Best Angle Grinders in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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An angle grinder is a multi-tasker! It can cut, grind, polish, sharpen and can even blend welding joints. Thus, it is a very handy tool in ay toolkit!

If you want the best angle grinder, then honestly there isn’t one! Your best suitable angle grinder depends on various factors. The key here choosing the one according to the nature of usage, features required and frequency of usage.

The surface that your angle grinder works on plays a very important role in deciding what type of angle grinder to buy.

  • If you are a non-professional and just want a garage tool that can cut through only wood, then a grinder of any size can perform the job.
  • On the other hand, if you want to cut through strong surfaces like hard metal, then going for an angle grinder with large sized blades will be a better option.

So, the larger the angle grinder wheel, the deeper will be the cutting prowess over the surface material.

So, whether you are a professional, a layman, an architect or an engineer, this article is one complete guide that will walk you through everything. We have listed some of the best angle grinders that you can buy online.

Also, if you need to know more about angle grinders and need help in the buying process, we also have a Buying Guide that can help you make your purchase valuable, better and convenient.

Best Angle Grinders in India

ProductsPowerWarrantySpeed (RPM)Buy Now
Black & Decker G720R Angle Grinder820 Watts6 Months11000Check On Amazon
Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder670 watts6 Months11000Check On Amazon
KHADIJA AG-801 Angle Grinder850 Watts6 Months11000Check On Amazon
Stanley Angle Grinder600 Watts1 Year12000Check On Amazon
iBELL Angle Grinder850 Watts6 Months11000Check On Amazon
Angle Grinder MT-801 AG-4 Grinding Machine850 Watts1 Year11000Check On Amazon
Dewalt Angle Grinder850 Watts2 Years11000Check On Amazon

Reviews of the Best Angle Grinders in India

1. Black & Decker G720R 820-Watt Angle Grinder

Black & Decker G720R 820-Watt Angle GrinderThis small angle grinder is efficiently powered by an 820-watt powerful motor that would be operating in a set speed limit of 11000 rpm. All you can expect from the appliance is power and such power in result has the ability to give a smooth finish to all cutting and grinding tasks that are done using this grinder.

The top-notch features are what made us recommend this product in the first place itself. Of all the vast benefits, powerful motor, durability, and price are the most important factors here. It offers good portability too! There is a dust seal switch that puts a stop to dust trying to enter into the grinder. This is all that makes this product superior in all terms.

It comes with a Cutting Wheel size of 100 mm which is around (4-inch). It can easily grind and cut through metal surfaces easily.

The spindle lock mechanism keeps the rotating disk in one place every time it is in use. It comes with an ergonomic 2 position side handle. You also have an add-on facility of adjusting the handle in 3 different positions which are all easy to hold.

We suggest you compare this product with other products, but you will find that it is among the smallest of them. So this makes the appliance quite compact and in turn, makes it easy to use for any of the assigned projects.

Comes with a 6 months warranty cover.

Best features

  • Ideal for metal grinding, polishing, and stone, granite and metal sheet cuttings.
  • Dust sealed switch
  • Lock-on switch for continuous use
  • Operations are easy and fast with 11000 rpm
  • Ergonomic design for a better grip.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Appliance is multipurpose
  • It comes along with a long power cable
  • Dust seal switch
  • Durability


  • The switch might get stuck at times.


We definitely recommend this product for people who are in search of a Angle Grinder which is small and compatible but works just as powerful, actually superior to that of any other appliances. It would probably be a wonderful choice if you want durability along with sufficient power. It is ideal for both professional and non-professional usage.

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2. Bosch GWS 600 670-Watts Professional Angle Grinder

Bosch GWS 600 670-Watts Professional Angle GrinderBosch is known for their power tools and this angle grinder would cater to all your professional needs seamlessly. This one is a very similar product to our topper above. The only noticeable difference is the motor. A 670 Watt powered motor is what this grinder gets. You might consider it a low wattage, but we assure you it is powerful enough for any kind of job. If you are a professional, you can definitely consider this product.

We have included this product for the second position and not first is because of the low powered motor and the extra price. Nevertheless it a worthy option! Any kind of high-end professional work can be achieved by the device easily. The other reasons being portability, lightweight, slim design, and safety.

The reason why it can work pretty quick is that it works with a cutting wheel size of 100 mm and at a speed of 11000 rpm.

