airports, malls, and anywhere required. Those machines can also be rigged to hack information. Anti-Theft RFID backpacks have the technology to block all such scanning.

3. Can the anti-theft backpack prevent stealing of items inside?

To be honest, an anti-theft backpack is not totally theft-proof. However, it can prevent theft in multiple scenarios and even delay theft in various circumstances. First of all, the hidden pockets are almost undetectable, and you can keep valuable items there to avoid them from getting stolen easily. Secondly, the straps and the material are resistant to cuts and slashes. They can delay theft activities significantly. There are locking clips available for further security measures and along with that RFID-blocking technology prevents smart theft.

4. What is meant by USB compatible anti-theft backpack?

A USB compatible anti-theft backpack is the one that has a compartment to accommodate a power bank and a USB cable to charge your tablets, smartphones and even laptops on the go.

5. Can you wash an anti-theft backpack in a washing machine?

You should check the product description to see if the backpack is machine washable or not. If not, you have to wash it manually in cold or lukewarm water with a gentle detergent.


As you can see above, an anti-theft backpack may look like a traditional standard backpack, but there are a lot of differences internally. If you keep all these factors in mind while buying, you are sure to buy the best anti-theft backpack within your budget that can satisfy all your requirements perfectly.

Our pick is the  Deals Outlet Anti Theft Backpack for its design, usability, material quality and ergonomics. The 180 degree opening is a boon for regular use. And the hidden zipper pocket is really well implemented on this one. Overall, it is the best value in that price range and you won’t be disappointed with it.

In case, you have a backpack that is not listed on this listed and can compete with these anti-theft backpacks above, do let us know in the comment section below.

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