Air fryer vs Oven: Which one is Best?

What is an air fryer? Should you invest your money buying an air fryer? What’s better an air fryer or convection oven? Well, if any of the above questions intrigue you, you’re not alone.

Since the last few years deciding which one is the best has been quite an issue. However, we’ll help you break down everything into understandable bits of information. If you’re interested to know more, read this info in full.

Before moving any further, we’ll talk about what an air fryer and an oven are. Here we go.

What is an air fryer?

The air fryer is a device or appliance that cooks food without using much oil. You can find the heating components on the top of this appliance.

These heating components are connected with a fan which circulates hot air to cook the food. The air fryer preheats quite fast, and you can cook the food right away.

A perforated tray is used for cooking in an air fryer. It helps in better air circulation. You have to place food on the perforated tray enclosed in an air fryer basket, and you’re done. Within a few minutes, the food will be ready to eat.

What is a convection oven?

Similar to a traditional oven, a convection oven works with heating components both on the top and bottom. It works in synchrony with a fan located on the back of the Oven.

You can turn off the fan and use the convection oven like a traditional one. It is used for baking cookies or cakes.

You won’t find many accessories with convection ovens. However, few manufacturers sell crisper trays to make the cooking experience similar to an air fryer.

Differences between air fryers and ovens?

Here are some factors that differentiate air fryers and ovens: –

Heating Differences

As stated earlier, the air fryer draws heat from the top. And in case of the convection oven, it comes from both top and bottom. Heat coming from top and bottom helps in superior air circulation and faster cooking in convection ovens.

Fan placement

In a convection oven, you’ll find a fan on the back of the unit. It’s either installed on the side of the centre of the back panel. However, in an air fryer, the fan is located on the top.

Fan size and speed

Air fryers come with larger and faster than convection fans. You’ll find some air fryers which are meant to deliver at least 30% more speed than a convection fan.

Role of Temperature

The temperature has a big role to play here. With convection ovens, the hot air is more effectively circulated for cooking the food evenly.

The temperature adjusts automatically allowing you to cook numerous dishes. Also, convection ovens are big and can help you cook large cuisines.

Air fryers can reach the required temperatures whenever you want. Also, placing the food in an air fryer basket makes cooking more even.

The air fryer is compact and requires less space. You can even cook delicate food items using an air fryer, which is no possible with a convection oven.

Power Consumption

Air fryer may preheat quickly, but it still takes some time to reach the ideal temperatures. However, air fryer is considered as an energy-efficient appliance. Because it uses intense heat for a pretty less time.

You can find an air fryer’s wattage ranging somewhere between 1200-1500 watts. A common oven consumes about 1200 watts if you use it for 30 minutes each day. Also, it consumes extra power when it is on standby.

So, when we compare, an oven seems to use more energy. And, thus an air fryer is an efficient option.

Health and Hygiene

Both air fryers and convection ovens add a healthy element to the food. Its because both these appliances circulate hot air for cooking the food.

Convection ovens use very less amount of oil and rely on the juices within the food for cooking. This is what adds in the healthy element.

And on the other hand, air fryers are capable of entirely avoiding oil while cooking. So, while using air fryers, you won’t need any oil for cooking. And this makes it healthier than convection ovens.

Technological Superiority

Talking about the technology used, both convection ovens and air fryers work on similar tech. Both use heat and air for cooking the food.

However, microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves for heating or cooking the food. And if you compare it with an air fryer, the latter is way safer and superior.

Cooking Capacity

Now, this depends entirely on the user. If you have ample space and can handle something bulky, convection ovens are for you. Also, it is quite hard to bend to place food and alter the temperature in a convection oven.

While on the other hand air fryers are compact and easy to master. You won’t need much space to place your air fryer. It’s the reason why people prefer them. However, bigger size means bigger cooking capacity.

So, if you need to cook in large amounts or cook big, convection ovens are cool. Otherwise, you can go to air fryers.


Usually, there’s no accessory when you buy a convection oven. However, once in a while you may get crisper trays with a convection oven which help you cook like an air fryer.

And with air fryers, you can expect numerous perforated accessories. Spits, skewers, fryer baskets, and trays being some examples.

Which Is Better- Air Fryer or Oven and Why?

If you consider a microwave oven in terms of technology, it uses harmful radiations. However, with an oven, you can get quick results because of an energetic process. Microwave ovens are around six times faster as compared to air fryers.

Air fryers use a more dependable technology known as rapid air technology. This is what helps air fryers cook better. If you’re in love with fried food items, but want something healthy, air fryers can help.

Air fryers use up to 80% less oil. It means you can enjoy the exotic taste without messing with your health.

So, if you want to eat healthily, air fryers are really good. But if you want a large capacity, you should prefer ovens.

How is air frying different from baking in an oven?

The difference is subtle. Generic ovens use a heating element for cooking food. The heating component can be electric or gas, which takes some time to heat and cook the food.

While convection oven spreads the heat faster using a fan. And this is what leads to the cooking of the food, similar to an air fryer.

However, in air fryers story is different. Instead of a heating element, rapid air technology is used. It’s a patented technology which offers circulates heat quickly. Also, because of the small size of air fryers, the heat distributes evenly cooking the food better.

What food should you cook and what to avoid in an Air Fryer?

You cannot put just anything in your air fryer, and it eats afterwards. There are certain items you should avoid while you can cook many others safely. Here are some things to avoid in an air fryer: –

  • Broccoli: It can completely dry out, leaving behind a completely tasteless item.
  • Large chicken roast or whole chicken: The part closest to the heat source will most probably burn and dry out. And other parts which are far may not even get the touch of heat.
  • Food with wet toppings: Avoid food with wet toppings or batter. It’s because the topping won’t stay inside the air fryer because of intense heat.
  • Cheese: Air fryer isn’t made for cheese. The fryer will melt the cheese and will create a mess.

Here are some things you can cook in an air fryer: –

  • Chicken Breast
  • Steak
  • Cookies
  • Most Frozen Food Items

What food should you cook and what to avoid in an oven?

Same goes with ovens too. Here are something you should avoid in Oven: –

  • Certain Frozen food items: You canput Some frozen food items from the fridge directly into the Oven. But you should avoid some items like chicken parts or casseroles. You need to let them warm to room temperature and then proceed.
  • Whole Eggs:It will take over 45 mins to do that. Even after that, the result won’t be pleasing enough.
  • Grilled Fish: Putting a grilled fish can create a mess inside the Oven. So, avoid doing this.

Here are some items you can cook: –

  • Baked Pasta
  • Margherita Pizza
  • Lemon Tart
  • Mushroom
  • Baked Chicken

Which method is healthier?

In the end, nothing but health matters. Conventional or convection ovens use decent amount oil for cooking the food. And this is obviously going to harm.

And if you cook using an air fryer, very less to no oil is required. Also, you’ll get the desired crisp in the food using an air fryer.

So, considering the amount of oil used and its effects on the body, air fryer is healthier.


Both ovens and air fryers are used widely. However, what works in your favour is what matters. If you need an appliance with a large food capacity, you need to put your health aside and go for an oven.

And if you want a compact option that is healthy and easy to carry or store, go for an air fryer.

If you like the insights shared in this article, do share it with others. We hope to have helped you decide which one is better. We’ll be posting similar informative stuff. So, keep coming back for more.