Also, you are deemed to get a high range of portability with this grinder as well as it is lightweight. While the design is slim and highly ergonomic, it also helps the user to stay safe. It comes with a 2-position handle that is good to hold and offers good leverage. Add ons are the safety features, an anti-rotation protection guard, lock-on switch and a spindle lock that’s supplied with a guard.

Comes with a warranty of 6 months

Best features

  • 670W high-speed brush motor
  • 2-position side handle
  • Corded
  • No-load speed of 11000 rpm


  • Durability
  • Ergonomics design
  • Safety options
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Easy to handle and use which is powerful enough


  • Low motor power.
  • Damaged parts have been found in some reports


Professionals will definitely get highly benefited from this product. The power is sufficient and everything else like the 4-inch blade, 2-position handle and high speed can get the job done quite well. With 6 months warranty and Bosch’s brand value, this is a great option. Ergonomics is worth appraising and every other aspect; we can assure that you would love this handy grinder.

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3. KHADIJA AG-801 850-Watts Angle Grinder

KHADIJA AG-801 850-Watts Angle GrinderThis Khadija ag 801 angle grinder can cut tiles, mortar and it can also sharpen, polish and sand at the same time. It runs on an 850 watts powerful motor. This helps in smooth and powerful grinding and cutting operations.

The appliance comes with a variety of discs that are used for various different mechanisms like abrasive grinding disks, polishing pads, cut-off disks that come with diamond blades, sanding discs, grinding stones, and wire brush wheels.

The spindle thread M10 runs on a speed of 11000rpm. A bit on the heavier side, you can use this grinder for heavy-duty usage and its high speed will get your job done without any hustle-bustle. This why we have placed on the third spot.

With a similar Disc diameter of 100 mm or 4inches and a no-load speed of 11000 RPM just like our previous products, this one is capable of cutting and grinding through metals and any type of surfaces.

There is also an auxiliary handle that can change position according to your usage and convenience. Thus this can be ideal for both left-hand and right-hand users.

Best Features

  • Powerful 850-watt motor.
  • You can cut, grind, polish various types of materials like masonry, wood, rubber, metal, bolts, slats, etc.
  • You can easily replace your disks with the spindle lock
  • The M10 spindle thread helps in connecting different forms of disks, polishing pads and grinding stones


  • Powerful handheld power tool.
  • A toggle switch present on the rear side helps in hindrance free power operations
  • You can run them on the standard power supply of 220V to 50 Hz AC
  • The auxiliary handle helps the operator to work as per his convenience by switching the handle to either right or left side.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Switches tend to make noise after some time.


This versatile power product has all the required ingredients to be a must-have for your tool kit. You can easily remove excess material with this grinder like PVC, wood, masonry, and bolts.  The high-speed mechanism helps in working effortlessly and in a  hassle-free manner. The price is also very competitive and going by the features-list, it is a potent tough competitor.

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4. Stanley 600-Watts Angle Grinder

Stanley 600-Watts Angle GrinderHere is the pioneer of business, a brand that has served people with some of the leading appliances in the past and has been able to secure the trust of the users. This Stanley angle grinder features a 100mm cutting blade with a 600 watts motor that offers good stable performance.

This is not so powerful if you compare it to our toppers on the list. But there is a catch. With only 600 watt, it has 12000 rpm of no-load speed. It is ideal for light and non-professional use. But it is still a performer!  It is capable of quick material elimination while grinding and surface preparation. You will be able to get great accuracy with the device.

The product comes with a “no-load” speed of around 12000 rpm and a 4″ cutting or even sanding wheel, along with a 2-meter cable. Other benefits are the spindle lock that makes it easy for the user to change discs, sealed toggle switch which comes up with the offer of a dust-free appliance where your product’s life is extended.

The main USP is the 1-year manufacturing warranty cover.

Best features

  • Long endurance from high quality commutator and durable carbon brush
  • Spindle lock for quick and easy change of accessories
  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Burst proof guard for increased safety
  • 2-position handle for left and right-hand use


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Ideal for many applications like surface preparation and grinding, weld blending, polishing etc.
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Appealing design
  • Low vibration
  • Comes with on and off slide switch


  • Low power motor.


This product is powerful enough with a 600-watt motor. As we said it is ideal for light to medium use. But it meets almost all the needs you might have in that specific zone. You are provided with excellent ergonomics, a great warranty period, a host of exceptional features and durability. This is a great investment for your long term goals. Being durable, there is no reason you can ignore this appliance at any cost.

