Best Activity Toys

Activity toys are educational as they help children learn the different skills they need in their life. Activity toys help them with problem-solving skills, nurture their imagination and creativity. However, shopping for activity toys is not that easy as you need to carefully select them according to your kid’s age and gender. 

You should also consider toy’s design, quality, theme, and material should be carefully looked into before buying them. Herein we provided the best activity toys that make your kid’s playtime more educational.

1. Smartivity hydraulic crane activity toy

Tagline: Bring out the engineer in your kid through STEM learning and this hydraulic crane game kit.

Smartivity pump moves its hydraulic crane is the best science activity toy you can get to your kid. It is a stem DIY game kit that requires your kid to assemble it. The toy is the best gift for 8-14-year-old girls and boys. The activity toy teaches the concepts of the hydraulic system, rack & pinion mechanism & momentum transfer. It is a longer constructive activity that takes 200 minutes. The product is made of premium pine wood and creates no mess when your kid is assembling it. The product comes with an easy instruction book, so it requires minimal involvement.

2. Skillmatics sketching machine

Tagline: Let your kids build their own sketching machine and explore science with fun.

Skillmatics buildable sketching machines are a fun way to stem learning for your kids. Your kids can build their own sketching with the clear instructive manual provided and enhance their analytical, construction, and problem-solving skills. Building their sketching machine, your child will learn scientific principles such as coordinate system, interlocking gears. The product is made of sustainable materials and no does not include any adhesives. The package comes with real wooden building sheets and manuals.

3. Orapple activity cubes

Tagline: Safe cube toys for your little masters to boost their logical learning and social skills.

Orapple offers multi-purpose activity cube toys for kids. The activity toys have gears, game, shape matching, color, animal, and number recognition cubes. Your kids can also build blocks and play piano using safe cube toys. The colorful abacus helps your baby learn simple arithmetics.

4. GoAppuGo alphabet learning toys

Tagline: Activity learning toy with small & capital alphabet buttons for up to 4-year-old kids.

GoAppuGo alphabet learning toys help your child learn small and capital alphabets in a fun way. The play kit comes with 10 alphabet activity cards for 52 alphabet buttons made with premium quality plastic. You kids can learn the names of objects while matching them with alphabets. The toy is the best activity gift for 2, 3, 4-year-old kids and babies.

5. FunBlast creative sand for kids

Tagline: Wake up the artist in your kid with creative sand that is safe for toddlers.

FunBlast offers creative sand for kids to nurture the artist in them. The activity kit is a natural kinetic sand kit for kids, both for boys and girls. Your kids can make different creative crafts and sculptures using the sand. As the sand is made up of high-quality material, it is smooth, durable, soft to touch, and hypoallergenic.

Things to consider before buying activity toys:

Safety first

Always safety comes first. Although baby and kid toys are claimed to be made of safe material, you should never ignore confirming it. Make sure the activity toys are made up of high-quality premium material no matter it is plastic or wood. 

Appropriate to age

Secondly, see if the activity toy is perfect for your kid’s age. There might be chances for choosing a toy that is beyond or behind the baby’s age. So, double-check this factor.


All activity toys are educational, yet you need to make sure what sort of skills your kid learns while playing them. Say, if you want your kid to be good at mechanics or science, choose sketching machines or construction kits to nourish their concepts. Again, don’t forget to get them age-appropriate activity toys.

Enhances skills

The activity toys should enhance your kids’ creative, logical, and problem-solving skills. So, though finding the right toys takes time, make sure you buy the right ones.


Lastly, don’t let your expensive toy gifts get torn off or damaged within a couple of months. Buy long-lasting activities toys that are made up of premium and safe material.