Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitar in India 2021 Reviews

There may be multiple reasons why you have decided to buy a guitar. You might have just started to learn the instrument or maybe planning to learn it soon enough. You want to rock the music world or simply learn to express yourselves with music. For all that and much more, you need to have a good guitar.

Whether you are a beginner or a novice player, you all know that an acoustic guitar is the perfect go to guitar for many musicians. The innocent and peaceful sound that comes out when you strum the chords is an unparalleled great sensation.

But how do you know which guitar is good and which one is the perfect fit for you? It is not like the right guitar calls you like a wand from the Harry Potter movie right?

Well, fret not (pun intended) for our team of guitar enthusiasts have gathered together on a mission to help you out. Our team has conducted a well backed comprehensive internet research, gathered the facts, compared a bunch of products and shortlisted the best 7 guitars available in India.

For first timers and experts alike, there is a comprehensive Buying Guide at the end of this article on what to look for in a guitar before buying it. Be sure to read it too.

Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitar in India

Name of the GuitarWood TypeWarrantyPlayer LevelBuy Now
Yamaha F310 Acoustic GuitarRosewood1 yearBeginner and Mid LevelCheck the Price
Juarez Acoustic GuitarLindenwood1 YearBeginnersCheck the Price
Kadence Acoustic GuitarRosewood6 monthsMid level to ProfessionalCheck the Price
Intern INT-38C Acoustic GuitarLindenwood and Ebony fretboardNABeginnersCheck the Price
Fender Semi Acoustic Guitar
Spruce and Mahogany1 YearIntermediate to advancedCheck the Price
Jixing JXNG Acoustic GuitarsLindenwood1 YearBeginnersCheck the Price
Hovner Electro Acoustic GuitarRosewoodNABeginners and ProfessionalCheck the Price

Best Acoustic Guitar in India

1. Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Guitar

The Japanese origin Yamaha is a leader in the world of Music for over 131 years now. The Yamaha F310 with Natural finish is one of the most famous dreadnought size acoustic guitar of the lot. It simple, sleek  has a 1 year warranty and its playability has no doubt made it a fan favourite.

Though the shape does not have a lapt cut, the F310 is specifically designed and built for beginners who wish to learn to play the instrument. It’s 41 inches high, has steel chords and the ergonomic dimensions are perfectly made for easier holding which makes it physically to almost anyone.

Made out of Rose wood material covering the body material (Spruce and meranti) , back, and the sides are made from Merranti while the neck made from Nato together gives it that sleek design. Spruce wood is the superior quality wood that is known to produce a warm and dense sound.

The fretboard material is made from high quality rosewood and the 6 strings are steel. There is a truss rod, which is ideal for tuning the guitar to your required settings. Together, they give you a bright mid range sound quality.

As this is a normal acoustic guitar, it does not have the facility to connect amplifiers. But if you are particular about connecting an amplifier then you should opt for the full bundle guitar. But the guitar does come with an instrument connector cable. It also has a great quality bag, an extra string set, a Hex Wrench and a capo.

Yamaha gives you a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for this guitar which is more than decent for these instruments. So all in all, it is a definite pick for you.

Sam Rankin from Gear4Studio has done a beautiful review piece on this guitar. Be sure to check it out too.


  • Rose Wood board
  • Ergonomic compatibility for beginners and novice players to learn
  • Elegant and simple design
  • Truss rod for easy tune settings (ideal for beginners)
  • Brighter sound quality
  • ISO certified
  • 1 years warranty for quality assurance
  • Accessories include a bag, string set, a hex wrench and a capo.


  • The steel Strings could improve in their quality

Verdict: Ideal for beginners who can spend a little and people who wish to upgrade from beginner to a better novice level.

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2. Juarez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway

One of the economic and affordable guitar of the list, the Juarez Acoustic Guitar is ideal for people who want to learn to play the instrument but may be hesitant to invest a lot of money for it.

The body, neck, sides and back are made from linden wood and the fretboard is ebony wood. Linden wood is light weight material. So, it can be easily carried along. This lasts longer than expected and the design of the guitar gives absolute ergonomic compatibility for beginners.

As mentioned, this budget friendly and small sized guitar is carved out for the younger generation audiences who wish to learn to play the instrument.The strings of the guitar are made out of steel and are light in weight and easy to press for first timers. As this guitar has only 18 frets, you will not need truss rod for adjusting your tune settings.