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5. iBELL 850-Watts Angle Grinder

iBELL 850-Watts Angle GrinderThe iBell angle grinder is a heavy-duty machine. This powerful angle grinder comes with an 800-watt brush motor. This is sufficient for cutting, grinding, blending and polishing. It comes with a very handy side handle and guard that provides risk-free operation all the way.

This grinder matches up greatly with your speed requirements and the fan-cooled motor assures reliable performance. You can face any challenge by carrying this portable tool in your toolkit. It is ideal for professional use!

The blade diameter is 100 mm and the no-load speed is 11000 rpm. You can expect fatigue-free and good performance out of this combination. This is because this is one of the most common and convenient blade-speed combo in terms of specifications.

Coming to the internals again, the fan-cooled motor provides continuous workflow by preventing overheating of the internals and it keeps the motor life high.

Comes with only 6 months of warranty

Best Features

  • Blade lock button for choosing the right blade when in need.
  • Fan-cooled motor maintains the internal temperature and motor parts
  • It is a multi-tasking tool that allows you to cut, grind, sharpen, polish and sand
  • It comes with a side handle and guard that assures safety and less fatigue during work


  • It is a portable, sturdy and lightweight
  • It carries a blade lock button
  • Fan-cooled motor that prevents the motor from stalling and self-destruction
  • No alarming vibrations.


  • Overheating issues reported by some users.


This product is handy and can be used for accomplishing multiple tasks in one go. The main USP is the lightweight and multi-functional operation. It can easily serve the need for sanding, polishing apart from the common grinding and cutting operations. The safety guard is a nice addition. Overall, you can expect fatigue-free and easy operation with this one.

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6. Angle Grinder MT-801 AG-4 850-Watts Grinding Machine

Angle Grinder MT-801 AG-4 850-Watts Grinding MachineThis 4 inches long grinding machine comes with an 850-watt power motor. This tool can help in smooth grinding, polishing and cutting. The design is sleek and comes with everything a normal angle grinder comes with.

Though there is no mention of any brand name on this, this one is made in China. Going by the positive reviews by several customers, this one is a budget angle grinder which looks small, priced really well and gets the job done. Not recommended for heavy-duty usage!

It comes with a no-load spindle thread that runs at a high speed of 11000 rpm. The cutting disk size is compatible with any 4 inch or 100 mm blade.

It is compatible with various kinds of disks like abrasive disks, diamond blades, grinding stones, polishing pads and wire brush wheels. It is a multi-tasker! You can grind metal, cut tiles, sand, polish, and sharpen as well.

Comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty!

Best features

  • Powerful machine with 850 W motor
  • High-speed motor with 4-inch compatible blade size.
  • 1-year warranty on a no-brand name product.


  • Sleek design
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very affordable.


  • No brand name
  • Reliability is an issue


This 850-watt angle grinder is a budget buy. At this price range, no angle grinder gives a 850-watt motor. The design is simple and almost all the reviews are positive. Being a China-made product, don’t expect good customer service though! Other than that,  it can be choice for non-professionals and light to medium users.

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7. DEWALT DW801 Heavy-Duty Small Angle Grinder

Dewalt Angle Grinder

DEWALT is an international brand familiar with its rich history of providing user-friendly smart innovative engineering solutions for tools, accessories, and services. Its DW801 small angle grinder is for heavy-duty applications through a powerful 850W motor. 

Though it is named as small angle grinder, it has high-level performance. With a highly efficient motor, ergonomic design, and safety features, it is suitable for smooth cutting and grinding operations for various professional and DIY applications. Also, you can avail the best engineering work at good precision levels.

This angle grinder’s motor works with a high-speed rotation to easily cut the high-density surfaces by its heavy torque force and optimum disc rotation speed. 

It has better longevity because of the optimum airflow ensured by a 4-inch integrated cooling fan. So, even if you work for extended hours, it does not get overheated and, therefore, it is safe. Also, it has a sealed toggle switch to avoid the entry of dirt and dust particles into the motor. 

Moreover, it has a two-way adjustable safety guard that protects you and the surroundings during an accidental breakage of the disc. Also, you will have better protection from the sparks that may occur due to high resistance.  

It is not only safe to use this tool but also also feasible for easy handling because of its ergonomic design. Its two-position handle gives you improved hand control. Also, its compact gear case ensures you to use it in tight and confined places as well. 

Warranty: It comes with a two-year warranty period assuring better power tool services. 

