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For babies and toddlers, an activity cube is a brilliant idea. These wooden or plastic cubes have 4 or 6 sides. Each side includes some interesting game ideas. Those games help your kids to develop their creativity. But buying the wrong cube can end up your kid hating them. For your convenience we have listed out few selective and popular activity cube collection: 

1. esnipe mart® activity cube multi-purpose playcentere for toddlers and kids

Tagline: Made of high-quality non-toxic material this toy is completely safe for kids.

Espine Mart brings up a colorful and interesting activity cube that helps to develop the baby’s imagination. It is ideal to teach your kid reasoning. This educational game helps to teach your kid various colors, shapes, and sizes. The edges of this cube are smooth and round that reduces the chance of getting hurt. This keeps your baby engaged for long hours reducing your worries. At the same time, they learn so many social development skills too. This geometrically shaped cube is a perfect gift item for kids. 

2. Galaxy Hi-Tech® 6 in 1 Learning Cube Educational & Learning Activity Toy

Tagline: Made of 6 in 1 Montessori technology this toy helps in teaching logical learning to your kids.

Galaxy Hi-Tech presents a super quality activity cube that is featured with a bright-colored clock. This clock helps to teach kids time reading. The songs, shapes, and sound quality help in developing your baby’s audio and visual senses. This activity toy includes so many games that help in logical learning such as gears game or shape sorter. It also teaches your baby alphabets in a very jovial manner. The vibrant colors in it help your kids identify different colors. This toy doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or any toxic elements making it completely safe for your babies. 

3. Orapple by R for Rabbit Little Master Activity Cube

Tagline: A bright colorful multipurpose activity cube that is a perfect gift for any kid. 

This Orapple manufactured activity cube is clinically tested and approved as safe for kids. Made of Montessori technology this toy helps in social development skills. It can help you to teach your kids logic, reasoning, and music as well. The moveable clock in it teaches your baby the sense of time and clock reading in such a wonderful way that they enjoy it.  This 20cm toy will not even occupy much space in your house. 

4. brand conquer®activity cube for toddlers baby educational musical toy for kids

Tagline: Comes with driving wheels that help to balance the hand and eye coordination of your kid.

This musical cube allows your kid to nourish their music love. To keep your kids busy this toy comes with 6 different game ideas and techniques. It ensures better problem-solving skills, social skills, and the development of fine motor skills of your kids. This musical cube has some amazing relaxing music that keeps your baby’s engaged with the toy, resulting in less attention to the Tv or mobile. For any occasion, this activity cube can be an awesome gift. 

5. Funskool Giggles Stacking Cubes + Activity Ball

Tagline: A set of activity cubes and balls that helps your kids to identify colors, shapes, and sizes.

Funskool introduces a set of activity cubes and activity balls that are perfect to teach your kid different shapes and sizes as well as develop fine motor skills. The activity cubes help in learning shapes, colors, and alphabets. Whereas the Cubes teach them hand and eye coordination and color recognition. Your kids will not get bored with this colorful game at all. 

Things to consider before buying an activity cube: 

  • Design:  Activity cubes come with multiple interesting activities. But they should look appealing as well. Because if they don’t seem colorful, vibrant, and attractive then your infant will not love to play with them.
  • Complexity: These cubes have multiple games that indirectly help your kids to learn a variety of skills and stuff such as time reading or hand-eye coordination etc. But If they are too complex then your kid will lose all interest instead of loving and mastering those skills. 
  • Age: Not all activity cubes are perfect for all ages. Some come with clocks and alphabets and much other stuff which is perfect for 2 yrs and above. But infants are too little to love such complex games. So based on your kid’s age choose the difficulty level of the cube. 

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