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If you are in consideration of buying a backpack, it is inevitable that you are confused regarding a lot of factors. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Here is what you should watch out for before you decide on buying one.

1. Comfort comes first

Back packs are considered to be the most comfortable carrier and if you buy something that hurts your back you might feel like replacing it too soon. The build of a backpack provides comfort to the user. You may need to carry too many books or take the laptop with you which can put a strain on your back and shoulders. Look for backpacks which have well-padded shoulder straps and thick padding on back so that you feel less strain on your back and shoulder.

2. Choose the correct size

Some bags might be too small, while others might be too big. In either of the cases, you will find it uncomfortable to carry it for long intervals. Backpacks generally come in two different sizes

Torso-length bag packs and Hip-length bag packs. A small-sized backpack can be 18” in lengths or less, a medium-sized varies between 18”-20” and the largest ones or the hip-length backpacks can be 20” or more. You can find their dimensions are mentioned in the product details.

3. Quick Accessible Pockets

Some people prefer multiple compartments for quick accessing to valuable items like keys, water bottle, phone, charger, etc. while others find too many compartments confusing. Bags with 1 or 2 pockets are enough good for lighter loads but if you travel with all your valuables in your bag, you might prefer something with big compartments as well as smaller front and side pockets to keep things more organized and well distributed

4. Judge the Bag Based on its Durability

Here, you need to watch out for the material which is used in the making of the bag. If you need a heavy-duty bag, you must go for ultra-strong nylon material and such as they are highly durable and can withstand for a long time and different pressure along with rough use. Also, watch out for the shoulder straps as they play a vital role in the durability and composure of the bag. After all, you would want your bag to be a long term investment.

4. Protection to Your Valuables

You will be literally throwing into your bag everything you need have with you, isn’t it? So you also need to be sure the things you store inside your bag are actually safe. Challenge comes along the way such as the climatic conditions and such which make your stored things a lot more prone to getting damaged. And hence, you need to look out for factors such as if the bag is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and as mentioned earlier durable. You may not need a bag that is 100% waterproof but it should protect your books and gadgets from sudden drizzles. If you are looking for a lap-top compatible bag make sure it has a padded compartment secured with belts to avoid jerking of the electronic device while you travel.

5. Keep your budget marked

It would always be better to keep a higher budget because why would you want to compromise with a backpack. With low price comes low quality and you simply cannot afford for your bag to get torn out anywhere you carry it along with.

Imagine walking on the street and you bag tears off, how would that be any good? Hence you would want to invest in a durable bag. Also, there are some products which are not worth the excess money you spent in them. So, you would also want to keep notes of the value you get for your money, try and grab the best deal while staying in your budget is always the best things, for the options available in the market are too many.

6. The design shall also be looked up to

Backpacks are great for almost all occasions. However, you must always watch out for the patterns made, the design and the look of the bag. If you are looking for a bag you will be carrying to the office with you, you should go for the one which looks formal, sober and suits the needs and requirements like carrying laptop or files, etc. Oppositely, if you want a bag to carry it for outings and stuff, you can go for a bag which is a lot more casual. Also, bags are available in vibrant colors with different designs, patterns, and graphics which can also be chosen from as per your style and personality.

Back Packs Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all the bags laptop-compatible?

No, not all the bags are laptop compatible. The manufacturer will mention it in the product description if the bag is laptop compatible. Rest you cannot fit your laptop in any of the bags because the shape of the bag differs and most of the bags are sleek in design as compared to a laptop bag. Make sure you search for compatibility before buying a bag.

2. What special considerations shall be the priority of buying a backpack?

Special consideration shall be water resistance, especially if you are going to use the bag for school purposes, for you wouldn’t want your books to get wet in the rain. Another necessary item would be padded straps which would help you carry the bag for long intervals. Wear and scratch resistance would be an optional benefit.

3. Is the weight of the bag necessary item to consider?

Yes, you first need to determine the purpose you shall be using the bag for. Based on which you shall consider a bag which can accommodate the expected capacity of things. If you do unnecessary stuffing, you will decrease the life of the bag by half the time it is meant to last.

4. What are the best backpack brands?

Good brands provide comfort along with durability and warranty. Some best backpack brands available in India are American Tourister, Skybag, F-gear, Gear, Amazon Basics, HRX, etc.

5. What is the best material for back-packs?

The most durable bag-packs are made up of strong nylon and polyester fibers. The zippers are made from YKK-grade and the belts and straps are also made with nylon. Heavier fabrics like canvas also make good quality bags that can last for 5 years. Leather is also durable but they come with a huge price tag.

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