6 Best Trolley Speaker in India Reviews & Buying Guide

A karaoke trolley speaker is something worth spending your money on. These speakers can be fun and recreational after a tiring day and can also be the life at parties.

If you want to spice things up with your better half, you can sing duets on the karaoke trolley speaker for a long time. This speaker can also be enjoyed at a family gathering or a party at your friends and singing and matching lyrics with your favorite people can be a lot of fun together.

But like most products, there are several options when you are looking to buy trolley speakers in India. This can leave you confused, and you can end up investing in a wrong speaker. There are several factors which you must consider before buying the trolley speaker. They are listed below.

Audio quality

The audio quality of the speaker should be the first thing that must be considered. To determine the audio quality, you must make sure that the frequency of the speaker is between 20kHz to 100kHz. Also, the total harmonic distortion for any speaker should be less than 1%.


The battery backup for any speaker must be high so that the speaker does not stop functioning at the middle of any event. The battery should at least last 4-5 hours on one single charge.

There are several more factors which you must consider when you are looking to buy a trolley speaker. All those factors are mentioned in the buying guide provided later in the article.

After several studies and reviews from past and present customers, we have formulated a list of the best trolley speakers and their specifications. The table will help you choose better.

Best Trolley Speaker in India

Trolley SpeakersWeight Power Buy Now
Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley12kg120WCHECK ON AMAZON
Zoook Rocker Trolley Party Speaker5kg 200g70WCHECK ON AMAZON
White Square PWS-50 Portable Trolley Speaker22kg 200g50WCHECK ON AMAZON
Artis BT900 Karaoke PA System Trolley Speaker13kg 900g100WCHECK ON AMAZON
Croma 240 Watts Trolley Karaoke Speaker3kg 500g240WCHECK ON AMAZON
T-Series TR1010 Trolley Speaker16kg80WCHECK ON AMAZON

Top Trolley Speakers in India Reviews

1. Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley

Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley


Takara Karaoke Speaker Trolley has amazing features which provide you with various experiences and several uses. The portable design of this speaker makes it easy to handle and carry around.

Along with the basic features, this speaker can turn into an instant karaoke station and has the ability to record audios. There is an additional playback feature too.

The speaker has a rechargeable battery which can last for 4-5 hours. Also, there are wheels attached to it with the ergonomic and compact design. This makes the speaker ideal for both indoors and outdoors. It also supports multi-connectivity like USB, Bluetooth, AUX and SD Card.

Several musical instruments can also be connected to the speaker, which makes the karaoke feature even more fun. Apart from this, you can also connect a mic for a complete show. This has a 12” speaker enclosed in a wooden box which ensures 120W RMS powerful output and terrific sound quality.

The astonishing feature is that you can suppress the audio for any song and make a Karaoke version of it, whether the song is available in the Karaoke feature or not.

There are advanced features which enable recording songs performed on the Karaoke so you can listen to them later. There are advanced controls apart from the volume, bass and treble controls for the microphone which provides an enhanced voice while announcing on the microphone.

Notable features:

Colour: Black

Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, MicroSD, Multimedia card

Power: 120W

Dimensions: 30cm* 35cm* 65cm

Weight: 12kg

Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required.


  • 120W powerful output and advanced sound output.
  • Allows to record audio during Karaoke.
  • Advanced sound controls and mode controls.
  • Multi-connectivity enabled.


  • Does not provide a user manual.

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2. Zoook Rocker Trolley Party Speaker

Zoook Rocker Thunder

Zoook has come up with Karaoke Bluetooth Party speakers with a remote control and built-in amplifier. The speaker is also equipped with a wireless microphone and 70W speakers for impeccable sound quality.

This speaker has a wide compatibility and can be connected to anything from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tabs to DVD systems and televisions. This speaker enables multi-connectivity to different kinds of hardware like the USB, Bluetooth, AUX and wireless devices.

It has 5.0 Bluetooth, which allows connectivity to several devices. This also has an echo card and FM radio. It also has a TF card and U disk. The wireless microphone is perfect for a Karaoke night with family and friends. Besides, the speaker consists of Lithium-Ion batteries which can sustain for 4 hours on a single charge. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties.

The remote makes the control for the speaker much easier and convenient. The maximum operating distance for the wireless speaker is 10 feet.

Notable Features:

Colour: Black

Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, AUX 

Power: 70W

Dimensions: 60cm* 36cm* 38cm

Weight: 5kg 200g

Batteries: Lithium Battery


  • Wireless microphone is perfect for Karaoke night.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Has an in-built amplifier.


  • Does not indicate the percentage of charge.

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3. White Square PWS-50 Portable Trolley Speaker

White Square trolley speaker

This White Square Portable trolley Bluetooth speaker is accompanied by wireless Karaoke microphone, Remote, keypad, adaptor, screen and android functionality. Along with these, the speaker provides a powerful cinematic sound which is perfect for parties or evening shows with friends and family. It has a quad-core 1.5 gigahertz processor. It also has a built-in 1GB RAM.

