Best Air Blowers in India : 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

An air blower can help you clean gardens, lawns, cars, edges of the wall, and even coolers in a very short time.

You will not have to call a person for the heavy-duty task as the blower will do all in one go. 

While choosing between different types of blowers, you might find it confusing and that is why we want you to look into these considerations:

1. Types

Handheld, backpacks, and walk-behind blowers are the three different types. 

  • Handheld– You can’t blow large debris but is ideal for small farms or lawns. 
  • Backpack– little bigger than handheld which comes with extra battery power. 
  • Walk-behind– You will have to push them and these are used for large lawns. 

2. Fuel Type

Battery, gas and cord(electric) are the three fuel types. You will have to change batteries in the meantime and gas ones will require more maintenance but a corded one would just need a long cord length to operate properly. 

There are other things like power, noise level, and airflow which you should surely look into and you can know about them by referring to our Buying Guide at the end of the article. 

Also, have a look at our list of 7 Best air Bowers in India, 2020 which we have prepared after hours of research: 

7 Best air Blowers in India

Air BlowersPowerWarrantyBuy Now
Bosch GBL Air Blower 620W6 months
iBELL Air Blower 600W6 months
FERM EBM1003 Dust Blower400W6 months
Stanley Variable Speed Blower 600W1 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Jakmister Forward Curved Air Blower550W6 months
Black &amp Decker 2 in 1 Blower530W6 months
Cheston Electric Air Blower 600W6 months

Reviews of Best air Blowers in India

1. Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air Blower (Blue)

Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air BlowerBosch deals with good quality home appliances such as washing machines and others. 

This air blower comes in 33.40mm x 23.19mm x 22.40mm of dimension which is sturdy and compact enough to keep inside the house. Also, you can easily hold it with the long holding end marked on it. 

Its power ratio is 620W at 1.7kg which is considered good in the market for cleaning the waste as soon as possible. 

You can easily service it without going to any service center and change its carbon brush design in a timely manner. 

The airflow rate is 3.5m 3/min which can ideally clean any dust particles on coolers, computers or even on the edges of the walls. 

You can remove wood dust particles, the dust particles which are accumulated at the ventilators of home or coolers very feasibly with this air blower. 

It is very lightweight being 1.7kgs so that you don’t strain your hands while holding it. Also, the standard cord length is 2 m so that you can easily carry from a distance. 

Warranty 6 months on production of an invoice 


  • 33.40mm x 23.19mm x 22.40mm of dimension
  • Lightweight
  • Airflow rate is 3.5m 3/min
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power ratio is 620W at 1.7kg


  • None so far 

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2. iBELL Air Blower 600W

iBELL Air Blower 600WIBELL delivers good quality products for its customers like a rechargeable torch, idly maker and others. 

This air blower can act as your complete home friend as it can easily clean garage floor, sidewalks, workshop, showrooms, cleaning furniture, cleaning. 

You can also use it for cleaning your car, office or even home. It comes with a vacuum dust bag that enables you to clean the dust particles on any surface very effectively and efficiently. 

It comes with the power of 600W rpm 14000 and an air blow rate of 3.3m/min which are efficient and fit for cleaning your home or office perfectly. 

You also get adjustable speed functions through which you can easily clean various areas depending on their requirements. 

It is also very compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry it from one to another or hold it while cleaning which will not strain your hands at all. 

Warranty–  it gives 6 months warranty but you will require to register first. 


  • Lightweight
  • Airflow rate is 3.3m/min
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power is 600W


  • Can’t clean residual dust properly like a leaf

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3. FERM EBM1003 Dust Blower

FERM EBM1003 Dust BlowerFERM deals in superior-quality products like a cordless grass trimmer, air blowers, and others. 

What we liked about this product is the cable. It comes with 3m long cable which enables you to easily carry it to the room’s end even. 

It comes equipped with a 400w motor and a volume of 3.0m3/min which is strong enough to clean more dust in minimum time.

You can easily remove the rubber blowpipe to make it an easy storage option. It also comes with a dust bag. 

It is lightweight and compact so that your hand doesn’t pain when you hold it for cleaning areas. There is a lock-on switch for easy operations. 

It can clean cooler, ventilator, and other areas very easily and feasibly. 

Warranty6 months on manufacturing defects 


  • Lightweight
  • Airflow rate is 3.3m/min
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power is 400W


  • Not ideal for cleaning large areas

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4. Stanley 600-Watt Variable Speed Blower (Yellow and Black)

Stanley 600-Watt Variable Speed BlowerStanley deals with products like a glue gun, air blower, and others. 

