The 3 Best 85-Inch TV In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you want to have cinematic experience right from your home? Then you have to opt for a large 85-inch TV. They not only offer wide range of features, but also comes with great picture and immersive audio quality along with wide screen viewing angle.

Although, this large TV costs a little more but it comes with various features and smart technology. So, to simplify your selection process, you have to go through these 2 main features while purchasing.

  • Resolution – It is ideal to purchase an 85-inch TV which supports 4K resolution. It comes with HDR features that adds more contrast, precision, blacks, brightness, and depth to color. A few models support 8K resolution, with slight difference in in picture quality (lifelike images), vivid clarity, rich color and audio.
  • Refresh Rate – The higher refresh rate will provide better picture quality. A few TV models come with variable refresh rates that switch according to the type of video its showing. Its best to select TV with minimum refresh rate of 50 Hz to enjoy best TV viewing experience.

Apart from these 2 key factors, you have to consider various factors like connectivity, smart functionality, warranty, display technology, etc. which are clearly mentioned in the below Buying Guide. Also, we have listed some best-selling 85-inch TV after thorough market analysis. Just go through them and select your best one, as per your requirement.

Here we have gathered our top picks from popular & trusted brands available in the market. All you need is to select the best one that enhance your entertainment.

3 Best 85-Inch TV In India

85 inch tvResolutionRefresh RateConnectivityWarrantyBuy Now
Sony Bravia 85-inches (214.8 cm) LED TV4K (3840X2160 pixels)50 Hz4 HDMI ports & 2 USB ports1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
LG 86-inches (217 cms) TV4K Ultra HD (3840X2160 pixels)100 Hz4 HDMI ports & 3 USB ports1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Newline 85 inches (215.9 cm) LED TV4K Ultra HD120 Hz4 HDMI & 4 USB3 yearsCHECK ON AMAZON

3 Best 85-Inch TV In India Reviews

1. Sony Bravia 85-inches (214.8 cm) 85X8000H 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV

Sony Bravia

This Sony Bravia 85-inch TV will let you experience the real entertainment with vivid colorful pictures and immersive multi-dimensional sound. It comes in black color and its frame is designed in a luxurious aluminum finish.


  • It is powered by X1 4K HDR processor, which uses advanced algorithms to make you watch with more color, clarity, and contrast with 4K resolution.
  • With this advanced voice control, you can enjoy watching shows and movies in this Android smart TV from apps or broadcast instantly. Simply download the Android TV remote app to control your TV anywhere from smartphone.
  • This smart Android TV has an unbeatable number of apps (nearly 5000 apps) on google play. So, one can choose their desired app to make their life more fun and entertaining.
  • The images filmed in 2K or full HD gets up-scaled close to 4K resolution by its 4K X-reality PRO using a unique 4K database. Thus allow you to watch glorious 4K pictures and texture.
  • With its Motionflow XR 200, you can enjoy smooth and sharp details in gaming or fast action sequences. As this technology creates and inserts extra frames between the original ones. A few models come with black-frame insertion for a blur-free cinematic look.
  • Simply connect with you Alexa enabled devices for hands-free control of TV – power up, change channels, control volumes, etc. Also, it works with Apple AirPlay/Apple HomeKit, which allow you to stream audio & video from iPhone, iPad or Mac and also from Apple TV app or other apps.
  • It transforms your viewing with Dolby Vision and brass reflex speakers will deliver excellent sound with clarity. Also, this TV is Calman Ready that delivers clear phase for smooth, balanced frequencies.
  • The Triluminos display of TV will reproduce a wider, more precise range of colors when compared with any conventional TV. It analyses and processes data in each picture to make colors natural, precise and much closer to real life.
  • Its X-Balanced Speaker will drive you to movies and music with clear high-quality sound from multiple dimensions. With Dolby Atoms, the sound comes from all sides to make you hear objects moving with more real experience.
  • The Google Assistant will let you connect and communicate with your smart devices. So, you can control the TV and smart devices with your voice.
  • The TV performs even in toughest conditions with its X-Protection PRO. It safeguards your TV from harmful dust, any sudden electrical power surges, prevents short circuits, protects from lighting strikes.
  • It comes with a dedicated Google Play and Netflix Button, which let you start streaming with one click.