The speaker enables WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has 12inch, 5 inch and 3-inch speakers. It also has a 50W amplifier which provides clear and distinct sound. This speaker has a 15-inch screen and a 12000 mAh battery.

The power or battery is a DC input. Besides, the speaker has HDMI ports which enables connectivity to all devices. It also supports all kinds of hardware like USB, AUX, WiFi, SD Card and Bluetooth. The trolley design ensures smooth portability.

The keypad remote and the wireless mic effectively betters the performance of the speaker.

The speaker has easy access and seamless controls. You can stream the speaker with the best OTT platforms.

Notable Features:

Colour: Multi-colour

Connectivity: AUX, USB, Bluetooth. WiFi, SD Card

Power: 50W

Dimensions: 48.5cm* 41cm* 102cm

Weight: 22kg 200g

Batteries: N/A


  • 12000mAh battery which enables long life for the party.
  • Supports all kinds of hardware.
  • Seamless controls and easy access.
  • Quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM.


  • Speaker is on the heavier side.

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4. Artis BT900 Karaoke PA System Trolley Speaker

Artis Trolley Speaker

Artis BT900 Karaoke Bluetooth speaker is enhanced with digital LED display. This speaker supports all kinds of hardware like USB where you can play music with the help pen drive, AUX which enables to connect various devices, SD card which allows playback audio, a guitar jack and FM radio.

This speaker has an in-built rechargeable 4800mAh battery. Therefore, this speaker can also be used outdoors for fun events or advertising purposes. This trolley speaker has an adjustable trolley which makes the portability of the speaker easier and more accessible for the user.

The sound output of the speaker is 100W RMS. This speaker is truly versatile as it can be connected to all devices. It also has easy control with buttons on top and an added remote for extra control. The advanced features like LED display and LED lighting with wireless microphone and mega bass sound makes the speaker perfect for a fun night or gathering.

The 10m working distance, 8m subwoofer and wheels to carry makes it portable and user friendly. The speaker comes with two microphones which can be used simultaneously.

Notable Features:

Colour: Black

Connectivity: All Bluetooth enabled devices 

Power: 100W

Dimensions: 36cm* 36cm* 101.5cm

Weight: 13kg 900g

Country of origin: China

Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries


  • Multi Connectivity with USB, AUX, Bluetooth and HDMI ports.
  • In-built rechargeable 4800mAh battery.
  • Two microphones can be used simultaneously.
  • Portability is easy with adjustable trolley and wheels.


  • Overlapping in the display area.

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5. Croma 240 Watts Trolley Karaoke Speaker

Croma Trolley Speaker

If you want a happening music system to host the most happening party, then Croma Trolley Karaoke Bluetooth Party Speaker is your best bet.

This speaker has a 240W sound output which produces clear and distinct sound. This speaker can work as a DJ speaker for outdoor parties or Home Speaker for Karaoke nights.

The speaker comes with an integrated trolley and wheels, which makes the portability easy. This also supports FM radio, and SD card support allows you to connect a guitar too. The Bluetooth connectivity enables connection to all sorts of devices.

The battery of this speaker lasts up to 5 hours which makes it the life of the party for a long time with one single charge. The FM support lets you enjoy the amazing songs at any time.  It also has two wireless microphones which can be used simultaneously. This lets you enjoy the Karaoke feature with a partner or alone, as you wish.

The company provides added advantages like lifetime assured service, extended support and brand loyalty from a brand like TATA.

Notable Features:

Colour: Black

Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth 

Power: 240W

Dimensions: 57 x 34.98 x 34.39 cm

Weight: 3kg 500g

Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries


  • 240W sound output which gives distinct sound.
  • The FM radio lets you enjoy various songs.
  • You can connect musical instruments like the guitar.
  • The dual-microphone feature lets you enjoy the karaoke feature with a partner or alone.


  • Good for only small spaces.

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6. T-Series TR1010 Trolley Speaker

T-Series TR1010 Trolley Speaker

This trolley speaker enables you to pull your music everywhere you go. This speaker has two 10-inch speakers which produce a maximum of 80W sound at the highest. It produces a clear and distinct sound that can bring any and every party to life.

The speaker is Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to effortlessly connect to all devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop and all other Bluetooth music devices. The speaker also has an in-built rechargeable battery which can last up to 2.5 to 3 hours in one single charge for full volume and 4-5 hours for half volume.

The portable design of the speaker makes it easy to carry as it has adjustable handles and wheels on the trolley. It also has a wireless microphone and remote for a fun karaoke session.

It also comes with a built-in FM which lets you listen to amazing music anytime.

You can also connect to musical instruments like guitars for a better karaoke session.

Notable Features:

Colour: Black

Connectivity: USB, SD Card, Bluetooth, HDMI port 

Power: 80W

Dimensions: 32cm* 29cm* 70cm

Weight: 16kg

Batteries: Lithium batteries.


  • Two 10-inch speakers which give 80W sound output.
  • Rechargeable battery which lasts 2.5-3 hours on full volume and 4-5 hours on half volume.
  • Has wireless microphone and remote control.
  • Portable design.