The fretboard has equidistant and normal high frets which are not too far for the average beginner to feel intimidated. But even with the fret distance, we felt that the action of the fretboard strings is a bit high and could be a little low but then again, within the budget, this is a great bet.

Apart from the guitar, the product comes with a bag (decent quality), a couple of picks and an extra set of strings. Also, the company gives a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year for the product. This seems to be a decent bet for beginners who wish to give the instrument a try.


  • Comes at a very economic and budget friendly cost
  • Good quality wood for long lasting durability
  • Sleek design for physical compatibility
  • Warranty of 1 year


  • Strings are not so tough for long lasting durability
  • Has more than expected action
  • Not ISO certified

Verdict: Ideal for beginners and older teens who wish to begin their learning of guitar. Not suggested for moderate to skilled musicians.

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3. Kadence Frontier Series,Black Acoustic Guitar Super Combo

The reason why Kadence frontier series black acoustic guitar has made it to the list is for two reasons. It’s quality and its accessories.

When it comes to its accessories, we have a bag (non padded and  that great of a quality), A digital tuner, extra picks, a set of extra strings, a capo, a shoulder strap and most importantly, a guitar stand. Of all, the strings, tuner and the guitar stand are of great quality while the shoulder strap and the bag or of the least quality statement. It even comes with a double boxed packing which is ideal and suggested for delicate items such as guitars.

It comes with a truss rod hence makes it easier for tune adjustments. The action for the guitar is low by default but that can be adjusted according to the requirements.

The 6 strings are made from stainless steel. The quality of these strings may be durable but the output sound quality suffers. The extra pair of strings that come with the guitar of a great quality and sound output. For best results, use those strings instead of the default strings.

Coming to the making of the guitar, high quality spruce wood and rosewood are used in manufacturing the body and fretboard materials respectively. Kadence acoustic is light weight. So you can carry it along wherever you go. There is a 6 months manufacturer’s warranty for the product in inherent damages.


  • Parts made from high quality materials for great durability
  • Compatibility for stylish appearance and comfortable playability
  • 6 months warranty for brand trust
  • ISO certified


  • Sound quality as not expected from a low acoustic guitar
  • Not a very high default string quality
  • Could improve on the carry bag quality

Verdict: A go to buy for the economic mid and pro level players. Not recommended for beginners.

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4. Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit, Black

Intern’s 38 inch Acoustic guitar is yet another economic and short sized guitar ideal and targeted towards the younger audience. The best part about it is the finest quality of finish that you expect the least considering its price range.

Made for beginners and players of younger age, the Intern INT 38 inches is made out of linden wood. Linden wood is known to produce a decent sound quality. The fret board is made from ebony wood and it produces very crisp and bright sound quality.

The overall design is cutaway and is made in a way to provide comfort to the player trying to reach for the higher notes. I’d like to take a word to again compliment Intern for the beautiful finish on the glossy detail of the guitar.

It has got a straight neck which is very comfortable to hold. It also produces a very good action with the least stress on the fingers as the distance between the fretboard and strings is great.

The materials of the strings are highly durable and soft which gives moderate and enough comfort to the beginner starting to play the guitar. Also, there is no truss rod that comes with the guitar but then again, for a beginner, it is not necessary.

The weight of this guitar is 2.1 kgs, which makes it portable and easy to carry around. Accessories for the guitar include an extra pair of strings and 3 picks (decent quality).


  • Body made of high quality wood for good durability
  • Perfect glossy finish
  • High quality and toughest strings
  • High playability for easy reach of higher notes


  • No warranty period and iso mark on the product
  • No truss rod for tuning adjustments

Verdict: A buy for young children, teens and even for adult aged beginners. Not recommended for seasoned players

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5. Fender CD-60 SCE NAT Semi Acoustic Guitar

Fender CD-60 SCE NAT Dreadnought Semi Acoustic GuitarFender is a leading manufacturer of electric instruments in the world. Since its launch in 1946, it has become the go-to company for beginners, hobbyists and even renowned performers. This is because all its instruments produce loud and clear tones.  

