Best Back Massager / Seat Massagers in India: 2020 Reviews

Long tours are fun but can cause you great fatigue, sore neck or back pains. And in that case, even a good quality neck/shoulder pillow sometimes won’t give relaxation which a car seat massager can!

It can relax your muscles, improve blood circulation and boost your mood. 

But before you go for a purchase, look into these factors to choose the best: 

  • Massaging techniques- Shiastu and vibration are two types of techniques where Shiastu is used for pain relief and vibration is used for relaxation. 
  • Speed control There are car seat massagers which come with speed control option and it can be a good step to look for the one because- it can give you massage according to your body’s requirements (Each body has different needs). 
  • Auto- Shut OffWhile mostly, there are massagers which come with auto-shutoff option. This option doesn’t let your massager get overheated and maintains the cool even after usage. 

Also, there are various things such as the types of massagers, nodes and heat settings and you can read about all these in our Buying Guide. 

After reviewing and researching thousands of products, we have prepared a list of the best car seat massagers in India, 2020. Have a look: 

Best Back massagers for Home

Best Back Seat MassagersNumber of NodesHeat TherapyIdeal ForBuy Now
Grin Health Back Kneading Massager12YesNeck, back, hips and thighs Check the Price
Yosager Back seat Massager6Only Lower backBack, waist, hips and thighs Check the Price
KosmoCare Back Massager12YesBack and waist Check the Price
Naipo Vibrating Car Seat Cushion Cover8YesBack, neck and thigh Check the Price
Dr Physio Full Body Massager2YesFull body including abdomen Check the Price
Omron HM-340 Cushion Massager2YesFull body Check the Price
Lifelong LLM Pillow/Cushion Massager4YesFull body Check the Price

Best Seat massager for Home & Car in India

1. Grin Health Full Back Kneading Massager

Grin Seat Massager

The Grin health massager is a deep tissue kneading massager with a heating element for muscle relaxation and pain relief. It tops the list because of its multi-functional role that it provides for a nominal price.

Its soft 3D nodes are made up of gel that rotates accordingly to provide you with the best shiatsu neck and back massage. The soft gel technology is designed to administer a natural feel to the process. The nodes are soft yet firm imitating a warm palm for a more natural and effective massage. The gel nodes are placed all along the neck and the backrest especially targeting the areas such as the lower back.

The lower half of the massage seat works on a vibration technology that can be regulated via remote control. The vibration seat provides the right amount of massage to the hips and thighs while you comfortably sit on the chair. The vibrating massage helps in improving and strengthening the metabolism.

The takeaway function of the Grin massager would be its soothing heat therapy. This optional heating role provides the necessary comfort to the areas such as your back, lumbar and shoulders to help you relax and ease out the pain. This helps in improving the blood circulation that in turn will rejuvenate the body. Considering its safety, the massager is designed to switch off the heating option automatically every 15 minutes.

Since it is a massage cushion, it is portable allowing you to use it on the couch, dining chair, office chair or even a car seat.

Notable Features

  • 12 Shiatsu massage gel nodes
  • Vibration seat
  • Heat therapy
  • Portable cushion
  • Hand control
  • 1-year warranty


One of the go-to massagers in the market, Grin health deep kneading massager justifies the price with its multi-functional roles. It is advisable to start off with a lighter massage if one is not familiar with the Shiatsu style as it targets the tissues and muscles specifically. One cannot expect a heating pad like feeling while using the heat therapy. It uses infrared red rays to heat up the nodes to raise the body temperature enough to relax the muscles.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heat therapy
  • Tactically placed nodes
  • Vibration seat
  • Hand controlled panel


  • Short charging cable.

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2. KosmoCare Back Massager Cushion 

Kosmocare Back Massager

Following the multifunctional Yosager cushion is the KosmoCare back massager that provides one with a real-time back massage. Available for a decent price, the back massager is a portable accessory that can be fixed to any seat.

The massager consists of 12 3D nodes that are skillfully placed to provide one with a deep tissue massage. The nodes mimic a warm hand yet work firmly over muscle knots and aches. It also comes with a selective heat therapy option that works towards improving the blood circulation in the body.

The nodes are designed and placed in a unique S-track model to target the right points in your back and waist. The intensity of the massage can also be predetermined by the user. 

