Best Air Purifying Plants

Air purifying plants is something we all love to keep in our house as it provides fresh air and reduces the level of pollution in our house. Air purifying indoor plants are already in trends because of the freshness or prettiness they bring to your house. Having plants in our house can change the quality of the air we breathe. These few pretty collections of air purifying plants will be perfect for any decor.

1. Ugaoo Areca Palm Air Purifier Natural Live Plant

Tagline: Fresh Areca Palm that requires low maintenance.

Ugaoo Areca Palm is considered an oxygen giving plant. This plant looks very attractive and decorative. It needs watering twice a week only and also you need to provide partial sunlight to this plant. In fact, this palm tree is easier to grow and can brighten up the interior vibe easily. The plant’s height will be 10-15 inches. 

2. Leafy Tales Set of 4 Air Purifying Plants

Tagline: Set of air-purifying plants to add charm to your house.

Leafy Tales set includes the ZZ Plant, Golden Money Plant, White Money Plant, Peace Lily & Thailand Snake Plant. All these air-purifying plants require low maintenance. These are perfect for home, office, or workshop. Not only that but these can be perfect gifting items too. These plants will come with a red pot that is made of high quality plastic. The height of the plants is 6-12 inches. After receiving the plants, water them properly to relieve them from the transit stress. 

3. Ugaoo Air Purifier Indoor Plants for Home

Tagline: Set of amazing air purifier indoor plants that are durable.

The Areca Palm and ZZ plant are known as the best air purifier indoor plants. These plants will come with pots that are made of premium quality plastic. These fresh green plants can be placed anywhere in our house as they can manage in low light and also require less water. These durable indoor plants grow in such an elegant way that they add beauty to your house.

4. CAPPL ZZ Indoor Air Purifying Plant

Tagline: Fresh ZZ plant that needs water only when the soil has dried out.

The ZZ plant is an amazing indoor plant. These plants do best in bright light but can grow in low light also. The best thing is that you don’t need to bother too much about watering them as it requires water only when the soil has dried out. You can keep it in your office, home, or balcony. You can gift this plant for any occasion too.

Things to consider before buying an air-purifying plant:

We all love to feel the freshness of an air-purifying indoor plant but for that, the plant needs to be equally fresh and live. We need to consider a few things before buying a plant such as light or humidity. 

  • Sunlight: It is important to consider where you will  place the plant and whether that place gets proper sunlight or not. Because sunlight plays a great role in the growth of the plants.
  • Humidity: It is equally necessary to check the humidity level of your interior house. Because different plants require a different level of moisture for their nourishment. 
  • Maintenance: Before buying we should definitely check if the plant requires low maintenance or high maintenance. Because different plants require different care and if we are not aware of that, then the plant may die.