This CD-60 SCE from Fender is a refined version of the CD-60S model. The improved version has a cutaway design which allows you to easily access the frets. So, this guitar is ideal for stage performers who do a lot of fingerwork around the upper frets.

Another interesting feature we like in this acoustic guitar is the built-in volume tuner with bass and treble settings. It has been designed by the world’s number one company Fishman, so you can assume the quality of sounds coming from this guitar. 

Moreover, this instrument has a spruce top, which is one of the most popular materials among the acoustic guitars. The speciality of a spruce wood top is that the sounds come brighter and more clear.  

With the mahogany sides and back, the sounds from this guitar come better as the instrument ages. 

Coming to the fretboard, it contains rosewood with rounded ends so that you can comfortably wrap your fingers around it.

Overall, this is a jumbo-size guitar with a weight of 3 kgs. We think this is the best option for intermediate to advanced guitarists whose budget is within Rs. 30000. Fender also gives you a 1-year warranty on the product.


  • The scalloped x-bracing provides rigid support to the top.
  • Built-in volume tuner for clear sounds.
  • Round fret ends for a comfortable grip.
  • Cutaway shape for easy access to frets.
  • 1-year warranty on the guitar.


  • Nothing specific to mention.

Verdict: It is an affordable option for mid-level players who are looking to enjoy smooth and clear sounds.

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6. Jixing JXNG 6 Strings Acoustic Guitars(Black)

Yet another budget guitar, the Jixing JXNG 6 strings acoustic is similar to the Intern acoustic guitar most ways except for the build quality. Intern wins the build quality, but even if for a few hundred rupees, Jixing wins the price.

This guitar’s main body is made out of linden wood body while its fretboard made from Maple giving it a resonating tone. The neck material is a bit stylish in looks which is actually decent for this price range.

JXNG acoustic has a decent action and the strings are easy to press without applying any great tension on the fingers. As a beginner you can blindly point your finger to choose this affordable guitar (with a basic training of course). You may find difficulty in purchasing the guitars of this brand in the stores as most of the sales are done online.

The product is not ISO certified but yet comes with a 1 year warranty which, for this price range, is actually a pretty big brag. Makes it sure for many beginners to buy and try.


  • 1 year of manufacturer’s
  • Good action for easy playing of the strings
  • Good quality strings.
  • Compatible and portable for easy handling
  • Stylish design


  • Not ISO certified

Verdict: Good for beginners on a shoestring budget

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7. Hovner Carlton Special Quality Rosewood Fretboard Blue Electro Acoustic Guitar

Saving the best for the last is the Hovener Carlton special electric cum Acoustic guitar. This is a hybrid guitar which works both as an acoustic guitar and also as an electric guitar.

Ideal for both beginners AND professionals, this is actually a budget friendly guitar when looked at a particular perspective. The perspective being most professional and performing guitars are expensive (most crossing the mark of 8,10 and even 15k too)

With its body made out of premium quality lindenwood, the fretboard is rosewood and the strings are made out of high quality stainless steel. The Hovener Carlton has an absolutely polished finish giving it a luxurious look. The design of the body is cut ergonomically for sitting and standing stage performances.

The action of this guitar is 2.5 mm but is adjustable thanks to the truss rod that comes with the guitar. The guitar sounds perfect and well acoustics wise even without an amplifier. A connection to an amplifier, as the name has it, shall amplify your experience.

As for the accessories, this guitar comes with a carry bag (not top level quality bag), an extra set of guitar strings and 2 pieces of picks to play with. As great of a player this guitar is, it does not come with any manufacturer’s warranty which is the reason why it made to the bottom of the list.


  • Hybrid electric and acoustic guitar
  • Truss rod
  • Adjustable action
  • Great build quality of wood
  • No ISO but international Export Quality
  • Quality strings


  • No manufacturer’s warranty

Verdict: A good buy for professionals on a budget. A great buy for beginners who wish to learn both acoustic and electric for a serious career in Music.

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Out of all the guitars listed above, our top pick is the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar. The reason it stands out to be the best is due to its amazing features such as sound quality, design, durability, compatibility along with its reasonable price range. What is your choice out of these and why?

And also what are the additional factors you would consider important other than these mentioned in this article. Do you have any questions relating to guitars, their build material or any other appliances? Let us know in the comments section below and our team shall get back to you ASAP.