Technical Information:

  • Display Technology – LED
  • Number of HDMI Ports – 4
  • Number of USB Ports – 2
  • Number of Speakers – 2
  • Operating System – Android
  • Resolution – 4K (3840X2160 pixels)
  • Viewing Angle – 178-degrees
  • Image Contrast Ratio – 40000:1
  • Refresh Rate – 50 Hz
  • Maximum Operating Distance – 7 Feet
  • Weight – 44.1 kg
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Mounting Type – Wall Mount
  • Remote Control Type – IR, Bluetooth
  • Connector Type – Wi-Fi
  • Sound Output – Brass Reflex speakers / Dolby Atoms / 20W output / X-balanced speaker / TV musicbox

For installation or demo, you can directly contact Sony at 18001037799 and provide your product details to get a convenient slot for their service. Also, you can return the product within 10 days of delivery, in case if you found any damage or product defects.

Things we liked:

  • 4K ultra HD resolution with 50 Hz refresh rate.
  • Comes with 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports
  • Connects with Alexa and works with apple home kit/apple airplay.
  • X-protection PRO safeguards your TV from dust, lighting, humidity and surge.
  • Comes with slim blade stand with narrow bezel design to match with your space.
  • User-friendly design for enhanced entertainment.

Things we didn’t like:

  • No drawbacks.

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2. LG 86-inches (217 cms) 86SM9400PTA 4K Ultra HD Smart NanoCell TV


This LG 86SM9400 will let you experience OLED like picture quality and precise color expressions to create a theatre like entertainment at home. This smart TV will let you enjoy the favorite movies & shows on Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. with WebOS.


  • With LG’s NanoCell Display technology, it delivers an excellent picture quality with enhanced RGB color. The Nano Bezel will help to harmonize with space and thus add sophisticated ambiance.
  • Its Nano color will enhance the color purity by using 1nm nanoparticles and delivers a stunning visual experience. With Nano Accuracy, it maintains accurate color that let you enjoy watching the realistic picture even from the sides.
  • The LG ThinQ AI will expand the TV viewing experience with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. You can simply connect Apple devices (Apple AirPlay / Apple Homekit) directly to you smart TV to play music, videos, or photos.
  • The home dashboard of this TV will allow you to access connected devices from one screen and thus create daily routine with your remote. The 2nd Gen α7 Intelligent Processor will provide a detailed image and clear sound to watch screen incredible reality.
  • With AI picture, it optimizes the sharpness and clarity of picture. Depending on the content type, the AI sound will analyze the audio source to have an optimum sound.
  • The AI brightness will optimize the brightness automatically to keep bright sharp picture, adjustment on brightness, and ambient lighting recognition. One can enjoy the optimized sound with its AI Acoustic Tuning technology.
  • Its Dolby Vision & Atmos will enables cinematic HDR imaging and sound to turn your home into entertainment powerhouse.
  • Its 4K cinema HDR will capture and support most HDR formats, including HDR10 Pro, Advanced HDR by Technicolor.
  • It allows you to enjoy double entertainment on single screen by watching the content from smart phone on TV screen with mobile connection overlay along with the TV program.
  • With its 2-way Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the TV with Bluetooth headset or sound bar wirelessly for wireless sound.
  • The Bluetooth based LG magic remote works from any direction. So, this will let you access the remote from anywhere rather than standing in front of TV or set top box.

Technical Information:

  • Number of USB ports – 3
  • Number of HDMI ports – 4
  • Resolution – 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels)
  • Display Type – Nano Cell
  • Viewing Angle – 178 degrees
  • Contrast Ratio – 10,000,000:1
  • Refresh Rate – 100 Hz
  • Mounting Type – Wall Mount
  • Maximum Operating Distance – 8 feet
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Screen – 86 inches
  • Operating System – WebOS
  • Weight – 57.6 kg
  • Sound – 100W output

For installation or demo after delivery, you can contact LG customer support on 18001809999 / 18003159999 and provide with product’s model. Also, it comes with a 10 days’ replacement after delivery in case of product defects or damages.

Things we liked:

  • Has 4K ultra HD resolution with OLED panels for excellent picture quality.
  • Built-in Alexa and google assistant.
  • Nano Cell Display Technology with Nano color, Nano bezel & Nano accuracy to provide precise color expressions.
  • Bluetooth based LG magic remote will you operate in any direction.
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos will create a cinematic experience at home.

Things we didn’t like:

  • A bit expensive.