  • Does not have WiFi access.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Trolley Speaker

There are certain features which we need to consider before buying a trolley speaker. They are all listed below.

Audio quality

The most vital feature to check when looking for a trolley speaker is the audio quality. To determine the sound quality of any speaker, you need to check the harmonic distortion of the speaker. The total harmonic distortion of the speaker must be less than 1% for the best sound quality.

Another important aspect which must be kept in mind is the frequency of the speaker. The frequency of the speaker must be between the range of 20kHz and 100kHz. If the speaker has low frequency, then it will have better bass sound quality.


The battery backup for any portable speaker is an important factor. We do not want any trolley speaker, which will lose all the charge in the middle of a party. We must check that the battery of the speaker is such that it lasts for at least 4-5 hours on a single charge. Generally, small speakers have smaller battery life than large batteries due to the size of the speakers. Also, the battery of the speaker usually lasts longer if the volume is reduced.


The trolley speakers must have access to all kinds of hardware. Most of these speakers have connectivity through Bluetooth. Therefore, all the devices can be connected to the Bluetooth which have their own in-built Bluetooth feature. Many newer trolley speakers also have the connectivity enabled through the WiFi system. If the trolley speaker allows connectivity through HDMI cables or USB ports is an added benefit.


The trolley speakers are supposed to be the life of the parties, both indoors and outdoors. As the speaker is supposed to work in the outdoor parties, there can be added risks which can damage the trolley speakers. Therefore, you must look for speakers which are risk-resistant or are waterproof. This will ensure that the speaker is safe if it suffers a fall or is even safe from the water if there is a sudden rain during an outdoor party.


The speakers should be of such design that they can be moved and carried easily. The trolley speakers should have an ergonomic design which will allow the speakers to move easily. The trolley speakers for easy movement must have adjustable trolley and wheels attached to it so that there is no complications when we try the move the speakers from one place to another.

Power of the audio

The power of the audio of the speaker is determined by watts. The higher power of the audio of the speaker, meaning higher the watts of the audio determines the maximum efficiency of the speaker. You must note that for large rooms, you need speakers with more power, and the speakers with less power are more suited to small rooms.

Added Advantages

There are some added features which you can consider when choosing the ideal speaker for you. They are listed below.

  • Built-in microphone or extra microphone provided with the set.
  • Multiple microphone connectivity.
  • Ability to turn any song into a karaoke version.
  • Easy controls and access.
  • Remote control.
  • LED display.
  • LED lights,
  • Size and design
  • Version of the Bluetooth

There are various options that are available when you go to purchase a trolley speaker. However, for investing in the best-suited trolley speaker, you must consider the price of several speakers and also compare all the features mentioned above. The features mentioned above will certainly help you choose a good speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the trolley speaker a single piece of equipment?

The trolley speaker is not a single piece of equipment. The speaker often comes with separate microphones which can be connected according to the wish of the user. Several devices can be connected to the trolley speaker using an HDMI cable or via Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity.

2. Can the trolley speakers be used in compact spaces?

The speakers are compatible in all kinds of rooms and spaces. For smaller rooms like gyms and small apartments, the volume of the speaker can be lowered. Similarly, for large open spaces, the volume of the speaker can be increased at the max.

3. Are the trolley speakers difficult to use?

The trolley speakers are fairly easy to use. They can be used as easily as operating a CD or DVD players. The trolley speakers can be used by people of all age groups. It is as easy as hitting play, pause and sing.

4. Are the trolley speakers of commercial-grade?

Most trolley speakers have high-quality sound output and of the commercial grade. With the trolley speakers, you will get the same quality music as the DJ brings to an event at much-reduced cost.

5. Are duets possible on karaoke trolley speakers?

If the trolley speaker allows two microphones to be used at one time, then duet karaoke is possible, or the speaker allows only single microphone use at a time.

6. What makes the trolley design portable?

The adjustable handle of the speaker and the wheels at the bottom of the speaker makes the design of the trolley speaker portable.

7. What are the hardware that are compatible with trolley speakers?

The hardware that the trolley speakers are compatible with are the devices connected through Bluetooth or WiFi, HDMI cables, USB or SD card.

8. What are the most common batteries used for trolley speakers?

The most common batteries used for the trolley speakers are the Lithium Polymer batteries.

9. Are the trolley speakers suitable for indoor or outdoor events?

The trolley speakers can be used for both indoor and outdoor events if the speakers are loaded with rechargeable batteries and can work without being connected to the electric source.


There are several speakers that are available in the market and the online shopping sites for you. This is both a boon and a bane. The boon is that you get so many options and you can go for the best and ideal option for yourself. And the bane is that you often end up confused as to which speaker you should choose. Different people priorities different things when it comes to speakers.
But, if you ask for our opinion, we would suggest you go for Takara Karaoke Trolley Speaker. The speaker has a 120W powerful sound output. It also has different mode controls and sound controls. It also has an added feature of recording audios during karaokes. We hope that this article helped you choose the suitable trolley speaker for you.
Do you have any better suggestions? Did you find the article helpful? Do mention in the comments section below.