Best Animal Toy Set

Animal toys are an excellent way to help your kids learn about various species of animals. They also develop fine motor skills and help your kids remember farm and wild animals. 

These toys come in various designs, shapes and colours. Moreover, they contain safe materials like PVC and BPA-free plastic to let your kids play with them for a long time. 

Here are some of the best animal toy sets that are colourful, easy to hold and play with, and durable. Take a look.

1. SaleOn 24pc Animal Toy Set

Award: Best Overall

Tagline: Contains 24 pieces of jungle animals

These animal toys contain non-toxic PVC material for your kids to play with them all day long. 

SaleOn offers a set of 24 wild animal toys set, each with a size of 6 x 4 centimetres, giving a perfect size for your kids to hold and play. They contain PVC material, which is safe for kids. These toys are ideal for 6 -months to 5-year-old toddlers. They can build imagination, thinking skills, and recognition at a tender age. The toys look realistic and have a perfect balance to stand on any surface. 

2. Metro Toy’S & Gift Pack Of 6 Animal Toys

Award: Best in Design

Tagline: Cartoon-like design

The toys have an attractive look as they come in cartoon figures. They contain high-quality plastic material, which is non-toxic.

Metro Toy’S & Gift offers a set of six colourful and attractive animal toys that include elephant, tiger, zebra, giraffe, lion and cheetah. They come in a cartoon-like design to impress your kids. The toys contain non-toxic plastic material to ensure the safety of your toddlers while playing. Each product measures 10 x 3 x 10 centimetres and weighs 222 grams for easy holding. 

3. Amitasha Wild + Aquatic Animal Toys

Award: Also Consider

Tagline: Contains 53 pieces of wild and aquatic animals

You get 20 wild and domestic animals, 10 insects, 16 aquatic animals, and 10 dinosaurs in the package. 

Amitasha offers a pack of 53 mini animals that fit in the palms of your kids for ease in playing. Each toy contains ABS plastic material, making it safe for playing, even for babies. In the package, you get 53 wild and aquatic animals in vibrant colours to attract your kids. 

4. SUPER TOY Dinosaur Toys 24cm

Award: Value for Money

Tagline: A realistic toy

The toy comes in a realistic design with the right body proportion, skin texture, eyes and jaw. It contains environment-friendly PVC material.

SUPER TOY has come up with a dinosaur toy with a realistic detail containing PVC material to ensure your kid’s safety. It is a great way to teach your kids about extinct species. The body proportion, skin texture, jaws and eyes look realistic. The stable design and uniform weight balance make the toy standstill even on your palm.

Things to consider before buying animal toys:


Kids tend to play with toys for a long time. So, you need to make sure the materials they contain must be safe. While buying animal toys, go for ABS plastic or non-toxic PVC material. They are environment-friendly and also safe.


The size of the animal toys must not be too big or too small. They must be small enough to fit into the palms of your kids. Moreover, the toys must not have sharp edges to prevent injuries while playing. 

Weight balance

The animal toys must have the right weight balance so that they stand on any surface. You can line up all the toys to explain each animal in detail to your kids.