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3. Newline 85 inches (215.9 cm) TT-8519NT 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV


This Newline 85-inch smart android TV is another perfect TV from our list. With its 4K ultra HD, you can enjoy excellent picture quality and clear sound. The connectivity of this smart TV will let you connect gaming console, set top box, hard drives, & other USB devices.


  • One can change slides, switch source or open apps and control them with a single remote. Also, you can manage your NT series from anywhere with its built-in Display management solution.
  • Irrespective of operating device like iOS, Android or Windows, it is compatible with the NT series.
  • This results in superior image quality and excellent brightness with 4K Ultra HD resolution and vivid images.
  • The built-in newline cast will let you connect the device and cast your screen hassle free and wireless.
  • Comes with 3 years’ warranty against any manufacturing defects from Newline.
  • It has various smart features like android 8.0 operating system, in-built broadline cast and in-built OPS slot.
  • The built-in microphone array will let you for voice control and to communicate from anywhere.

Technical Information:

  • Resolution – 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels)
  • Refresh Rate – 120 Hz
  • Number of HDMI ports – 4
  • Number of USB ports – 4
  • Viewing Angle – 178 degree
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Operating System – Android
  • Display Type – LED
  • Mounting Type – Wall mount
  • Weight – 47 kg

For queries related to installation or demo of the product, you can directly contact the manufacturer and this product is eligible for replacement within 10 days in case of any product defects, or damages.

Things we liked:

  • Comes with 3 years’ warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • Works with Android operating system.
  • Value for money.
  • Comes with in-built new line cast, in-built broadline cast for wireless and hassle free operation.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Won’t support Bluetooth & Wi-Fi technology.

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How To Select The Best 85-inch TV?

An 85-inch TV is a perfect choice for those who want to have amazing theater experience with multiple features. It comes with excellent picture quality, vivid clarity, and outstanding sound quality. Knowing its size is not enough to purchase this big TV. So, to make it as an ideal investment, you have to consider these factors that not only offers value for money but also enhance your entertainment levels.

1. Resolution:

The screen resolution (number of pixels) is a deciding factor while buying a television. However, higher resolution is a bit pricier but it comes with features like HDR, which definitely adds more contrast, precision, blacks, brightness, and depth to color. One can find HDR in 4 variations – HLG, HDR10/10+, Dolby Vision and Technicolor HDR, in which no much difference in each variation, but manufacturers’ use different variations/technology.

It is ideal to purchase an 85-inch TV which supports 4K resolution. A few models from companies like LG & Sony come with 8K compatibility. The 8K resolution has 4 times the pixels of 4K counterparts and 16 times resolution as 1080p HD. One can easily notice a slight difference in picture quality (lifelike images), vivid clarity, rich color and audio between TV’s with 4K & 8K resolution. Check for the models with elevated resolutions and good performance.

2. Refresh Rate:

The higher the refresh rate of TV, the better will be the picture quality. So, the higher refresh rate will let you enjoy watching sport or fast-action moving scenes without getting any motion blur. In general, there are three common refresh rates as 60Hz, 120Hz & 240Hz. A few TV models come with variable refresh rates that switch according to the type of video its showing.

For instance, console gamers can get better experience with high and variable refresh rates. So, check for the 85-inch TV that comes with a native refresh rate of minimum 120 Hz, to grab an amazing television viewing experience.

3. Display Technology:

LED screens are quite common television screen. There are two types of LED TV panels – OLED (Organic LED) and QLED panels available for 85-invh TV.

  • An OLED panel provides wide viewing angles and best picture quality, as it uses independently lit pixels to produce deep, inky blacks for greater contrast and brighter colors. The only drawback of this OLED TV is a bit expensive and has the risk of color degradation over time.
  • The QLED (Quantum Dot LED) panels provide best picture quality at less cost when compared with OLED. So, most of the brands like Samsung manufactures TVs with QLED screens to produce best color ranges, great contrast, lifelike images, and volumes without any color degradation.

4. Contrast Ratio & Color Accuracy:

It’s always suggested to test the TV with your eyes and content before purchasing. This will surely let you know that you are happy with those contrast levels of your 85-inch large TV. Coming to color accuracy, the innovative features and latest technology allow you to optimize the color richness as per your requirement. The HDR technology will enhance image quality, color sharpness, sound clarity, and accuracy.

5. High Dynamic Resolution (HDR):

While purchasing an 85-inch TV, one has to check with this option, why because it is the one which makes the picture projected back to look perfect from all viewing angles, and thus make the display look flawless. Almost all the 85-inch TV models will support all types of HDR.