Best Features

  • 850W motor power
  • 100mm maximum disc diameter
  • Fan-cooled motor to maintain the safety 
  • With the toggle switch, it is easy to operate the tool as you need not press the button continuously. 
  • External brush access with spindle lock for quick and easy disc changes


  • Ideal for grinding applications 
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Corded type of power source
  • Ergonomic design to use 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The motor is safe from overheating because of the cooling fan. 
  • High-level safety features
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Prolonged motor life 
  • Advanced fan system


  • The position of the power switch seems to be non-reachable leading to difficulty and safety concerns. 
  • It is highly expensive when compared to other brands. 

Verdict: You can choose this DEWALT’s angle grinder for DIY or professional grinding works. There are better reviews on its performance, motor power, and efficiency. However, some people feel it was dangerous and risky to use with an improper design of power switch and handling. 

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Buying Guide For Angle Grinder

Being a metal worker, an angle grinder is one fine tool that must be added to your inventory. Working with wood, metal or even stone, would require you to keep a grinder handy. And the one you will be using the most is a versatile handheld angle grinder. Any type of cutting, sanding and shaping application can be done by this appliance. Here is the guide to would help you get the best angle grinder and deal.

What can an angle grinder be used for?

The main origins of grinders were used for the purpose of abrasive discs. But then the manufacturers discovered many attachments and different ways to use them. After this, they became widely popular.

The primary use, therefore, remains the same which is The most compatible grinding wheels let you grind down metal weld lump or to smoothen out sharp corners. But you need to use them correctly as improper handling may damage the metal or mortar.

The next use of a grinder would be sanding and surface preparation. All you need is a great sanding pad attachment and you can efficiently take off old paint, remove rough spots, rust, etc.

Another common use of a metal grinder is cutting. An Angle grinder is actually an expert in this arena if the right cutting disc is attached. All you need to do is fit a cutting wheel and you can cut through masonry, tile, concrete and metal as well as softer materials such as plastic, wood, and PVC.

The next use is as a finishing tool. A Grinder can turn out as an efficient finishing tool or polishing tool which appropriate polishing discs or mops.

Next use is as wire brushing. Wherein rust is facilitated or even adding a matte finish to a slippery surface.

Lastly, you can use it for quick sharpening of blades. You need to get right sharpening disc and you can easily get a blade sharpened, rather quickly.

Choose the right angle grinder

If you are considering budget as a matter of choice, we wish to inform you that angle grinders are basically inexpensive. But another demerit is that they all look the same, without any kind of a special distinction. This can make you jump upon the cheapest angle grinder you could get your hands on.

Angle grinders are not like drillers, easy to use with a simple mechanism. You need to often make several passes on the workpiece before you can actually start using it.

So, you need to consider an angle grinder which is durable in all terms, you need to buy the grinder as per your requirement, and of course, the right amount of power which would go by the kind of project you are working upon.

Types Of Grinders

  • Corded Angle Grinders

As you might have already guessed by the name, you will need a power outlet here. The advantage of using a corded angle grinder is continuous and long-running time usage. Add on is the power which would be consistent throughout the operation and as per your need.

You will find the corded grinders are actually lightweight as compared to the cordless ones. An added advantage is that corded ones are inexpensive too.

Here is the downfall of having a corded angle grinder. You will need an outlet the entire time you use the grinder and it is difficult for all kind of projects. Also, the wire stays around the entire time with the chance of stumbling upon it quite often.

  • Cordless Angle grinders

These grinders are actually powered by battery rather than a power outlet. And they are best to use in areas that are out of the limit of an outlet. Such cases include using up a ladder or scaffolding.

In any such place, a cordless grinder would be of great use. Now speaking of the grinders’ battery life, you can expect a pretty good time as now we have modern brushless electric motors and lithium-ion batteries.

Let us now refer to the charge time it would consume. This is where quick charge technology will actually come handy as they have played a great role in reducing the charge time.

A minimum of half an hour charge would last you long enough on a drained 6 Ah battery. As mentioned about the weight issues, these grinders would weigh at least 2 pounds more as compared to the corded small angle grinders.

  • Pneumatic Angle Grinders

They are totally different from a battery or corded angle grinder. They actually need an air compressor unit to function.

They are usually more powerful but adding the cost of the air compressor, they can be expensive.

They are small but more powerful. They are also the lightest grinders you can have your hands on.

You will not require any kind of batteries or even an electric motor to let the grinder function, all you need is the assistance of an air compressor and you are good to go.

If you already have an air compressor unit, you will find these grinders are the cheapest among all the above-mentioned angle grinders.

Here Are Some Different Angle Grinder Wheels

Angle grinders are all about the wheel size. It is the main component here. And there are a number of wheels designed for specific projects.