Notable Features

  • Ergonomically designed cushion
  • 12 nodes for a deep tissue kneading
  • Heat therapy
  • 1-year warranty


The nodes work beautifully against the lower back and waist. However, it is not very ideal for a shoulder, upper back and neck massage. The cushion is comfortable enough and can be placed anywhere and if maintained properly, the product has good longevity.


  • Mimics Thai massage
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Strategically placed nodes.
  • Right amount of heat produced


  • Not ideal for neck and hips

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3. Naipo Vibrating Car Seat Cushion Cover

Naipo Back Massager

Naipo takes the back massager industry up a notch with its product that is specifically designed to fit a car seat. The product comes with an adaptor to facilitate its efficiency in a car.

The Naipo vibrating car seat cover works wonderfully on the upper back, thighs, hip, and shoulders, thanks to its highly designed 8 3D nodes. You can enjoy and select and change between four types of massage programs. The 4 mode vibrations work harmoniously with the nodes leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

The heat therapy is provided all the way from the upper back to the hips. The heat function can be controlled depending upon the intensity of heat one desires. Its 3 level intensity function can easily be regulated using the control panel.

Notable Features

  • Specially designed for a car seat
  • 3 intensity heat therapy
  • 8 gel nodes with 4 mode vibrations


The massaging cushion is a boon to those who travel a lot. The right amount of heat produced relaxes the muscles, especially in the lower back while the nodes work wonderfully to restore strength in the hips and thighs.


  • Comes with a car adaptor
  • Strategically placed node
  • Changeable vibration modes and heat intensities


  • No warranty details.

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4. Dr Physio Full Body Massager

Dr Physio Seat Massagers

Evolving from the bulky seat cushions, this body massager is lightweight, portable and pocket-sized. The ultra-compact massager comes with 4 Shiatsu massage nodes that help in relieving pain and knots in the different part of body muscles. One can place it on any part of the body including the abdomen that needs a bit of relief and expect wonders.

The deep kneading tissue has the ability to rotate anti-clockwise as well to relax the tense muscles. The heat therapy it provides is simply unbeatable given that it measures only 3.5” in size. One has to simply switch on the heat mode along with the vibrations or use it as a heating pad to improve the blood circulation.

Coming to its make and quality, the ultra-compact massager is made up of high-quality leatherette that is durable and easy to maintain. The straps are adjustable given that it is meant for all body parts of every size and shape.

Notable Features:

  • Lightweight, portable and ultra compact
  • Measures 3.5” in size
  • Heat therapy
  • 4 deep kneading Shiatsu nodes
  • Rotates anti-clockwise as well
  • 1-year warranty 


Its compact design and portability score the highest in the popularity chart. The feasibility of the product makes it worth buying. The product works well towards relieving pain but it operates on one body part at a time which can be a bit time consuming for those suffering from body aches.


  • The ultra compact build
  • Produces good amount of heat
  • The multi directional nodal movement
  • Affordable  


  • Durability is questionable
  • You need to hold it while using

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5. Omron HM-340 Cushion Massager

Omron HM340 Cushion Massager

Designed with Japanese technology, the Omron HM-340 massager is a user-friendly cushion massager that performs ideally for all the body parts. It is more of a massage pillow that one can use for the neck, thighs, lower back, and leg. The two-node design of the massage cushion provides acupuncture improving blood circulation while relieving pain.

It can perform two massage programs one is massage and other is massage with heat. It also uses heat-therapy to cure sore muscles and has heat control settings. Needless to mention, the heat function is also pretty strong for such a compact product.  The rollers have an RPM speed of 30 times per minute and the massage can do wonders after just 10 minutes of usage.

It is small but it is not power by batteries. The soft pillow cover is removable and washable. It feels so light and soft; you can literally sleep on it.

Notable features

  • Heat therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • 2 node cushion
  • 1-year warranty 


It is an ideal product to own at home. Omron cushion massager provides instant relief from stiff neck, back, and calves after a long day at work. The kneading ability of the massager is pretty strong so first-time users need to be careful. The outer cover is washable thus, easy to maintain. Moreover, it is very affordable.


