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Best 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

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500-watt mixer grinders are perfect for people who want a powerful appliance at a budget-friendly price range. You can find several mixer-grinder models in the Indian market with a low wattage of 500 watts. They are packed with several features, sturdy jars, and durable blades for efficient grinding. If you are looking for the best option, we recommend the below-mentioned handpicked best 500-watt mixer grinder models.

1. Lifelong LLMG45 Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Award – Best Overall

Tagline – Ergonomic design

This mixer grinder is specially designed with an aesthetic look which adds more elegance to your modern kitchen.

Lifelong LLMG45 Power Pro mixer grinder is a multi-purpose mixer grinder which is equipped with efficient features to provide high performance. It comes with three stainless-steel jars that include 1.5 litre, 0.8 litre and 0.3 litre capacities. These jars are equipped with stainless-steel blades that can blend the batter to appropriate consistency. The easy grip handles are helpful for easy handling, especially while dealing with high quantities. The 3 speed setting modes help to grind different ingredients easily.

2. Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder

Award – User-Friendly

Tagline – Overload protector

This mixer grinder comes with an overload protector which protects the appliance from overheating and others.

Butterfly Hero mixer grinder comes with a sleek design and finish which ticks the boxes of aesthetics. It is equipped with razor sharp blades of 17000 to 20000 RPM which can cut, chop, and mix ingredients precisely. The 3 speed settings are easy to control and adjust according to the grinding requirements. It comes with three different jars and efficient blades. The whip feature is helpful in blending lip-smacking milkshakes at lightning speed.

3. Bajaj Rex Nutri-Pro Mixer Grinder

Award – Reliable Choice

Tagline – Durable quality

This mixer grinder is made from high-quality ABS plastic material and rust-proof body which does not corrode over time.

Bajaj Rex Nutri-Pro mixer grinder can carry out different grinding requirements with ease and finesse. It comes with three different jars that include 1.2 litre, 0.8 litre, and 0.3 litre. As it comes with 3 speed controls, you can increase or decrease the speed based on grinding needs to prevent overloading. The easy grip handles available with the jars help with easy handling, especially while dealing with large quantities.

4. USHA RapidMix Mixer Grinder

Award – Efficient Performance

Tagline – Bronze bush

This mixer grinder is equipped with a self-lubricating bronze bush which ensures contamination-free grinding and longer lifespan.

USHA RapidMix mixer grinder can grind toughest ingredients to a fine consistency. It comes with a superior copper motor which ensures high reliability without generating much heat or noise. As its motor has a 30-minute rating, you can grind ingredients at a stretch. The jars of this appliance come with 4 fin blade design which assures 20,000 high rpm adequate for grinding toughest ingredients. It comes with an attractive dual tone design that ensures premium finish and stylish look.

5. Havells Capture 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Award – Stylish Looks

Tagline – ACS system

This mixer grinder is equipped with an air channelization system and dual exhaust which ensures longer motor life and efficient grinding.

Havells Capture mixer grinder comes with convenient operation. You can use them for grinding both dry and wet ingredients. It comes with 3 stainless steel jars that include 800ml, 400ml and 1.5 litre. These jars are equipped with superior quality 304 stainless-steel blades which ensure best performance every time. As it comes with 21000 rpm, you can grind even the toughest ingredients easily. It comes with an in-built overload protector for motor safety.

Things to Consider While Purchasing 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

1. Number of Jars

You must consider the number of jars available with the mixer grinder. More number of jars means you can complete different quantities of grinding within less amount of time. If you have a large family, then more than 3 jars would be beneficial.

2. Blades

The jars of mixer grinders are usually equipped with different blade types for providing efficient grinding for dry and wet ingredients. 5 blade design jars are suitable for grinding batters, three or four blade designs are suitable for dry wet ingredients, and two blade designs are suitable for grinding dry ingredients and masalas. In addition to them, some mixer grinders also come with different blades for whipping buttermilk, milkshakes, and churning butter.

3. Motor Speed

Motor speed of a mixer grinder represents how fast and well it can grind the ingredients. This factor is measured in terms of RPM (rotations per minute). While analysing this feature, you must remember that higher RPM means more efficiency. Most of the mixer grinders in the Indian market come with 10000 RPM to 21000 RPM.

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