Silicon Carbide Wheel: they are primarily used for sharpening. They can sharp metal tools like Axe, Hoes etc, grind down welding, smoothen out the edges of metal pipes and lots others.

Cut-off Disc: they are used for cutting purposes. Like cutting metal pipes, rods, bolts etc.

Grinding Disc: for quick shaping edges and some sharpening of tools

Sanding Pad: used for smoothing rough surfaces, surface preparation, take off old paint, coarse/fine sanding etc.

Wire Brush Wheel: to remove and clean rust, old paint, clean metal surface for better conduction

Diamond Cutting Blade: they are mostly used for cutting concrete, hard tiles, bricks or stones

Flap Disc: similar to wire brush but they have flaps instead of wire. They are best of finishing or polishing.

Compare Angle Grinders On The Basis Of

You need to compare a lot of other grinders in order to decide on the one grinder, here is what your basis of comparison shall be. Make sure you note down the point briefly.

1. Disc size

Disc size is precisely the illustration of all the discs which can be used with an angle grinder. The next thing it helps us defines is the frequency of cut it will be able to fetch us. If you want the number which would be well suited for you, you must go for a disc with 7 inches or more, as it would allow you to work upon a larger area with each pass as well. If a reference has been made for you to go for a costlier one, we suggest you decline it, as there is no point investing in a heavier or rather expensive grinder.

2. Power

The power capacity of an angle grinder will be displayed to you in watts and the visual is of max watts out. This means the maximum power your angle grinder can produce is what is mentioned.

If you refer to the corded ones, the input-referred to would be in Amps (A), on the contrary, the cordless ones would be referred to as with Volts (V). For the case of the pneumatic grinder, the display is done in CFM which means cubic feet per minute. As for the pneumatic grinders, you will also come across a mention of recommended operating pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Speaking of the medium and large angle grinders, you will find the same in terms of horsepower denoted by HP as well.

3. Speed (RPM)

The next basis of comparison shall be the speed, but you need to remind yourself that the ones capable of taking in the smaller disc will put along a faster RPM as compared to the larger models. RPM is denoted for rotation per minute and is visualized in terms of no-load speed, well this showcases the capability as of fastest rotation it can do with no disc installed.

Small-Angle Grinders Vs Medium And Large Angle Grinders

1. Small-angle grinder

Small-angle grinders are the grinders that have a capacity of handling discs of size 7 inches or even lesser. But, such a capacity is truly useful in cutting of huge varieties and grinding applications.

Portability and manoeuvrability are extremely important and a smaller appliance would give you that. In terms of popularity and use, these small grinders take the top position.

In terms of versatility, the 4” and 4 1/2 “grinders are the most popular right now. Their measurements can be around 12 inches and are quite powerful with a vast range of options. You will find them in all kinds i.e. the electric versions (corded), cordless versions and pneumatic (compressed air) versions.

You will be able to perform more detailed work with such grinders and the reason is that they can accommodate the 3 inches disc which is the one that does detailed work. The great wheel diameter they can accommodate is up to 7 inches.

2. Medium and large angle grinders

The medium ones are capable of accommodating 7 inches disc. While the ones which can accommodate large discs of 7 to 9 inches fall under the category of large angle grinders.

They are meant for deeper cuts where the work can be done in one go, even on large surfaces. This is because they have bigger size discs and the horsepower to perform the same.

The types of grinders which can be found in the medium and larger sizes are the corded type of grinders. And they actually have a powerful motor. An example of a good medium angle grinder electric motor is of 3 horsepower or more.

The large ones come with a motor which is greater than 5 HP. And the downfall is that they are quite heavy.

Considering the weight of all the sized grinders, the smallest one would weigh around 5 pounds, while the larger ones can weigh around 15 pounds. And they are more than 20 inches in length.

Few Final words

You need to shortlist your needs and then purchase the appliance as per your need. You can see the benchmarks we have set free in the boxes which made us rate the devices as per the rating. You now have the liberty to choose the one that satisfies your own interests and it shall serve you the best. Mark your needs and aim at getting them all.

Our recommendation is the Black & Decker G720R 820-Watt Angle Grinder It is priced really well, and going by the specs sheet, it is right up there with the best. The 4-inch cutting wheel, along with an 820-watt motor that has 11000 rpm no-load speed, this is ideal for light, medium and heavy-duty usage.

If you have read the article entirely, you are ready to make your own decision. Hope this article added onto your perspectives and insights and helps you purchase the device you are in search of.

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