You get 2 tools in 1 that is a vacuum cleaner and the air blower which is sufficient for any household or office cleaning works. 

The vacuum cleaner comes with a sleek and light body that will not strain your hands at all. 

This air blower comes with variable speed settings in which you can easily clean dust by changing the settings. 

For user safety and hand control, there is a lock-on that comes with the air blower. The nozzle is made up of rubber for better safety and operations. 

You can easily clean stubborn dust using this air blower because it comes with the power of 600W. 

Its airflow rate hasn’t been mentioned by the manufacturer but according to the reviews, you can easily wipe out dust from coolers, computers, ventilators, average lawns, offices, and homes. 

It comes with a dust bag along with the package to keep your dust inside it. 

Warranty1 year 


  • Lightweight
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power is 600W


  • Vacuum function isn’t that great 

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5. Jakmister 500W Forward Curved Air Blower

Jakmister 500W Forward Curved Air BlowerJakmister has all kinds of air blowers for your requirements and that too in robust quality. 

It comes with a motor power of 550W and produces 13,000 RPM which is quite enough to clean residual and stubborn dust particles. 

You can have a continuous airflow with the lock-on switch. This air blower has easy blowing power and comes in very lightweight which will not strain your hands at all. 

It can feasibly clean garage floor, sidewalks, clearing dust from computers and saw dust from power tools, or a touch-less dry on your car. Also, it can clean coolers, ventilators and all small or medium-sized places apart from very large or big lawns. 

The only thing which we feel could cause a hindrance is the cord length as it comes with a 1 meter of length. 

You can continuously use it for 5-10 minutes but before after that, at least try to keep it idle for an hour or two or even a day. It can increase the life-span of your air blower. 

Warranty6 months 


  • Lightweight
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power is 550W


  • Small cord-length 

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6. Black & Decker Air Blower

Black decker air blower

Black and Decker delivers robust quality products like air blowers, air compressors, and steam irons. 

This air blower is handy and lightweight so that you don’t have to put much strain on your hands. 

It comes with a powerful motor of 530W so that you can see the increased performance of the blower. This is also 2 in 1 blower which does the work of a vacuum cleaner as well. 

It comes with an airflow rate of 3.5 m3/min which is sturdy enough to clean stubborn dust particles or waste materials. 

There is a dust bag that comes along with the package so that you will not have to look for other options. 

The nozzle is also very wide so that you can easily clean with a high amount of airflow. The cord length is 3-meter that can be easily used. 

Warranty6 months on manufacturing defects 


  • Lightweight
  • Airflow rate is 3.5 m3/min
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power is 530W


  • None as such 

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7. Cheston 3.0 m³/min 600W Electric Air Blower PC Cleaner (Orange)

Cheston 3.0 m³/min 600W Electric Air Blower

Cheston deals with robust quality products such as hammer drills, air blowers, and others. 

Well, this air blower doesn’t come with two specialties but blows out the dust of areas like a garage floor, sidewalks, car, ventilators, edges of the wall and others. 

The airflow rate is 3.0m3/min which can easily clean stubborn waste or dust particles. The nozzle is fixed so tightly that it doesn’t come out due to any problem at all. 

There is also a lock button for the constant airflow from the blower. You can easily change the carbon brush after a certain usage. 

It comes with the power of 600W which is the best in the market for providing continuous operations. 

Warranty6 months over manufacturing defects 


  • Lightweight
  • Airflow rate is 3 m3/min
  • Can clean coolers, ventilators and even computers
  • Ideal for home or average size lawn
  • Power is 600W


  • None for now 

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Air Blowers Buying Guide

An air blower is an effective tool to get rid of stubborn dust particles that can’t be washed away by normal cleaners. You will require to look into various considerations when you go for purchase and that is why we always ensure to cover everything under our Buying guide: 

1. Types of air blowers: 

  • Handheld air blower- You can’t blow large debris with the help of a handheld blower but you can clean porches, small lawns, coolers, and even the edges or space left between walls. 
  • Backpack air blowerThese are little larger than handheld air blowers and they come with extra battery power and long run time. 
  • Walk-behind air blowerThese are certainly used for heavy-duty works like cleaning of large lawns or places. You will require to push them with your hands because they are neither lightweight nor compact as compared to the above two types. 

2. Noise level

When you are going for purchase then the noise level is the one thing which you should always take into consideration. If the noise level is much higher then it can prove to be a troublesome experience for your neighbors and even people who live in your house. 