  • Portable and compact
  • Simple 2 mode technology
  • Powerful vibrating nodes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Acupuncture


  • It makes some noise

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6. Lifelong LLM Pillow/Cushion Massager

Lifelong Cushion pillow Massager

Resembling a throw pillow, the Lifelong LLM massager is a practical choice when it comes to choosing between back massaging models. It provides the necessary relief from joint pains and muscle knots in the neck, upper back, lower waist, and shoulders.

It comes with a 4 deep-kneading nodes that move both clockwise and anti-clockwise to give a quick and relaxing result. The soothing heat function of the massager provides a gentle amount of heat enough to release the tension in the ligaments and improve blood circulation.

The outer covering of the cushion is made up of high-quality breathable material that also happens to be skin-friendly. It adds to the decor of the home as well as your car. The product comes with a car adaptor.

Notable Features:

  • 4 frequency vibrations
  • Multi-directional movement of the nodes
  • Heat therapy
  • One-touch operation
  • 1-year warranty 


Since the massager resembles a pillow, it is easy to use and operate. The cushion cover is of high quality and is washable. The 4 node kneading movement is pretty decent. However, it works best with the heat therapy. It is suitable for all body parts.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Works as a head massager as well


  • Short power cable

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Best Seat Massagers/Back Massagers Buying guide

A car seat massager can help you experience fatigue and tire-free journey. There are many different types of massagers available in the market but the following three are the most preferred ones:

1. Full

This one fits perfectly into your car because it comes in the shape of one. You can get complete body massage starting from the neck to the upper back. It contains a massage roller, nodes and motors to massage your shoulder and upper back area. You can also find certain additional features like pre-heating or auto-shutoff options. 

2. Cushion

You can easily get it by the name itself as they come in the size of a pillow. Also, they are very effective in the case of lower back or shoulder pain (a rolling massager is used to release the pain). You can have multiple heat modes in some of its kind and heater option is also available. 

3. Neck

It is like a neck rest pillow which gives you relief from sore neck pain of yours (happens due to bad sleeping position or long travel). You will get a vibrating massage on your neck and shoulders. Also, these are very inexpensive and you won’t find heating options in it. 

Now, let us dive deep into the type of massage you want. There are certainly two types of massages with different purposes and we have briefed down each’s work, have a look: 

  • Shiastu or Kneading: Shiastu is a Japanese massage technique that is also known for the term finger pressure. In the olden times, people used fingers on the tender muscles to release the pain. But, Shiastu is being practiced today as well either manually or through machines like massagers. 

In massagers, the Shiastu technique concentrates on tense muscles and stretches it to release the pain or energy. It is very effective in case of stress, anxiety, back pain, constipation, headache, insomnia, and menstrual problem. 

Kneading is a similar process where the tissues present above the bone structure are targeted to release pain and stiffness. 

4. Vibration:

You can find this technique most commonly in many massagers as it doesn’t provide relief from pain but rather provides relaxation to the muscles. It helps in loosening the stiff muscles which in turn, provides relaxation. 

5. Nodes

Nodes are small bumps or small ball like materials under the massager skin that provide the actual relaxation effect. Without these nodes, your massager can’t function or massage your body. Getting 5- 15 number of massage nodes would be just fine (to get better experience and relaxation). 

Also, the movement of these nodes is very important because this will decide upon how much relief or relaxation you would get. Going for a massager where nodes can move everywhere like clockwise, anti-clockwise, downwards and upwards while providing enough relaxation would be perfect. Some massagers are automatic (the directions of the rotation changes automatically) while others come manual (the directions of the rotation is required to be changed by you), choose the one which could fit your requirements. 

6. Heat settings

Most of the car massagers come with a heating option but some don’t. Well, it depends completely on you whether you would want to go for it or not. The heat option is good because it can certainly release the pain by providing heat to the painful area. 

While going for the heat option, make sure that your seat is fireproof because if it is not then you might face various circumstances (it can even cause a fire inside the car). Also, ensure that you go for a temperature control option where the heat can be distributed to the body according to your needs. 

7. Speed control

Well, we humans have different bodies and different minds. Some need an intense speed massager while some require a slow one and hence, speed control is very important because it allows you to relax at your own pace. 

8. Portability

Most of massagers are lightweight and compact which can be carried shifted from one seat to another. Make sure that it comes with an adapter and if it doesn’t then you can buy one to save space, time and most importantly, to make it much more compact. Some full-body massagers also come with handles. 

