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Smart home speakers, especially Alexa, have become quite popular among Indian consumers. Since its inception, Amazon has created an expansive ecosystem of smart home products, from Echo speakers to display screens. All these Alexa speakers listen to your voice commands and carry out the tasks like streaming music from Spotify, changing the smart TV channel, getting a weather report, creating a home communication hub and others. If you are thinking of purchasing Alexa, then below are our recommendations.

1. Echo Dot 4th Gen Smart Speaker with Alexa

Award – Most Recommended

Tagline – Best in protection

This smart speaker has multiple privacy protection layers and a microphone-off button, which lets you control voice recordings.

Echo Dot 4th Gen smart speaker comes in a refreshed and compact design. So, you can place it anywhere you want in any room. It delivers clear sound and improved bass, so you can enjoy it anywhere you want. It is quite easy to install and does not need any professional assistance. The materials used for making echo are gathered from 50% to 100% recycled. It weighs 341 grams, so that you can carry it around without any issues. Using this, you can control most of your smart home automation options.

2. All New Echo 4th Gen with Smart Bulb Combo

Award – Feature-Packed

Tagline – Amazing sound clarity

This echo smart speaker model is equipped with Dolby and deep bass, which delivers dynamic mids and clear highs that adapts to any room.

All New Echo 4th Gen models come with a combination of Philips smart bulbs. This option can be a great start if you are trying home automation. It comes with an upward-firing woofer and dual tweeters so you can enjoy millions of songs from Amazon Prime, Spotify, or any other music streaming app. It has 4 microphones to hear your request from across the room. For privacy protection, it comes with a microphone off button that disconnects the listening.

3. Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa

Award – Budget-Friendly

Tagline – Helps with productivity

This smart clock helps you set timers, reminders, and alarms to organise your day better.

Lenovo smart clock with built-in Alexa is the perfect addition to your nightstand. Besides being cloth, it has several smart features like taking voice commands and setting reminders. The digital LED display is large enough to see the numbers or notifications with sleepy eyes. Since it has an auto-dim display, it will automatically reduce brightness to ease your eyes. It has 3W front-firing speakers, which lets you listen to your favourite audiobooks, songs, podcasts, and music. For privacy, you can turn off the microphone whenever needed.

4. All New Echo Show 8 2nd Gen

Award – Most Interactive

Tagline – Excellent camera focus

This echo model comes with an in-built 13 MP camera which focuses and adjusts accordingly to keep you in the frame while taking video calls.

All New Echo Show 8 2nd generation is an upgraded version of the best-selling Alexa smart speaker. This model comes with an 8 inches HD screen, which lets you monitor your home remotely using the Alexa app. It is quite easy to set up and operate. You can use voice commands to control lights, geysers, TVs, security cameras and others. You can also watch your favourite movies or TV shows. For privacy reasons, you can turn off the microphone and camera whenever needed.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Alexa


Speakers are not devices to be hidden away. You will prefer a speaker that looks great on a counter or shelf, especially if there will be more than one.

Listening Voice

controlled devices are useless if they cannot hear you. We test them with different distances, volumes, and background noises (including our music) to see if they work.

Sound Quality

We can listen to much different music via standard streaming services and Bluetooth. The Alexa speakers have different sound quality because they are made for critical listening. We do not consider the size or price of the speaker an indicator of its sound quality.

Installation and Use

While all Alexa speakers work with the Alexa app to set up, some speakers that are not Amazon require additional setup. It can complicate the process. Some have connections to other speakers and sources. Others can run on batteries and remain outside in the rain.

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