Buying the one which comes with a lower noise level can always be a smart choice. 

3. Power

This is another important feature which one should always look into. The power of the air blower should be either 620W or more than that because this will decide upon how intently the air could blow with what speed. 

4. Airflow

Nearly 3.5m3/min of airflow should be there in the blower as it will decide as to how much waste can it blow away. 

5. Fuel type of the blower

So there are certainly three types of fuel types- battery, gas, and corded. While battery ones have limited run time but are very suitable for first-time users or beginners, the gas type comes with the highest run time but require more maintenance. Ideally, they are a great fit for large areas such as big lawns. The corded fuel type is the one that is being used widely now as it comes with a cord that has more power. The only drawback is the cord that comes in the way and you get limited access to places or cleaning areas through it. 

6. Nozzle

The nozzle of your air blower should be wide enough so that the air should pass through properly. Usually, the air blowers come equipped with nozzles but for a better result, you should always check the wideness of its mouth. 

7. MPH or miles per hour

The speed in which air exits the blower is known as MPH or miles per hour. You can find the maximum speed written in the product description which is equivalent to MPH. Going for great speed or higher speed can help you clean the dust sooner. 

8. CFM or cubic-feet per meter

It measures the volume of air that the blower can push for better cleaning. It depends on your requirements. Suppose, you need to clean your computer then going for a low CFM blower could be perfect but if you need to clean a whole lot of leaves and dust particles in a park, going for a higher volume can help. 

9. Warranty 

It is always better to buy a product which provides a maximum warranty so that you can avail more trust and durability from that. Usually, you can find the warranty ranging from 6 months to 3 years in air blowers. 

10. Price

Well, compromising on price can certainly turn the things upside down. You can find a great product at an affordable deal as well, you just need to quest for more information and put in various factors into considerations. Mostly, a good air blower can come at a range of 2500-5000 INR. 

Few more features to be considered: 

  • If possible, test the blower beforehand because it should be very easy to operate. 
  • Take the lightweight and heavyweight into consideration because your hands should not pain while you hold it. 
  • Go for an air blower with different speed settings if you want it for large areas or want to blow out flowers, leaves, and hard substances. 
  • It is obvious that you will have dry and wet waste so selecting an air blower that can blow both types of dust materials could be just fine. 
  • Look out for a blower which can not only be economic but can give your hands certain relax while you hold them like the anti-vibration dampeners. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I get a noiseless air blower? 

You can buy an air blower which certainly makes lesser noise. Also, nowadays you can find air blowers that make lesser or no noise at all. There used to be blowers and still are which disturbs your neighbors or colleagues with loud noises. Buy an electric one as this doesn’t make much noise as compared to the battery one. 

2. How do I wash my air blower? 

Washing air blower without the knowledge of its different parts like the nozzle can turn to be expensive (because it might get damaged). That is why you should first consult with the manufacturer or else wipe it with a wet cloth of cotton dipped in Dettol. 

3. What is the difference between the air compressor and blower? 

There is certainly one line difference between both. Air compressor traps the air into a tank and air blower blows out the air the clean the residual waste. It is also called leaf blower for a fact that it blows out the leaf which has been on the ground for a more specific period of time. 

4. Can we use air blowers to clean solar panels? 

Certainly, you can but it depends upon the type of air blower. For cleaning such large dust particles, you would require an air blower which comes with more power and more airflow rate. Also, it depends upon the sand type as well. 

5. Which kind of nozzle in air blower can fit for cleaning computers or cars? 

You can use the nozzle which doesn’t come with a very wide mouth because the area you would prefer to clean is smaller and requires a smaller but heavy airflow based air blower. 


Well, an air blower can remove the dust particles which isn’t possible by many cleaning tools, it also becomes very important to choose the best one so that you can use it for as long as you want. After our thorough analysis and discussion, we would recommend you Bosch GBL 620-Watt Air Blower (Blue) as it comes with a power of 620W, can clean any small or average-sized lawn areas, computers, cars, and even the edges of the wall or ventilators. 

Also, if you are looking for an option that can act as an air blower and vacuum cleaner both then going for Stanley 600-Watt Variable Speed Blower (Yellow and Black) would be just fine. It also has high power with 600 Watt and can clean everything except large lawns or areas. 

Meanwhile, if you have any comments or suggestions for you then we would love to hear it from you. Comment down below your points which you feel is missing or something that you would want to ask us and we will ensure to reply you back within 5 working days (as we always say this might take time which depends upon the number of comments). Till then, we wish you a happy and safe purchase 🙂