9. Build Material

Material is the one thing which we always focus on. A good massager can come with a soft material which is precisely ventilated. Also, make sure it is not too soft because then you might start getting pain from the nodes. Polyester is a good material but doesn’t come with much ventilation and that is why memory foam is preferred (it gives proper softness and ventilation). 

10. Remote control

Some massagers come with a remote which allows you to lie back, relax and manage the massaging with a remote. You can either go with this option or choose the one where you will have to manually change the settings. 

11. Auto-shut-off option

This can save you from many things- like overexposed to the nodes (your body might start paining) and overheating of the massager (it can be used for long-span of time). You will not have to worry about anything as you will sit on the massager and it will itself switch off after completing the proper cycle. 

12. Car seat 

Your massager should fit into your car seat and for that, you can just look into the straps (if they are tight and holds the seat then you are good to go). Rubber patches are used below the seat of the massager to ensure that it doesn’t slip off. 

13. Charging port

While most of them have AC adapters, you can find DC adapters as well which can allow you to charge it from cigarette lighter also. This is the most common feature because it is being used to promote the massager’s usage in cars. 

14. Other features

You should keep the size point in your mind while buying because if the massager is of short size, you might face irritation. It is better to get a longer one than a shorter. Also, make sure that the material is made up of sturdy quality which can last for a longer period because you will be spending a good amount from your pocket. 

15. Warranty 

Warranty is an important point because it can help you in trusting better. Usually, you can find these car seat massagers at a warranty of 1-3 years. 

16. Price

You can find a good car seat massager at a price of 5,500-10,000 INR. Well, we would suggest you to not compromise on its price as it can provide you relief from uninvited body pains for years. 

Benefits of a Car Seat Massager

You have many mental and physical benefits that you get from even a simple massage. Most of the people prefer spa for relaxation but a car seat massager can be used anytime, anywhere. Not only this, it can be used in your office as well. We have mentioned some more benefits below: 

  • Muscle Pain-  You can get rid of your muscles pain within ten minutes even. The massager works on your tense muscles and provides you relaxation by soothing achy muscles. 
  • Cortisol level or stress levelAlthough cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone but it does more than just stress. But, we will only talk about the stress factor because a good massager is capable of releasing the stress level in your body (it reduces cortisol levels in the bloodstream). 
  • Immune systemYour tissues and organs can absorb better nutrients because the massager improves blood circulation in the body (hence makes your immune system strong). 
  • MoodThe massager enlightens your mood because of endorphins (it can boost up your mood and provide the feeling of happiness) 

How to increase the Lifespan of a Car Seat Massager (Maintenance) 

Although a car seat massager doesn’t need much of the maintenance and that is what we have liked about it, you will require to timely clean it with a wet cloth or a normal to ensure that there is no dust particle on the surface. 

Also, cleaning can be done after reading the manufacturer’s manual which will have a description of whether you can use detergent to wash it or not. We would not recommend washing the massager with detergent because of two reasons: 

  • The build material’s quality might become bad if it is a memory foam based massager 
  • There are a lot of nodes and electrical functions and it will be a risk to clean it (they might dysfunction as well).

Never use a massager more than 10-20 minutes because it can cause overheating. While there are many massagers that come with an overheating protection system and if your massager doesn’t come with the one then maintaining a manual time limit of usage can be perfect. 

If you have any medical condition or prolonged pain in certain areas, go for a car seat massager which focuses on relaxing that part of your body. For example, if your neck hurts a lot while traveling then going for a neck massager can solve all the issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which massager can I buy for a long trip? 

It depends on the pain as well. If you are looking for a car seat massager just for relaxation purpose then full-body massager can suit you, if you need the one which focuses more on releasing your neck or shoulder pain then going for a neck massager could be just fine. 
Look for the one which has a sturdy motor and ergonomic design so that it can fulfill all your travel requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Back massagers are simple devices that provide easy solutions to intense pain and stiffness. Choosing the right device shouldn’t be a problem if one makes sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind.

However, it is very important to remember not to make any hasty and illogical decisions on this buy as it is also a health investment. Your health is in your hands. Note that any electric device should be used for a limited period in a day, especially when it is concerned about fitness and physical health.