6. Smart Functionality:

An 85-inch TV will come with the smart functionality, which enable you to connect to the internet and other smart devices. Thus it provides you the access to view content (watch your favorite shows and movies) from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Cast, Netflix, Disney+, etc. With this smart TV platforms, you can easily customize the settings, get access to various apps, full web browsing, and gesture control.

Also, one can easily download and play games on the TV. This large 85-inch TV comes with a built-in Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit that let you operate the smart TV through voice command without leaving the comfort of couch.

7. Connectivity Ports:

All 80 – 85inch TVs comes with multiple connectivity ports like at least 3 HDMI inputs along with USB and other connectivity options to enhance the source of entertainment. Here the HDMI connectivity will be used for 4K picture quality from sources like gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and other sources.

Whereas the USB connectivity will let you watch 4K video and content from any external hard discs / devices and also to connect other devices to smart TV for added versatility. A few latest models come with HDR compatible HDMI 2.0 connectivity options.

The smart TV should have an internet connectivity like Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection for streaming content. So, choose for an 85-inch TV with a minimum 20 – 25 Mbps Ethernet connectivity while watching 4K streaming flatly from any streaming services like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

8. Game Mode:

If you’re a hardcore gamer and want to have a thrilling world of monstrous screen sizes, outstanding performance and extra-ordinary clarity. Then 85-inch television with a game mode option will allow you to enjoy your game with wide-viewing angle, & finer details without any distortions. Thus, with this game mode, you can use it more than a television.

9. Price:

The price of an 85-inch is expensive, as it depends upon various factors like screen resolution, design/ model, display panel, number of connective ports, etc. Make sure not to purchase a poorly built knockoffs, low quality and sensitive to breakdowns. So, to make an ideal purchase, choose the best one that comes within your budget range.

10. Other Factors:

There are various other factors to consider while buying a large 85-inch TV. A few of them are accessibility features for

  • Choose a TV with a powerful & integrated sound system to hear properly without getting any struggle or cause disturbance to others. For this, you can also read the user reviews regarding the sound quality before its purchase.
  • Visual quality is another key factors. Wide viewing angles and flicker-less displays will enhance the visual quality and excellent image quality to fulfill your entertainment levels.
  • Look for the TV with ultra-clear, color, contrast, and super sharp without any snowy or grainy images will bring out real-like images.
  • Parental controls to restrict your little ones from watching any shows or movies that are not age-appropriate.
  • Wall-mounting feature will provide more installation options, especially whenever the floor space is at premium and thus enable you to set up custom home theater configurations that suits your place.
  • Also, it is advised to check the brand before purchasing this large 85-inch TV. Although, the branded products are costlier but they represent quality, & offers best performance.
  • Make sure to check the viewing angles of your TV before its purchase. So that you can enjoy viewing the TV from various wide angles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the benefits we grab by buying 85-inch TV?

With this 85-inch television, one can grab various benefits like great sound quality, excellent picture quality, best resolution, wide viewing distance and also saves your space.

2.What will differentiate the normal TV with this large 85-inch TV?

Since we are living in an era of smart gadgets, we have to update as per the advanced technology. Even though the cost of this 85-inch TV is higher but it comes with smart features like extraordinary picture and sound clarity, monstrous screen sizes, wide viewing angle, and outstanding performance. Also, it let you enjoy games, stream your favorite shows and movies, internet connectivity, and get control over what to watch through voice command. So, this will differentiate the normal TV to this large 85-inch TV.

3.How much space is required to fix this 85-inch TV?

Generally, a small size TV in a large space will look awkward whereas the large unit in small space will make you uncomfortable/not clear to watch. So, an 85-inch TV seems to work in a majority of setups and gets matched with the space available in your home, office or other places. One should enjoy watching this TV by sitting with a minimum distance of 10.5 feet away from the screen.


Above listed TVs will come with real-life picture, excellent sound quality, contrast, smart functionality, color range, non-blur fast action viewing, and so on. We suggest the Sony Bravia 85X8000H 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV as our first and best option. The reason is that it let you experience the real entertainment with vivid colorful pictures and immersive multi-dimensional sound. It is powered with X1 4K HDR processor, and featured with triluminos display, motion flow XR-200, and gets connected to Alexa and google assistant.

Hope this article will help you in buying the best 85-inch TV. In case, if you still have any queries related to 85-inch TVs in India, then feel free to share it with us in the below comments section.